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Dooriyaan Song Lyrics Sultana Nooran

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Dooriyaan Song Lyrics Sultana Nooran

Explore the world of music with “Dooriyaan” by Nikhil Akhriya, featuring the soulful voice of Sultana Nooran. Music by Sourabh Koli, lyrics and composition by Husnain Zafar.

“Dooriyaan Song Lyrics Sultana Nooran” Song Info
Title Dooriyaan
A Film Nikhil Akhriya
Singer Sultana Nooran
Music Sourabh Koli
Lyricist/Composer Husnain Zafar
Director Nikhil Akhriya
Featuring Oyelaksy & Tanya Dhaila
Label Gmate Music

“Dooriyaan Song Lyrics Sultana Nooran”

Dooriyaan Song Lyrics

Sah Ek V Nahi Hunda Chandi Nabaj Hundi
Tu Vedhi Hi Nahi Kadi Roh Kabaj Hundi
Kuj sal Gujare c NMai Nal Tere sajna
Ena Di Meharbani eh hal Mere Sajna
Jad Khoye Mere Hak Si Tere Peiran Che mere hat si
Tenu Ona Ameer kita Metho khushia jo tu Kmaiyan.

Tu Dooriyaan Aap bnaiya.. Ohh Mere sir deya Saiyan
Jo Tere Nal Bitaiya Oh Ghadiyan ras na aaiyan
Tu Dooriyaan Aap bnaiya.. Ohh Mere sir deya Saiyan
Tere Nal Bitaiya Oh Ghadiyan ras na aaiyan

Ohh Tu Rakh Le tu menu Kite aapne sahmne bitha ke
Mai baith jana sine tere roseyan nu la ke
Hak vich na mere boli Ja Fir door kar de menu

Oh kam tu sare kar le jehde den skoon tenu
Akhiya nu lala Kar ke Bura apna mai hal kar ke
Akhiya nu lala Kar ke Bura apna mai hal kar ke
Sab Unglan Te Mai gina Dun Tenu teriyan be parvaiyan

Tu Dooriyaan Aap bnaiya.. Ohh Mere sir deya Saiyan
Jo Tere Nal Bitaiya Oh Ghadiyan ras na aaiyan
Tu Dooriyaan Aap bnaiya.. Ohh Mere sir deya Saiyan
Jo Tere Nal Bitaiya Oh Ghadiyan ras na aaiyan

Ooooooo oooooooo ooooooo

Tu Dooriyaan Aap bnaiya.. Ohh Mere sir deya Saiyan
Jo Tere Nal Bitaiya Oh Ghadiyan ras na aaiyan
Tu Dooriyaan Aap bnaiya.. Ohh Mere sir deya Saiyan
Jo Tere Nal Bitaiya Oh Ghadiyan ras na aaiyan

“Watch Official Dooriyaan Music Video – Sultana Nooran”

Sultana Nooran Singer Additional Information:

Early Life and Background

Sultana Nooran was born on June 14, 1992, in Phillaur, Jalandhar, Punjab, India, into a family deeply rooted in musical tradition. Her father, Ustad Gulshan Mir, was a renowned classical musician and music teacher. Sultana grew up in an environment steeped in music, which played a crucial role in shaping her musical journey.

Her sister, Jyoti Nooran, was born on February 24, 1994. Together, they form the acclaimed Sufi singing duo known as the Nooran Sisters. The sisters were trained by their father from a young age in the nuances of Sufi and traditional Punjabi music.

Musical Training and Early Performances

Sultana’s musical training began at a very young age under the strict and disciplined tutelage of her father. Ustad Gulshan Mir instilled in his daughters the importance of rigorous practice and deep understanding of musical techniques. The sisters were trained in classical music, with a focus on the Sufi and Punjabi folk genres.

Their early performances were primarily at local religious and cultural events. The sisters’ powerful and soulful voices quickly caught the attention of audiences, and they began to gain recognition in the local music scene.

