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Habibti Song Lyrics Yo Yo Honey Singh

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Habibti Song Lyrics Yo Yo Honey Singh

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Hindi music with “Habibti” by Yo Yo Honey Singh. Lyrics by Rony Ajnali & Gill Machhrai.

“Habibti Song Lyrics Yo Yo Honey Singh” Song Info
Song Habibti ( Hindi )
Singer Yo Yo Honey Singh
Starring Yo Yo Honey Singh
Lyrics Rony Ajnali & Gill Machhrai
Music Bass Yogi
Lable Zee Music Company

“Habibti Song Lyrics Yo Yo Honey Singh”

Habibti Song Lyrics In English

Poley Poley Ang Ni Tere
Mashallah Rang Ni Tere
Nikke Nikke Bachhe Vigaade
Aundi Nedhe Sang Na Tere

Gallan Vich Toye Jo Tere
Oye Hoye Hoye Ni Jehde
Sharabi Hoye Jo Mere
Yaaran Nu Na Tu Bula

Habibti Lak Tera Hille
Jadon Mainu Chade Nasha
Habibti Husn Bala
Curves Tere Billo Wallah Wallah

Habibti Lakk Tera Hille
Jadon Mainu Chade Nasha
You So Pretty Husn Bala
Curves Tere Billo Wallah Wallah

Agge Agge Tu Chale
Piche Piche Gaddi Meri
Rodeo Drive Te Romeo Maare Gedi

Baahan Vich Baanh Hove
Saahan Vich Saah Hove
Venice Di Beach Kande
Milne Di Thaan Hove
Vehliyan Hon Jehdiyan
Saheliyan Hun Teriyan
Chakkviyan Hon Sariyan
Vich Main Kalla Shada

Habibti Lakk Tera Hille
Jadon Mainu Chadhe Nasha
Habibti Husn Bala
Curves Tere Billo Wallah Wallah

Habibti Lakk Tera Hille
Jadon Mainu Chade Nasha
You So Pretty Husn Bala
Curves Tere Billo Wallah Wallah

Aayi Mere Yaar Di Wedding
Naal Tenu Leke Jaaun
Tu Maare Thumke Baby
Main Tere Te Cash Udaun

Tu Paa Layi Lehanga Kude
Main Pauni Sherwani
Chaar Peg Maar Vodka
Karenge Koi Chedkhani
Gill Rony Kaim Hoya
Tere Naal Jam Hoya
Dance Da Ae Time Hoya
Yo Yo Da Gaana Laga

Habibti Lakk Tera Hille
Jadon Mainu Chadhe Nasha
Habibti Husn Bala
Curves Tere Billo Wallah Wallah

Habibti Lakk Tera Hille
Jadon Mainu Chade Nasha
You So Pretty Husn Bala
Curves Tere Billo Wallah Wallah

“Watch Habibti Music Video – Yo Yo Honey Singh” 

Yo Yo Honey Singh Singer Additional Information:

Yo Yo Honey Singh, born as Hirdesh Singh on March 15, 1983, in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India, is a renowned Indian music producer, Indi-pop singer, and film actor. He is widely recognized for his contribution to Indian music, particularly in the genres of hip hop, rap, and pop. Honey Singh’s journey to fame is marked by his innovative style, catchy beats, and ability to blend traditional Punjabi music with contemporary sounds.

Early Life and Background

Hirdesh Singh, known professionally as Yo Yo Honey Singh, was born into a Sikh family in Hoshiarpur. From a young age, he exhibited a keen interest in music, often participating in school events and local singing competitions. His early influences included a mix of traditional Punjabi folk music and Western hip-hop, which played a crucial role in shaping his musical style.

Honey Singh pursued his education at the Guru Nanak Public School in Delhi. Later, he moved to the United Kingdom to study music at the Trinity School in the United Kingdom. His time in the UK exposed him to diverse musical genres and trends, further broadening his musical horizons.

Entry into the Music Industry

Honey Singh’s entry into the music industry began as a session and recording artist. He initially worked as a music producer, creating tracks for other artists. His early work included producing music for Punjabi albums and collaborating with local artists, which helped him gain valuable experience and build connections within the industry.

Breakthrough and Rise to Fame

Honey Singh’s breakthrough came with the release of his album “International Villager” in 2011. The album featured several hit tracks, including “Gabru,” “Angreji Beat,” and “Dope Shope,” which became instant hits. “Angreji Beat,” in particular, gained massive popularity and was later featured in the Bollywood film “Cocktail” (2012), significantly boosting Singh’s fame.

The success of “International Villager” catapulted Honey Singh to stardom, establishing him as a leading figure in the Indian music scene. His ability to blend Punjabi lyrics with modern beats and his distinctive rap style set him apart from other artists. Honey Singh’s music resonated with the youth, making him a household name across India.

