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Chann Russeya Song Lyrics Kudi Haryane Val Di

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Chann Russeya Song Lyrics Kudi Haryane Val Di

Explore the latest Punjabi song “Chann Russeya” from the movie “Kudi Haryane Val Di” sung by Ammy Virk & Komal Chaudhary. Music by V Rakx Music, lyrics by Happy Raikoti.

“Chann Russeya Song Lyrics Kudi Haryane Val Di” Song Info
Movie Kudi Haryane Val Di
Song Chann Russeya ( Pujabi )
Singers Ammy Virk
,  Komal Chaudhary
Music V Rakx Music
Lyrics Happy Raikoti
Music Label Zee Music Company

“Chann Russeya Song Lyrics Kudi Haryane Val Di”

Chann Russeya Song Lyrics

Haye Kehri Gallon Chann Mera Russeya
Haye Kehri Gallon Chann Mera Russeya
Kehri Gallon Chann Mera Russeya
Kuj Bolda Ni Kinni Vari Pucheya
Kehri Gallon Chann Mera Russeya
Kehri Gallon Chann Mera Russeya

Pache Pache Firu Parchayi Teri Banke
Pache Pache Firu Parchayi Teri Banke
Kadon Ni Punjab Ch Panjeb Teri Chanke
Kinna Tere Utte Mra Tenu Baby Baby Kra’n
Fir Sade Utte Gussa Kahnu Vatteya

Kehri Gallon Chann Mera Russeya
Kehri Gallon Chann Mera Russeya
Kuj Bolda Ni Kinni Vari Pucheya
Kehri Gallon Chann Mera Russeya
Kehri Gallon Chann Mera Russeya

Mukk Jave Thara Mhara Bann Je Eh Rishta Niyara
Tere Eh Gusse Karke Reh Je Na Jatt Kuwara
Ehnu Tu Thalle Karle Upar Nu Chadeya Paara
Mainu Akhan Tu Dikhavein Jaan Dukhan Vich Paavein
Aake Khaban Ch Draavein Raati Sutteyan

Kehri Gallon Chann Mera Russeya
Kehri Gallon Chann Mera Russeya
Kuj Bolda Ni Kinni Vari Pucheya
Kehri Gallon Chann Mera Russeya
Kehri Gallon Chann Mera Russeya

Din Aur Raat Bne Na Aise Halaat Bne Na
Karle Tu Jo Bhi Karna Tere Te Baat Bne Na

Mera Karle Yakeen Ni Main Ena Vi Ni Mean
Teri Aahi Tan Gallan Ne Mainu Lutteya
Kehri Gallon Chann Mera Russeya
Kehri Gallon Chann Mera Russeya

Kuj Bolda Ni Kinni Vari Pucheya
Kehri Gallon Chann Mera Russeya
Kehri Gallon Chann Mera Russeya

Written by: Happy Raikoti

“Watch Chann Russeya Music Video – Kudi Haryane Val Di”

Ammy Virk Singer Additional Information:

Early Life and Background

Ammy Virk, born Amninderpal Singh Virk on May 11, 1992, in Lohar Majra village, Nabha, Patiala, Punjab, India, grew up in a traditional Punjabi family. From a young age, Ammy was exposed to the rich cultural heritage of Punjab, which included folk music, traditional festivities, and communal gatherings. His parents, though not musicians, appreciated music and encouraged Ammy’s interest in singing.

Ammy’s passion for music was evident early on. He participated in school and college cultural programs, where his powerful voice and stage presence made him stand out. Despite his growing love for music, he pursued a degree in Biotechnology from Punjabi University, Patiala, following his parents’ wishes.

Musical Training and Early Career

Ammy Virk’s formal musical training began in his college years, where he learned the basics of classical singing and honed his vocal skills. His early inspirations included legendary Punjabi singers like Kuldeep Manak, Surinder Shinda, and Gurdas Maan, whose music deeply influenced his style.

Ammy’s initial break came in 2012 with the release of his debut song “Chandigarh Diyan Kuudia”, which quickly gained popularity among Punjabi youth. The song’s success was a turning point, encouraging Ammy to pursue a full-time career in music.

