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K For Kalyanam Lyrics Chorus

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K For Kalyanam Lyrics Chorus

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Malayalam music with “K For Kalyanam” featuring lyrics by Suhail Koya and music by Ankit Menon.

“K For Kalyanam Lyrics Chorus” Song Info
Song K For Kalyanam
Singer Chorus
Director Vipin Das
Lyrics Suhail Koya
Music Composed, Arranged & Produced Ankit Menon
Lable Saregama Malayalam

“K For Kalyanam Lyrics Chorus”

K For Kalyanam Lyrics In English

Heart beat heart beat
What i tell you
What a waste
Konjum koode slowley pokamo

Glass chillin kanavalle
Drop cheythaludayille
Nenje neeyum slowley pokamo

Padarana panipole
Pakarum disease premam appo chollille

Kaakka kothum
Karalinte nadukk njaan pedakumbo
Paatt vekkan dj chollille

A ninne
Karachilokke pinne
Manassilente pookkutti padakkangalamarananne

K for kalyanam
What a beautiful day

Thekkennaro vannittunde
Kanda chodhyam pinnenthunde
Porayaake moodunnunde melam

Nira kathirumotte thotte

Nenjumme kanavukalorukkiveche

Niramellam cherunne
Palathonnay theerunne
Ith kalyaana raav

Oru paatt mooliyath kett paade pala naavil cheranith
Pala poov kond cheru thoranamaayath theeranapoleyith

Thuruthure nee
Kaathukal kaathirunnaswarame

Mozhi thenkarimbe
Mizhi neer munambe
Mughamakeyoraambujamaay virinje

Edi vanne
Orungalokke pinne
Kanakkukootti kaathirikkanaval
K for kalyaanm
What a beautiful day

“Watch K For Kalyanam Video Song – Chorus”

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Training and Skills:

Chorus singers typically receive formal training in vocal technique, music theory, sight-reading, and ensemble singing. Many begin their musical education at a young age through school or community choirs, where they learn essential skills such as breath control, pitch accuracy, and blending with other voices. Advanced training may include participation in prestigious choirs, vocal workshops, and private lessons with vocal coaches.

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Some chorus singers choose to focus on teaching and conducting, sharing their expertise with aspiring vocalists through educational programs, workshops, and private instruction. Others may explore careers in arts administration, music therapy, or related fields that leverage their musical skills and knowledge.

Significance of Choral Music:

Choral music holds significant cultural and artistic importance across different societies and traditions. It serves as a means of communal expression, bringing people together through the shared experience of singing. Chorus singing fosters a sense of unity, camaraderie, and emotional connection among performers and audiences alike.

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