Bollywood and Mainstream Success

Following his success with “International Villager,” Honey Singh made a successful transition to Bollywood. He composed and performed several hit songs for Bollywood films, further cementing his position in the music industry. Some of his notable Bollywood tracks include:

  • “Lungi Dance” from “Chennai Express” (2013): A tribute to Rajinikanth, this song became a massive hit and was widely appreciated for its catchy tune and energetic performance.
  • “Sunny Sunny” from “Yaariyan” (2014): This party anthem was immensely popular and showcased Singh’s knack for creating infectious dance tracks.
  • “Desi Kalakaar” (2014): The title track of his album, featuring Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha, was a chartbuster and added to his growing list of hits.
  • “Chaar Botal Vodka” from “Ragini MMS 2” (2014): Another party anthem that became a staple at nightclubs and parties.

Honey Singh’s ability to create hit songs for Bollywood films brought him mainstream success and introduced his music to a broader audience. His collaborations with leading Bollywood actors and filmmakers further solidified his status as a top-tier music producer and performer.

Personal Challenges and Hiatus

At the peak of his career, Honey Singh faced several personal challenges that led to a temporary hiatus from the music industry. In 2014, he disappeared from the public eye, sparking rumors and speculation about his health and well-being. It was later revealed that Singh was battling bipolar disorder, which required him to take a break from his professional commitments to focus on his health.

During this period, Honey Singh underwent treatment and gradually recovered. His absence from the music scene left a noticeable void, as fans eagerly awaited his return. Singh’s struggle with mental health shed light on the pressures and challenges faced by artists in the entertainment industry.

Comeback and Recent Work

Honey Singh made a strong comeback in 2018 with the song “Makhna,” which quickly became a hit. The track marked his return to the music scene and demonstrated that he had not lost his touch. Following “Makhna,” Singh continued to release successful tracks and collaborate with various artists.

Some of his recent notable works include:

  • “Khadke Glassy” from “Jabariya Jodi” (2019): A remake of a popular Punjabi song, this track was well-received and showcased Singh’s signature style.
  • “Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha” (2019): A reimagined version of a classic Punjabi folk song, this track featured a blend of traditional and modern elements.
  • “Loca” (2020): An upbeat and catchy song that added to Singh’s repertoire of party anthems.
  • “Saiyaan Ji” (2021): Featuring Neha Kakkar, this song became a major hit and further established Singh’s relevance in the contemporary music scene.

Style and Musical Influence

Honey Singh’s music is characterized by its fusion of traditional Punjabi elements with modern hip-hop and pop influences. His distinctive rap style, catchy hooks, and energetic beats have made his songs popular among a diverse audience. Singh’s ability to create music that appeals to both urban and rural listeners has been a key factor in his widespread popularity.

In addition to his musical talent, Honey Singh is known for his flamboyant persona and stylish music videos. His visual presentation, often featuring high production values and glamorous settings, has contributed to his brand and appeal.

Personal Life and Philanthropy

Despite his fame, Honey Singh maintains a relatively private personal life. He is married to Shalini Talwar, and the couple has been together since 2011. Singh has often credited his wife for her support during his challenging times, particularly during his battle with bipolar disorder.

In addition to his music career, Honey Singh is involved in various philanthropic activities. He has supported causes related to mental health awareness, reflecting his own experiences with mental health issues. Singh’s efforts to raise awareness and reduce the stigma around mental health have been appreciated by his fans and the broader community.

Legacy and Influence

Yo Yo Honey Singh’s impact on the Indian music industry is undeniable. He is credited with popularizing the genre of Punjabi rap and hip-hop in India and bringing it into the mainstream. Singh’s innovative approach to music and his ability to create chart-topping hits have influenced a new generation of artists.

Singh’s legacy is marked by his contribution to the evolution of Indian pop music. His songs continue to be celebrated and enjoyed by audiences across the globe. As he continues to create music and perform, Honey Singh’s influence on the industry remains significant.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, Yo Yo Honey Singh shows no signs of slowing down. He continues to work on new music, collaborate with other artists, and explore different genres. His dedication to his craft and his ability to adapt to changing musical trends suggest that he will remain a prominent figure in the Indian music scene for years to come.


Yo Yo Honey Singh’s journey from a small-town boy in Punjab to a global music icon is a testament to his talent, hard work, and resilience. His ability to create music that resonates with a wide audience, combined with his distinctive style and persona, has made him one of the most influential artists in Indian music. As he continues to evolve as an artist, Honey Singh’s legacy as a pioneer in the industry remains firmly established.

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