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Dollar Wargia Song Lyrics Harjot

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Dollar Wargia Song Lyrics Harjot

Explore the latest Punjabi song “Dollar Wargia” by Harjot with music by Jassi X and lyrics by Kabal Saroopwali. Directed by Jaspreet Singh.

“Dollar Wargia Song Lyrics Harjot” Song Info
Song Dollar Wargia
Singer Harjot
Music Jassi X
Lyrics Kabal Saroopwali
Director Jaspreet Singh

“Dollar Wargia Song Lyrics Harjot”

Dollar Wargia Song Lyrics In English

Uddia vaade kar k kuria
Laare laake kithe murhia
Kithe changi lagdi veere barf pawe
Agg saardi gham di jad mar jaanea nu
Dallar wargia kithe chete kardia ne
Khotte sikke warge yaar puraanea nu

Umraa jinna saath nibhange haan dea
Gallan si sab gallan c sab gallan c
Kanddea wangu khor gayea oh khaab kaye
Challan si oh uchia uchia challan si
Hatha wicho hath chudaa k turia ke
Hanjua de naal gille karn saranea nu
Dallar wargia kithe chete kardia ne
Khotte sikke warge yaar puraanea nu

Rabb jinna si maan sohnea sajjna te
Mere ne bas mere ne bas mere ne
Kinne shaatar nikkle kidda maar gaye
Vekhan nu masoom jihe oh chehre ne
Pucheo pind saroopwali de kabal nu
Kidda kamle kardia maa de putt seanea nu
Dallar wargia kithe chete kardia ne
Khotte sikke warge yaar puraanea nu

“Watch Official Dollar Wargia Video Song – Harjot”

1.Harjot Singer Additional Information:

Harjot Sidhu, popularly known as Harjot, is a talented Punjabi singer and model who has made a significant impact in the music industry. Let’s delve into his life and career:

Harjot: The Romantic Singer

  • Early Life and Education:
    • Harjot was born on February 28 in Bathinda, Punjab, India.
    • He completed his B.Tech in Computer Science from Bhai Maha Singh College in Muktsar, Punjab.
  • Entry into the Music Industry:
    • Harjot made his debut in the Punjabi music scene with his album “Izhaar” in 2012. The album was based on the romantic genre and showcased his soulful vocals.
    • His song “London De Laare” (2012) became a turning point in his career. This track garnered immense popularity and established him as a prominent singer in the industry.
  • Personal Details:
    • Height: Approximately 168 cm (5’ 6″)
    • Weight: Around 65 kg (143 lbs)
    • Body Measurements:
      • Chest: 38 inches
      • Waist: 30 inches
      • Biceps: 12 inches
    • Eye Colour: Dark Brown
    • Hair Colour: Black
  • Intriguing Facts:
    • Harjot is affectionately known as the “King of Romantic Songs.”
    • Before pursuing music professionally, he worked as a cab driver in Australia.
    • His journey began when he uploaded a song video on YouTube while studying in Australia.
    • His song “London De Laare” struck a chord with listeners and catapulted him to fame.
  • Favorites:
    • Favorite Actor: Aamir Khan
    • Favorite Actress: Kareena Kapoor
    • Favorite Singers: Gurdas Mann, Diljit Dosanjh, Jassi Gill
    • Favorite Colors: Red and Blue
  • Career Highlights:
    • Harjot’s soothing voice and heartfelt lyrics continue to resonate with fans, making him a beloved figure in the Punjabi music industry.
    • His passion for music and dedication to his craft have solidified his place as a talented vocalist.

Harjot, the talented Punjabi singer, has delivered several hit songs throughout his career. Here are some of his popular tracks:

  1. “London De Laare”:
    • This song, released in 2012, became a turning point in Harjot’s career. It features lively beats and soulful vocals. The music was composed by Bhinda Aujla.
  2. “Graari”:
    • Released in 2014, “Graari” is another hit by Harjot. The music was composed by Desi Crew, and the lyrics were penned by Narinder Batth.
  3. “Paint”:
    • In 2021, Harjot released the song “Paint.” The music was given by Guri Nimana, and the lyrics were written by Mandy Chahal. It’s a delightful Punjabi track that you might enjoy.
  4. “Longroute”“U Turn”, and “Happy Birthday”:
    • These are some of Harjot’s other notable songs that have garnered attention from listeners

2.Jaspreet Singh Director Additional Information:

Let’s delve into the fascinating journey of Jaspreet Singh, who has made a significant impact in various fields. Here’s an extensive biography covering various aspects of his life and career:

Jaspreet Singh: The Multifaceted Talent

Early Life and Education

  • Birth and Hometown:
    • Jaspreet Singh was born in 1979 in Batala, near Amritsar, Punjab.
    • He hails from a family deeply rooted in the region’s culture and values.
  • Education:
    • Jaspreet completed his schooling at Sri Guru Harkrishan Public School, Amritsar.
    • He pursued a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar (2007-2011).

Corporate Sector and Comedy

  • Software Engineer:
    • After completing his B.Tech., Jaspreet worked as a software engineer at Samsung Research Institute in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.
    • It was during this time that he was introduced to stand-up comedy by one of his friends.
  • Transition to Comedy:
    • Later, Jaspreet joined Sapient in Gurgaon, an American IT company, where he worked as a Senior Associate from April 2015 to January 2018.
    • His love for making people laugh led him to explore the world of comedy.
  • Stand-Up Comedy Career:
    • Jaspreet’s content is mostly based on his personal stories.
    • He has performed in 700+ shows across 60 cities in India, the USA, Australia, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Qatar, and U.A.E.
    • His solo shows, “Tu Toh Chup Hi Reh” and “Koi Load Nahi,” have collectively sold more than 23,000 tickets.
    • His YouTube video “Dad, Savings aur Milk” went viral in 2017, catapulting him to fame. The video has garnered over 10 million views.

Personal Life

  • Marriage:
    • Jaspreet married his high school sweetheart, Harneet Kaur, on 11 December 2016.
    • Their love story adds a touch of romance to his multifaceted journey.

Lesser Known Facts

  • Jaspreet’s comedy style is grounded in real-life anecdotes and sharp observations.
  • He draws inspiration from Indian comedians like Bhagwant Mann and Johnny Lever.
  • His innocent looks and relatable content resonate with audiences.

Beyond Comedy

  • Apart from comedy, Jaspreet has ventured into other fields, making him a multifaceted talent.


Jaspreet Singh’s journey—from a software engineer to a stand-up comedian—reflects his passion, resilience, and ability to connect with people through laughter. His innocent charm continues to win hearts, making him a beloved figure in the Indian comedy circuit.


Here are five frequently asked questions related to the song “Dollar Wargia” by Harjot:

1.Who is the singer of the song “Dollar Wargia”?

The song “Dollar Wargia” is sung by Harjot

2.When was the song “Dollar Wargia” released?

The song “Dollar Wargia” was released in May 2024

3.Who composed the music for “Dollar Wargia”?

The music for “Dollar Wargia” is given by Jassi X

4.What is the duration of the song “Dollar Wargia”?

The duration of the song “Dollar Wargia” is 03:04

5.Where can I listen to “Dollar Wargia”?

You can listen to “Dollar Wargia” on platforms like YouTube, Gaana, and Spotify

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