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Kareena Song Lyrics Kaur B x Dilpreet Dhillon

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Kareena Song Lyrics Kaur B x Dilpreet Dhillon

Discover the captivating Punjabi song “Kareena” by Kaur B and Dilpreet Dhillon. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing music composed by N Vee and the heartfelt lyrics penned by Kaptaan.

Kareena Song Lyrics Kaur B x Dilpreet Dhillon” Song Info
Song Kareena ( Punjabi )
Singers Kaur B
,  Dilpreet Dhillon
Music Director N Vee
Lyricist Kaptaan
Composer Kaptaan
Label Speed Records

Kareena Song Lyrics Kaur B x Dilpreet Dhillon

Kareena Song Lyrics

Ho nivi nakhro di car aave shookdi
Moti akh jiven nok aa bandook di
Paise puse da ni hisab kinne chakte
Tere piche aa jwani adhi fookti

Main mna ke chaddu jatta
Je tu manne na manne na
Challe vargi vataondi jhatt
Challe na challe na

Main chaar saheliyan naal behndi ni starbuck te
Ve jade bethungi bethungi tere kalle naal kalle naal

Meri tor ch madak bitti wargi
Gore gore angg jiven angelina
Ho tenu suit paa ke pattan ya jeanaa
Das kim follow kraan ke kareena
Lakk patla te eyebrow aa chakvi
Ve tu jatti nu vigarhega shokeena

Na sanu daaru charhe te na taap charhde
Akh larhdi ni oda roj larhde
Khadi sapni bina na gharon nikle
Te sapp kadde bina kithe ghare varhde

Dhupp range aa range aa
Pind chaavein aa chaavein aa
Asi ohi aa jamme aa jehre tanvein aa tanvein aa
Othe lag jan ronkaan te ronkan
Pattu behnde aa behnde aa jehri thanvein aa thanvein aa

Vairy chahonde aa hone aa saah rukje
Te naaran yaaran diyan karn udeekan
O thalle uchiyan chakayian kude jeapan
Tyre adhi raati maarde aa cheekan
Sadi date nahio vehli date waaste
Vehal dindiyan ni jattan nu tareekan
Thalle uchiyan chakayian kude jeapan
Tyre adhi raati maarde aa cheekan

Ve kal parso tu kakh vi na chadeya
O acha jadon tere shehar geda kadeya
Ve meri coco wangu lai gya neend chak ke
O eda ee kare jado jatt hunda sajeya

Ve guddi charhi aa charhi aa
Gaddi chaali te chaali te
Shonki balliye bathinde wale kaali de kaali de
O je tu guneya main diva lai ke labb lu
O asi hikkan te hikka te divey bali de baali de

Kaptaan kaptaan eda likhdae
Jiven laggiyan dimag ch machine’aan
Ho tenu suit paa ke pattan ya jeanaa
Das kim follow kra’n ke kareena

Lakk patla te eyebrow aa chakvi
Ve tu jatti nu vigarhega shokeena

“Watch Official Kareena Music Video – Kaur B, Dilpreet Dhillon”

Kaur B Singer Additional Information:

Name: Baljinder Kaur

Stage Name: Kaur B

Birth Date: July 5, 1991

Birthplace: Patran, Sangrur, Punjab, India

Genres: Punjabi, Bhangra, Pop

Occupation: Singer, Performer

Years Active: 2013–present

Notable Works: “Paranda,” “Engaged Jatti,” “Budget,” “Kaniyan”

Awards: Various Punjabi Music Awards

Education: Higher education details not publicly disclosed

Early Life and Background

Family and Childhood: Baljinder Kaur, popularly known as Kaur B, was born in the small town of Patran in Sangrur district, Punjab. She was raised in a typical Punjabi family where music was a significant part of their cultural life. From an early age, Kaur B displayed a keen interest in singing and performing arts. Her family supported her passion, recognizing her talent and encouraging her to pursue her dreams.

