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DHAKK LYRICS Parmish Verma Gurlej Akhtar 2024

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DHAKK LYRICS Parmish Verma Gurlej Akhtar 2024

Lyrics of Dhakk: The Punjabi song is recorded by Parmish Verma and Gurlej Akhtar from the album Y Hate ?. “Dhakk” is a Pop song, composed by MXRCI, with lyrics written by Mandeep Mavi. The music video of the track is directed by Bhindder Burj, features Parmish Verma and Gurlez Akhtar.

“DHAKK LYRICS Parmish Verma Gurlej Akhtar 2024” Song Info
Album/Label Y Hate ?
Singer(s) Parmish Verma
,  Gurlej Akhtar
Lyricist(s) Mand
eep avi
Music Director(s) MXRCI
Genre(s) Pop
Music Label © Parmish Verma
Starring Parmish Verma, Gurlez Akhtar
Release on 15th February, 2024

“DHAKK LYRICS Parmish Verma Gurlej Akhtar 2024”


Oh G Wagon Aa
Oh Na Na Jahaj Kude
Ve Aa Udd Di Kida
Oh Jida Baaz Kude
Ve Tu Shonki Suneya
Oh Car’an Da
Diggi Vich Khilara
Hathyaran Da
Ve Pind Kille Kinne
Ni 60 Kude
Ki Paonda Firdain
Oh Dhakk Kude

Ve Chandigarh Kharhdain
Votan Ch
Ho Charcha Tan Hi Ae
Lokan Ch
Kitho Juttiyan Mangonda
Lahoron Ni
Tan Hi Taur Kadde
Vadh Lorhon Ni

Center Vich Painda
Oh Hath Kude
Ve Ki Paunda Firdain
Oh Dhakk Kude
Ki Paunda Firdain
Oh Dhakk Kude

Aah Velly Vulli Jinne Rakhan Ghoor Jattiye
Polishi Jahe Bande Rakhan Door Jattiye
Ve Kali Bina Saarda Ni Bindd Mitra
Oh Thoda Thoda Rakhi Da Saroor Jattiye
Oh Thoda Thoda Rakhi Da Saroor Jattiye

Thodi Puthi Challe
Oh Matt Kude
Ki Paunda Firdain
Oh Dhakk Kude
Ki Paunda Firdain
Oh Dhakk Kude

Mojukhere Wala Maavi Naam Jisda
Ve Teriyan Storiyan Ch Aam Disda
Oh Sidhi Sadi Yaari Billo Rabb Naal Ni
Gall Vich Sohna Loha Dabb Naal Ni

Oh Hathan Ch Chamke
Ni Butt Kude
Ki Paunda Firdain
Oh Dhakk Kude
Ki Paunda Firdain
Oh Dhakk Kude

“Watch DHAKK Video Song – Parmish Verma Gurlej Akhtar 2024”

1.Parmish Verma Additional Information:

Parmish Verma, born on July 3, 1990, is a multi-talented artist associated with the Punjabi music and film industry. Let’s delve into his fascinating journey:

  • Early Life and Education:
    • Parmish was born in Patiala, Punjab.
    • His father, Dr. Satish Verma, is a renowned Punjabi writer, poet, and theatre artist, while his mother, Paramjit Verma, is a professor at Punjabi University, Patiala.
    • He has an elder sister named Sherry Rana and a younger brother named Sukhan Verma.
  • Career Highlights:
    • Video Director: Parmish Verma started his career as a video director.
      • His debut music video was “Thokda Reha” by Ninja in 2015.
    • Actor: He made his acting debut in the Punjabi film “Punjab Bolda” (2011) in a supporting role.
      • His lead role debut was in “Rocky Mental” (2017).
    • Singer: Parmish also ventured into singing.
      • His song “Main Aa Gaya” was released in 2017.
  • Personal Life:
    • Parmish is a Sikh by faith.
    • He is passionate about gymmingtravellingwriting poemsreading, and collecting watches.
    • Parmish has several tattoos, including his brother’s name, “Sukhan,” and inspirational phrases like “Believe” and “Miles to go before I sleep.”
    • In April 2018, he survived an attack by unknown assailants, which gained significant attention.
  • Family and Relationships:
    • Parmish Verma married Geet Grewal, a lawyer and political leader in Canada, on October 19, 2021.
    • In October 2022, they were blessed with a baby girl named Sadaa.

Parmish Verma’s diverse talents continue to make waves in the Punjabi entertainment industry!

