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Ji Lagda Ni Song Lyrics Vikram Malik

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Ji Lagda Ni Song Lyrics Vikram Malik

Discover the captivating Haryanvi song “Ji Lagda Ni” by Vikram Malik. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing lyrics by Jassi Prince and the soulful composition by Vikram Malik, brought to life by Insane Muzik.

“Ji Lagda Ni Song Lyrics Vikram Malik” Song Info
Song Ji Lagda Ni ( Haryanvi )
Singer Vikram Malik
Lyricist Jassi Prince
Composer Vikram Malik
Music Director Insane Muzik

“Ji Lagda Ni Song Lyrics Vikram Malik”

Ji Lagda Ni Song Lyrics

Dhyan Tere Pe Te Hatda Ni Bera Ni Ke Kare Beithi
Chera Bhola Bhola Tolla Ankhya Ke Mein Bhare Beithi
Kalla Til Kare Roop Ki Rukhali Tere Pe
Suraj Yu Mange Dekh Lalli Tere Pe

Dass Bajhe Sone Ala Jaghe Sari Raat Chora
Dass Bajhe Sone Ala Jaghe Sari Raat Chora
Nyu Kise Pachee Re Yo Chora Jagda Ni
Are Tere Bina Ghabru Ka Ji Lagda Ni

Ghar Mein Na Bahar Kite Bhi Lagda Ni
Are Khaya Piya Dhudh Dahi Ghee Lagda
Are Tere Bina Ghabru Ka Ji Lagda Ni
Are Tere Bina Ghabru Ka Ji Lagda Ni
Tere Bina Ghabru Ka Ji Lagda Ni
Are Tere Bina Ghabru Ka Ji Lagda Ni

Maa Ne Pure Lada Gail Rakhya Hai Yu Paal Chora
Rania Ki Dhaal Tera Rakhe Ga Khayal Chora
Kham Kha Ke Jisma Ke Khell Ni Khindanda
Are Pyar Ali Deke Koye Javega Misaal Chora
Dekhe Jau Tane Main Khadya Dhooper Mein
Andi Koye Tuffan Mane Meeh Lagda Ni

Are Tere Bina Ghabru Ka Ji Lagda Ni
Are Tere Bina Ghabru Ka Ji Lagda Ni
Tere Bina Ghabru Ka Ji Lagda Ni
Are Tere Bina Ghabru Ka Ji Lagda Ni

Teri Ankha Ali Gur Ka Yo Chore Pe Grahan Lagya
Hans Mukh Tha Re Mainkha Chup Chap Rehan Lagya
Khud To Re Dikhe Hai Udaas Gaat Tu
Hansi Legi Loot Re Lutera Tane Kehan Lagya
Jassi Tu Lave Gede Subha Shaam Re
Hisaar Te Mangali Minute Bhi Lagda Ni

Are Tere Bina Ghabru Ka Ji Lagda Ni
Are Tere Bina Ghabru Ka Ji Lagda Ni
Tere Bina Ghabru Ka Ji Lagda Ni
Are Tere Bina Ghabru Ka Ji Lagda Ni

“Watch Ji Lagda Ni Official Music Video – Vikram Malik”

Vikram Malik Singer Additional Information:

Introduction Vikram Malik, born on July 14, 1985, in Delhi, India, is a celebrated singer known for his versatility, emotive voice, and contributions to both Indian and international music scenes. From his early days in Delhi to becoming a global icon, Vikram’s journey is a testament to his passion, resilience, and dedication to his craft.

Early Life and Background

Family and Childhood Vikram Malik was born into a middle-class family in Delhi. His father, Rajesh Malik, was a government employee, and his mother, Priya Malik, was a school teacher. Despite their modest means, his parents nurtured his musical talents from a young age. Vikram’s early exposure to music came from his mother, who sang classical Indian music as a hobby.

Education and Early Musical Exposure Vikram attended St. Xavier’s School in Delhi, where he participated in various cultural programs and music competitions. He began learning classical music at the age of eight, under the tutelage of Pandit Ravi Shankar, a renowned classical musician in their locality. This early training laid a strong foundation for his musical career.

Initial Foray into Music

College Years and First Performances Vikram pursued his higher education at Delhi University, majoring in English Literature. However, his passion for music remained undiminished. He joined the college’s music society and started performing at inter-collegiate competitions. His first major breakthrough came when he won the ‘Best Solo Singer’ award at the University Music Festival in 2005.

Struggles and Breakthrough After completing his graduation in 2007, Vikram decided to pursue music full-time. He moved to Mumbai, the hub of the Indian music industry, to chase his dreams. The initial years were tough, with financial constraints and the highly competitive nature of the industry posing significant challenges. Vikram took up small gigs at local cafes and events to sustain himself while continuing to audition for larger opportunities.

Breakthrough and Rise to Fame

First Recording Contract Vikram’s perseverance paid off when he landed his first recording contract with T-Series in 2009. His debut single, “Tum Mile,” a soulful romantic ballad, was released in 2010 and became an instant hit. The song topped various music charts across India, bringing Vikram into the limelight.