Breakthrough and Rise to Fame

Ammy Virk’s breakthrough came with the song “Yaar Amli” in 2013, which became a massive hit and established him as a prominent name in the Punjabi music industry. Following this, he released several successful tracks, including:

  • “Jatt Da Sahara” (2013)
  • “Haan Kargi” (2014)
  • “Zindabaad Yaarian” (2015)

His powerful voice, coupled with meaningful lyrics and catchy tunes, resonated with audiences, making him a household name.

Debut in Punjabi Cinema

Ammy Virk made his acting debut with the Punjabi film “Angrej” in 2015, directed by Simerjit Singh. The film, set in pre-partition Punjab, was a commercial success and received critical acclaim. Ammy’s portrayal of Haakam, a supporting character, was well-received, showcasing his potential as an actor.

Musical Style and Influences

Ammy Virk’s musical style is characterized by a blend of traditional Punjabi folk and contemporary sounds. His powerful, emotive voice and ability to convey deep emotions through his singing have made him a versatile artist. He draws inspiration from various genres, including classical, folk, and modern Punjabi music.

His lyrics often reflect themes of love, friendship, and Punjabi culture, resonating with a wide audience. Ammy’s ability to adapt his voice to different styles, from soulful ballads to upbeat dance numbers, showcases his versatility.

Notable Songs and Albums

Over the years, Ammy Virk has released numerous hit songs and albums. Some of his notable works include:

  • “Haan Kargi” (2014): A romantic track that became an instant hit.
  • “Qismat” (2017): A soulful song that topped the charts and inspired a successful film of the same name.
  • “Daryaa” (2018): Featured in the Bollywood film “Manmarziyaan,” showcasing his versatility.
  • Albums:
    • “Jattizm” (2013)
    • “Laung Laachi” (2018)
    • “Background” (2020)

Acting Career

Ammy Virk’s acting career flourished with successful films such as:

  • “Bambukat” (2016): A period drama that won several awards.
  • “Nikka Zaildar” series (2016-2019): A popular romantic comedy series.
  • “Harjeeta” (2018): A biographical sports drama where Ammy portrayed hockey player Harjeet Singh Tulli.

His performances have garnered critical acclaim and a strong fan base, establishing him as a versatile actor in Punjabi cinema.

Awards and Recognitions

Ammy Virk has received numerous awards for his contributions to music and cinema, including:

  • PTC Punjabi Music Awards: Best Album, Best Song of the Year, and Best Music Video.
  • Filmfare Awards Punjabi: Best Actor for “Harjeeta” and “Qismat.”
  • Brit Asia TV Music Awards: Best Male Act.

These accolades reflect his talent and impact on the Punjabi entertainment industry.

Personal Life

Ammy Virk keeps his personal life relatively private. He is known for his humble and grounded nature, often crediting his family and close friends for his success. Despite his busy schedule, he remains connected to his roots and frequently visits his hometown.

Ammy is also involved in various philanthropic activities, supporting causes such as education for underprivileged children and rural development in Punjab.

Impact and Legacy

Ammy Virk has significantly impacted the Punjabi music and film industry. His ability to seamlessly transition between singing and acting, combined with his dedication to preserving Punjabi culture, has made him a beloved figure. He has inspired many aspiring artists and continues to contribute to the cultural richness of Punjab.

Challenges and Controversies

Like many public figures, Ammy Virk has faced challenges and controversies. He has dealt with the pressures of maintaining a successful career in both music and acting, navigating industry politics, and managing public expectations. Despite these challenges, his resilience and commitment to his craft have helped him overcome obstacles and continue to thrive.

Future Projects and Aspirations

Ammy Virk continues to work on new music and film projects. He is set to appear in several upcoming Punjabi and Bollywood films, expanding his reach and showcasing his versatility. His future projects include collaborations with renowned artists and composers, promising more chart-topping songs and memorable performances.


Ammy Virk’s journey from a small village in Punjab to becoming a celebrated singer and actor is a testament to his talent, hard work, and passion for music and cinema. His contributions have enriched the Punjabi entertainment industry, earning him a special place in the hearts of millions of fans. As he continues to create and innovate, Ammy Virk’s legacy as a cultural icon remains firmly established.

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