Education: Kaur B completed her early education in her hometown. While the specifics of her higher education are not widely known, it is evident that her primary focus was always on music and performance. Throughout her school years, she participated in various singing competitions, which helped her gain confidence and improve her skills.

Career Beginnings

Initial Struggles: Like many artists, Kaur B faced several challenges at the beginning of her career. Breaking into the Punjabi music industry required not just talent but also connections and opportunities. Despite the obstacles, her perseverance and dedication paid off.

Breakthrough: Kaur B’s big break came with the song “Classmate” from the movie “Daddy Cool Munde Fool” in 2013. The song became an instant hit, and Kaur B’s unique voice and style were widely appreciated. This success marked the beginning of her professional journey in the Punjabi music industry.

Rise to Fame

Hit Singles: After her initial success, Kaur B released a series of hit singles that solidified her position in the industry. Songs like “Paranda,” “Engaged Jatti,” and “Budget” became anthems, especially among the youth. Her music videos often featured vibrant visuals and dance routines, which added to their popularity.

Collaboration and Tours: Kaur B has collaborated with several renowned artists in the Punjabi music scene, including Jazzy B, Jassie Gill, and Gippy Grewal. Her collaborations have been well-received, often topping music charts. She has also performed at numerous concerts and music festivals, both in India and abroad, where her energetic performances have garnered her a large fanbase.

Musical Style and Influence

Musical Style: Kaur B’s music primarily falls within the genres of Punjabi, Bhangra, and Pop. Her songs are known for their catchy beats, relatable lyrics, and a blend of traditional and contemporary sounds. She often sings about themes like love, relationships, and Punjabi culture.

Influences: Kaur B has mentioned in various interviews that she draws inspiration from legendary Punjabi singers such as Gurdas Maan and Surinder Kaur. Additionally, she is influenced by contemporary artists and the evolving dynamics of the music industry.

Personal Life

Personality: Kaur B is known for her vibrant personality and her down-to-earth nature. Despite her fame, she maintains a close connection with her roots and her family. Her social media presence reflects her love for music, her culture, and her fans.

Hobbies: Besides singing, Kaur B enjoys dancing, traveling, and spending time with her family and friends. She often shares snippets of her life on social media, giving her fans a glimpse into her personal world.

Awards and Recognition

Achievements: Throughout her career, Kaur B has received several awards and nominations. Her contributions to Punjabi music have been recognized at various music award ceremonies. Some of her notable awards include:

  • Punjabi Music Best Debut Vocalist (Female) Award
  • Punjabi Music Most Popular Song of the Year Award for “Paranda”
  • Various other accolades for her hit singles

Impact and Legacy

Cultural Impact: Kaur B’s music has had a significant impact on Punjabi pop culture. Her songs are celebrated for their catchy rhythms and relatable lyrics, making them favorites at weddings, parties, and cultural events. She has become a role model for aspiring singers, especially women, in the Punjabi music industry.

Future Prospects: As of now, Kaur B continues to be a prominent figure in the Punjabi music scene. With her consistent release of popular songs and her active engagement with her fans, she shows no signs of slowing down. Her future endeavors are highly anticipated by her audience.

Discography Highlights

Popular Songs:

  1. “Paranda” – A major hit that brought her widespread recognition.
  2. “Engaged Jatti” – Known for its catchy tune and lyrics.
  3. “Budget” – A favorite among fans for its energetic beat.
  4. “Kaniyan” – Showcased her versatility as a singer.
  5. “Phulkari” – Another popular track that resonated well with her audience.

Social Media Presence

Engagement: Kaur B is very active on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She uses these platforms to interact with her fans, share updates about her music, and give insights into her personal life. Her social media posts often include behind-the-scenes content, glimpses of her performances, and moments with friends and family.


Kaur B has established herself as one of the leading female singers in the Punjabi music industry. Her journey from a small town girl to a celebrated artist is inspiring. With her talent, dedication, and passion for music, she continues to win hearts and set trends in the industry. Her story is a testament to the power of hard work and the pursuit of one’s dreams.

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