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Khalnayak Lyrics Gem Tunes Haryanvi 2024

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Khalnayak Lyrics Gem Tunes Haryanvi 2024

Khalnayak Lyrics – The Haryanvi song is recorded by Narender Bhagana & presented by Gem Tunes Haryanvi label company. The music is produced by RK Crew, while the lyrics of “Khalnayak” are penned by Narender Bhagana. The video of the new track is directed by Ameet Choudhary, while the video features Sanket Upadhyay and Vishaka Jaatni.

“Khalnayak Lyrics Gem Tunes Haryanvi 2024” Song Info
Label Gem Tunes Haryanvi
Singer(s) Narender Bhagana
Lyricist(s) Narender Bhagana
Music Director(s) RK Crew
Genre(s) Pop
Music Label © Gem Tunes Haryanvi
Starring Sanket Upadhyay, Vishaka Jaatni

“Khalnayak Lyrics Gem Tunes Haryanvi 2024”

Khalnayak Lyrics English

Kayi Kare The Zulm
Izzat Howe Thi Kalam Re
Yaani Si Umar Me
Badde Bange The Matter

Jab Milya Na Jawab
Sidha Kar Diya Hisaab
Mane Thaa Li Bandook
Band Kar Diya Chapter

Re Main Chhora Malang
Kaam Karta Dabang
Kon Kehta Sareef Re
Nalayak Su Main
Is Kaali Duniya Ka
Khalnayak Su Main
Is Kaali Duniya Ka
Khalnayak Su Main

Khalnayak Hoon Main
Khalnayak Hoon Main

Humse Pyaar Ki Umeed Galat
Haan Nafrat Jaayaz Hain
Meri Bandook Faisla Karegi
Kya Jaayaz Kya Naajayaz Hain

Shareefo Mein Jaan Meri Banti Nahi
Kitni Chale Se Goli Koyi Ginti Nahi
Je Kadwa Bhi Dekhe To Jaan Kaadh Le
Mhari Pagal Donali Pher Sunti Nahi

2 Number Ke Mehfil Ka Nayak Su Main
Is Kaali Duniya Ka
Khalnayak Su Main
Is Kaali Duniya Ka
Khalnayak Su Main

Khalnayak Hoon Main
Khalnayak Hoon Main

Danger Huye Pagal Huye
Haan Deewane Nahi Huye
Aur Kabhi Bhi Idhar Udhar
Humare Nishane Nahi Huye Haha

Danger Mahoul Me
Na Badle Saleekhe
Kade Maara Kade Paada
Mhare Apne Tareeke

Mind Te Garam
Log Keg Besharam
Jamalpuriye Ke Bol
Kade Padte Na Fikke

Don Banke Bhagana Kahe Gaayak Su Main

Is Kaali Duniya Ka
Khalnayak Su Main
Is Kaali Duniya Ka
Khalnayak Su Main

Khalnayak Hoon Main
Khalnayak Hoon Main

Is Kaali Duniya Ka
Khalnayak Su Main
Is Kaali Duniya Ka
Khalnayak Su Main

Khalnayak Hoon Main
Khalnayak Hoon Main

“Watch Khalnayak Video Song – Gem Tunes Haryanvi 2024”


1.Narender Bhagana Additional Information:

Narender Bhagana, a talented artist from Haryana, has made waves in the music industry. Let’s delve into his journey:

  1. “Villain Rhn De”:
    • Narender Bhagana lent his soulful voice to the Haryanvi song “Villain Rhn De”. The track, presented by Gem Tunes Haryanvi and Rao Inderjeet Singh, features Divyanka Sirohi and Sanket Upadhyay in the video.
  2. Other Works:
    • Explore more of Narender Bhagana’s music on Boomplay. From his latest songs to albums, you’ll find a diverse collection.
  3. “Bhai Tera Gunda”:
    • In the song “Bhai Tera Gunda”, Narender Bhagana collaborates with Aman Jaji, Vaishali Chaudhary, and Sanket Upadhyay.

Haryanvi music has gained immense popularity, and here are some other notable Haryanvi songs you might enjoy:

  1. “Naam Tera”: A foot-tapping track that has become a favorite at parties and gatherings.
  2. “Mohtarma”: A soulful song that beautifully blends traditional Haryanvi tunes with contemporary beats.
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  6. “Bullet”: A high-octane track that perfectly complements long drives.
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  10. “Chain Sone Ki”: A romantic melody that tugs at the heartstrings.

2.Sanket Upadhyay Additional Information:

Sanket Upadhyay, a prominent Indian journalist and news anchor, has made significant contributions to the media landscape. Let’s explore his journey:

  1. Early Life and Education:
    • Sanket Upadhyay was born on July 16, 1982, in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. He attended Delhi Public School, Noida from 1991 to 2000 for his formal education. In 2003, he earned a bachelor’s degree in Arts (BA) in Journalism from Delhi University.
  2. Family Background:
    • His father, Madhukar Upadhyay, is a noted Indian journalist, writer, and professor at National Tribal University, Amarkantak. Madhukar Upadhyay worked as a news anchor during the initial years of his journalism career. Sanket also has a sister named Sanchita Upadhyay.
  3. Marriage and Family:
    • Sanket Upadhyay is married to Palki S Upadhyay, a senior Indian journalist and news anchor. The couple has two children, a son and a daughter.
  4. Career Highlights:
    • Sanket’s journalistic journey includes stints at various media organizations:
      • Hindustan Times: Staff Writer (2003-2005)
      • NDTV: Correspondent (2005-2007)
      • NewsX: Principal Correspondent (2007-2008)
      • Headlines Today, TV Today, and Aaj Tak: Principal Correspondent (2008)
      • TIMES NOW: Deputy News Editor (2008-2014)
      • TV Today: Senior News Editor (2014-2016)
      • Network18 Media & Investments Limited: Deputy Executive Editor (2016-2018)
    • Sanket Upadhyay has hosted shows like “The Big Debate” and “First Up” during his career.
  5. Current Role:
    • He currently serves as a Consulting Editor for NDTV, specializing in multinational coverage with a focus on India. His articles delve into the intricacies of Indian politics, featuring interviews with prominent politicians and providing analysis on key issues.

Sanket Upadhyay’s dedication to journalism continues to shape public discourse and inform audiences across the nation

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