Parmish Verma, the talented Punjabi artist, has created several hit songs that resonate with audiences. Here are some of his popular tracks:

  1. “Aam Jahe Munde”:
    • A high-energy song featuring Parmish Verma and rapper Pardhaan.
    • The music is by Desi Crew, and the lyrics are penned by Laddi Chahal.
  2. “Gaal Ni Kadni”:
    • A chartbuster that catapulted Parmish Verma to fame.
    • The song’s catchy beats and relatable lyrics struck a chord with listeners.
  3. “Sab Fade Jange”:
    • Another hit track that showcases Parmish’s signature style.
    • The song celebrates confidence and self-assuredness.
  4. “Chal Oye”:
    • An upbeat song that encourages living life to the fullest.
    • Parmish’s energetic performance adds to the song’s appeal.
  5. “Pinda Aale Jatt”:
    • A track that celebrates the spirit of being a proud Jatt.
    • Parmish’s vocals and the music create an infectious vibe.

These songs define Parmish Verma’s style and have garnered millions of views and streams.

Parmish Verma, the talented Punjabi artist, has been involved in several recent projects. Here are some of his notable works:

  1. “Main Te Bapu” (2022):
    • A comedy-drama film directed by Uday Pratap Singh.
    • The story revolves around Laali, whose life centers around his widowed father and girlfriend Mahi.
    • To get married, Laali needs to move to Canada, leading to interesting twists and turns.
    • The film received positive reviews and resonated with the audience.
  2. “Ruthless Bastards” (Post-production):
    • An action-thriller film where Parmish Verma stars alongside Sean Patrick Flanery and Casper Van Dien.
    • The plot follows two former gangster enforcers who partner for one last assignment that could cost their lives.
  3. “Rocky Mental” (2017):
    • An action-drama-thriller film directed by Vikram Thori.
    • Parmish Verma plays the lead role of a boxer caught up in a scandal, targeted by someone who wants to destroy his life.
  4. “Jinde Meriye” (2020):
    • A romantic drama film directed by Pankaj Batra.
    • The story revolves around Yaadi, who falls in love with Rehmat, an innocent and focused student.
    • Rehmat’s father arranges her marriage with a law-abiding man called Yuvi, leading to a crossroad in her life.

Parmish Verma continues to captivate audiences with his versatile performances!

2.Gurlej Akhtar Additional Information:

Gurlej Akhtar, born on March 3, is a talented Punjabi singer known for her work in both music albums and Punjabi films. Let’s delve into her fascinating journey:

  • Early Life and Family:
    • Gurlej Akhtar was born in Ludhiana, Punjab.
    • Music runs in her family, and her father was also a singer.
    • She has several siblings who are also involved in music:
      • Shehnaz Akhtar and Sahil Akhtar are Sufi singers.
      • Dilshaad Akhtar (who has passed away) was also a part of the music world.
      • She has two more brothers named Rohal Singh and Shamshad Akhtar.
      • Her sister, Jasmeen Akhtar, is also a Punjabi singer.
  • Career Highlights:
    • Gurlej Akhtar started her singing career by collaborating with Sukhwinder Sukhi on his album “Sharif Munda” in 2004.
    • She has contributed her vocals to several Punjabi movies, including “Hashar”“Jihne Mera Dil Luteya”, and “Ardaas”.
    • Some of her popular songs include “Love Letter”“Fitteh Moo”, and “Nai Shad Da”.
  • Personal Favorites:
    • Food: Fish and Biryani
    • Singers: Kuldeep ManakAmar Singh Chamkila, and Gurdas Maan
    • Colors: BlackWhiteYellow, and Orange
  • Facts:
    • Gurlej Akhtar and her husband, Kulwinder Kally, met for the first time as judges on a singing reality show.
    • She loves cooking and enjoys experimenting with different dishes.

Gurlej Akhtar’s unique blend of talent and passion for music continues to shine in the Punjabi entertainment industry!

Gurlej Akhtar, the talented Punjabi singer, has created several hit songs that resonate with audiences. Here are some of her popular tracks:

  1. “Love Letter”:
    • A peppy and catchy song that became an instant favorite.
    • Gurlej Akhtar’s energetic vocals add to the song’s charm.
  2. “Fitteh Moo”:
    • A powerful track that showcases Gurlej’s versatility.
    • The song’s lyrics and music create an impactful impact.
  3. “Nai Shad Da”:
    • A soulful song that blends traditional Punjabi elements with modern beats.
    • Gurlej’s emotive singing strikes a chord with listeners.
  4. “Diamond”:
    • A chartbuster that topped the Punjabi music charts.
    • Gurlej Akhtar’s collaboration with singer Gurnam Bhullar was a massive hit.
  5. “Jattwaad”:
    • A high-energy track that celebrates Punjabi pride.
    • Gurlej’s vocals infuse the song with enthusiasm.

These songs define Gurlej Akhtar’s style, and her contribution to Punjabi music is commendable!

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