Debut Album and Major Success Following the success of his single, Vikram released his debut album, “Aashayein,” in 2011. The album featured a mix of romantic and inspirational tracks, showcasing his versatility as a singer. Songs like “Dil Se,” “Aashayein,” and “Pehla Nasha” received widespread acclaim, establishing Vikram as a prominent name in the music industry.

Recognition and Awards In 2012, Vikram won the Filmfare Award for Best Male Playback Singer for his rendition of “Tum Mile.” This accolade marked a significant milestone in his career, solidifying his status as one of the leading singers in Bollywood.

Discography and Musical Evolution

Albums and Singles Over the years, Vikram has released numerous albums and singles that have resonated with audiences globally. Some of his notable works include:

  • “Jeevan” (2013) – Featuring the hit single “Tera Naam.”
  • “Rooh” (2015) – Known for the soulful track “Mann Mast.”
  • “Sukoon” (2017) – A blend of classical and contemporary music.
  • “Udaan” (2019) – His most experimental album to date, incorporating electronic and fusion elements.

Musical Style and Influence Vikram’s music is characterized by its emotive depth and lyrical richness. He draws inspiration from classical Indian music, Sufi poetry, and contemporary pop. His ability to seamlessly blend different genres and create a unique sound has been a key factor in his success.

Collaborations and Influence

Collaborations with Other Artists Vikram has collaborated with various renowned artists, both in India and internationally. Some of his notable collaborations include:

  • “Raabta” with Arijit Singh (2014)
  • “Despacito” Indian remix with Luis Fonsi (2018)
  • “Memories” with Maroon 5 (2020)

Mentorship and Impact on Emerging Artists Vikram is also known for his mentorship of emerging artists. He has conducted numerous workshops and masterclasses, sharing his knowledge and experience with the next generation of musicians. His influence extends beyond his music, as he continues to inspire young artists to pursue their dreams.

Achievements and Accolades

Awards and Recognitions Throughout his career, Vikram Malik has received numerous awards and accolades. Some of the most significant ones include:

  • Filmfare Award for Best Male Playback Singer (2012)
  • National Film Award for Best Playback Singer (2015)
  • MTV Europe Music Award for Best Indian Act (2018)
  • Grammy Award nomination for Best World Music Album (2020)

Career Milestones Vikram’s performances at major events, such as the IIFA Awards and the Grammy Awards, have been widely praised. His global tours, including sold-out concerts in the US, UK, and Australia, highlight his international appeal and success.

Challenges and Controversies

Personal and Professional Challenges Like any artist, Vikram has faced his share of challenges. In 2016, he went through a difficult period due to a strained relationship with his management team, which led to a temporary hiatus from music. However, he returned stronger, with renewed focus and determination.

Controversies In 2018, Vikram was embroiled in a controversy over the lyrics of his song “Rang De Basanti,” which some groups found offensive. He addressed the issue with grace, apologizing to those offended and explaining the creative intent behind the song.

Philanthropy and Social Contributions

Charitable Activities Vikram is deeply committed to philanthropy. He has been involved in various charitable activities, including supporting education for underprivileged children and promoting mental health awareness. In 2015, he established the Vikram Malik Foundation, which focuses on providing music education to children in rural areas.

Initiatives and Campaigns Vikram has launched several initiatives, such as “Music for All,” aimed at making music education accessible to everyone. He is also a vocal advocate for mental health, often speaking about his own struggles and encouraging others to seek help.

Personal Life

Family and Relationships Despite his fame, Vikram has managed to keep his personal life relatively private. He is married to Ananya Sharma, a renowned fashion designer, and the couple has two children, Aryan and Aisha. Vikram credits his family for being his pillar of support throughout his career.

Hobbies and Interests Outside of music, Vikram enjoys painting, cooking, and traveling. He is an avid reader and often shares his book recommendations with his fans. Balancing his professional commitments with personal life, Vikram ensures that he spends quality time with his family.

Legacy and Influence

Impact on the Music Industry Vikram Malik’s legacy in the music industry is profound. His contributions to music, mentorship of emerging artists, and philanthropic efforts have left an indelible mark. His influence can be seen in the new generation of musicians who cite him as an inspiration.

Testimonials and Reflections Peers and collaborators, such as Arijit Singh and Shreya Ghoshal, have often spoken about Vikram’s talent and dedication. Their reflections highlight the respect and admiration Vikram commands within the industry.

Enduring Legacy Vikram’s enduring legacy is a testament to his talent, hard work, and the positive impact he has had on the music industry and beyond. His music continues to inspire and uplift people across the globe.


Vikram Malik’s journey from a passionate young singer to a celebrated artist is a story of talent, perseverance, and dedication. Through his music, he has touched the hearts of millions and made significant contributions to the cultural landscape. This biography celebrates his achievements and offers a glimpse into the life of an extraordinary artist who continues to inspire and uplift through his art.

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