Breakthrough with “Tung Tung”

The Nooran Sisters’ major breakthrough came with the song “Tung Tung” from the Bollywood film “Singh is Bling” (2015). The song, composed by Sneha Khanwalkar, was a massive hit and brought the Nooran Sisters into the national spotlight. Their unique style and powerful vocals captivated audiences across India.

Rise to Fame

Following the success of “Tung Tung,” the Nooran Sisters became a sought-after name in the music industry. They performed at various prestigious platforms and collaborated with renowned composers and musicians. Some of their notable works include:

  • “Patakha Guddi” from the film “Highway” (2014): This song, composed by A.R. Rahman, was a significant milestone in their career. The song’s success showcased their versatility and solidified their reputation as leading Sufi singers.
  • “Yaar Da Deewana”: A popular track that further established their presence in the Punjabi music industry.

Musical Style and Influences

Sultana Nooran, along with her sister Jyoti, is known for her powerful, soulful voice and her ability to convey deep emotions through her singing. Their music is characterized by its raw energy and authenticity, blending traditional Sufi music with contemporary sounds.

The Nooran Sisters draw inspiration from various Sufi saints and traditional Punjabi folk music. Their music often carries themes of spirituality, devotion, and the human experience, resonating deeply with their audience.

Notable Performances and Collaborations

Over the years, the Nooran Sisters have performed at numerous prestigious events and festivals. Some of their notable performances include:

  • Coke Studio India: Their performances on Coke Studio have been widely acclaimed, showcasing their versatility and ability to blend traditional and contemporary music.
  • MTV Unplugged: Another platform where they mesmerized audiences with their powerful renditions of Sufi classics.

They have collaborated with various artists and composers, including A.R. Rahman, Amit Trivedi, and Sneha Khanwalkar. These collaborations have allowed them to reach a broader audience and experiment with different musical styles.

Awards and Recognitions

The Nooran Sisters have received numerous awards and accolades for their contributions to music. Some of their notable awards include:

  • Filmfare Award: Best Playback Singer for “Patakha Guddi” (2015)
  • Mirchi Music Awards: Various categories including Best Female Vocalist and Best Song

These awards reflect their talent and the impact they have had on the music industry.

Personal Life

Sultana Nooran is known to keep her personal life private. However, she has often expressed her gratitude for the support and guidance of her family, especially her father, who played a crucial role in shaping her musical career. She shares a close bond with her sister Jyoti, and their collaboration is marked by mutual respect and understanding.

Philanthropy and Social Initiatives

The Nooran Sisters are also involved in various charitable activities. They have participated in fundraising events and concerts to support causes such as education for underprivileged children and healthcare initiatives. They believe in using their platform to make a positive impact on society.

Challenges and Controversies

Like many artists, the Nooran Sisters have faced their share of challenges and controversies. They have dealt with the pressures of the industry, competition, and the need to maintain their artistic integrity. However, their resilience and dedication to their craft have helped them overcome these obstacles and continue to thrive.

Impact and Legacy

Sultana Nooran, along with her sister Jyoti, has significantly impacted the Indian music industry. Their unique blend of traditional and contemporary music has inspired a new generation of musicians and singers. They have played a crucial role in bringing Sufi music to the forefront and have introduced it to a wider audience.

Their contributions to music have earned them a special place in the hearts of millions of fans around the world. Their legacy as powerful and soulful singers continues to grow as they inspire and captivate audiences with their music.

Future Projects and Aspirations

The Nooran Sisters continue to work on new music and collaborations. They are constantly exploring new sounds and experimenting with different genres. Their future projects include both film soundtracks and independent music releases, reflecting their ambition to keep evolving as artists.


Sultana Nooran’s journey from a small town in Punjab to becoming one of India’s most celebrated Sufi singers is a testament to her talent, hard work, and passion for music. Along with her sister Jyoti, she has made significant contributions to the music industry, earning widespread acclaim and a dedicated fanbase. As they continue to create and innovate, the Nooran Sisters’ legacy as musical icons remains firmly established.

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