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Latest Aao Killelle Lyrics Anirudh Ravichander 2024

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Latest Aao Killelle Lyrics Anirudh Ravichander 2024

Anirudh Ravichander is the composer of the well-known Indian film industry song “Aao Killelle.” Vivek is the author of the catchy music and upbeat, energetic lyrics, which are written in Tamil. Talented singer-composer Anirudh Ravichander is well-known for his contributions to the Tamil film industry. His songs, such as “Aao Killelle,” demonstrate his exceptional talent for writing music that connects with viewers and enhances the overall success of the movies he works on.

Latest Aao Killelle Lyrics Anirudh Ravichander 2024″ Song Info

Song Aao Killelle
Singer Anirudh Ravich
ander,  Vaishali Sriprathap
,  Suresh Peters
Lyrics Navin B
Music Pravin Mani
Starring Balaji Murugadoss, Kaavya Arivumani
Label Be Ready Music

Latest Aao Killelle Lyrics Anirudh Ravichander 2024

Aao Killelle Lyrics

Aao Killelle Aao Killelle
Aao Killelle Aao Killelle
Sirukki Sirichitaale Aao
Tharukki Morachitaale Aao
Narukki Erinjitaale Aao
Kirukki Karanjittaale Aao

Solo Reel’aa Nenjukkulla Ottikkittaale
Ba-Boy Yenna Jamaai Panna Aao Killele
Shenaai Unna Banaai Panna Aao
Aao Killelle Aao Killelle
Aao Killelle Aao Killelle

[Suresh Peters Rap]
Palapalakkum Vanna Mayile
Kalakalakkum Chinna Kuyile
Salasalakkum Annakkiliye
Yenni Yenni Solli Solli
Ambedutthu Vittaane Vambadichu Suttaane
Kannadichu Thottaane Aana Oonaa
Dream’u Kulla Tent’u Pottale

Hmm Hmm Mutta Mutta Kanna Kaati Sodakkiputtaale
Oh Ho Ketta Ketta Thought’u Ellam Vedhachiputtaale
Comeon Comeon Comeon Baby I Just Wanna Treat You Right
Mella Mella Vandha Mynaa Kitta Kitta Vandhu Ponaa
Mutti Mutti Thatti Thatti Aao Killelle

Mella Mella Vandhaa Mynaa Kitta Kitta Vandhu Ponaa
Mutti Mutti Thatti Thatti Aao Killelle
Aao Killelle Aao Killelle
Aao Killelle Aao Killelle
Aao Killelle Aao Killelle
Aao Killelle Aao Killelle

Written by: Navin B

“Watch Aao Killelle Music Video – Anirudh Ravichander 2024”

1.Anirudh Ravichander Additional Information:

Anirudh Ravichander is a well-known Indian composer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist who was born in Chennai, India on October 16, 1991. His upbringing in a musically inclined household was influential in molding his professional trajectory. In the Tamil cinema industry, Anirudh’s father, Ravichander, was a well-known composer and music producer.

At an early age, Anirudh started his musical adventure by learning how to play a variety of instruments, including the drums, guitar, and keyboard. To further develop his abilities, he attended Trinity College in London to seek a degree in music. His major debut in the movie business came when he wrote the soundtrack for the 2012 Tamil film “3,” which starred Dhanush and Shruti Haasan. Anirudh became known as a promising prospect in the industry thanks to the film’s popularity.

Since then, Anirudh has written the music for more than 40 movies in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and other languages. “3,” “Vaagai Sooda Vaa,” “Mankatha,” “3 Idiots,” “Arrambam,” “Yennai Arindhaal,” and “Vivegam” are a few of his well-known pieces. In order to demonstrate his vocal prowess, he has also contributed his voice to other songs.

Anirudh has a huge fan base thanks to his distinctive compositional approach, which combines traditional and modern elements. His compositions are highly sought-after in the Indian cinema business due to their memorable melodies, upbeat rhythms, and profound lyrics.

In addition to his work in movies, Anirudh has entertained audiences all over the world with live performances and events, charity contributions, and live events. Numerous honors, such as the IIFA Utsavam Awards, the Vijay Awards, and the Filmfare Awards, have been given in recognition of his accomplishments.

In conclusion, Anirudh Ravichander is a gifted and adaptable vocalist, instrumentalist, and composer of music who has made a big impact on the Indian cinema business. His natural talent and love of music have made him a well-known personality in the entertainment industry.

2.Vaishali Sriprathap Additional Information:

Born in Chennai, India on August 13, 1990, Vaishali Sriprathap is an accomplished Indian playback singer and composer of music. She started her musical career at an early age and has had a big influence on the South Indian film industry ever since.

Vaishali’s father, Sripatha, a well-known music director in the Tamil cinema business, fostered her passion in music. She studied Carnatic music before attending Trinity College in London to acquire a degree in Western Classical music. Her success has been greatly attributed to her adaptability in a variety of musical genres.

In the 2006 Tamil film “Kaadhal Sugam,” Vaishali made her playback singing debut with the song “Ennadi Vaa.” Her career took off as she gained widespread popularity for the song “Vaangiyil Vaangi” from the 2007 movie “Kattradhu Thamizh.” She has collaborated with well-known singers and songwriters to provide her voice to many popular songs in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada movies since then.

“Kannazhaga Kaikkolai” from “Aadukalam,” “Kelikili Melikili” from “Vaagai Sooda Vaa,” and “Kelikili Povadhe” from “Vaagai Sooda Vaa 2” are a few of Vaishali’s well-known songs. Additionally, she has written music for motion pictures like “Kanaa” and “Kuttrame Thandanai.”

Vaishali has received numerous honors and recognitions, such as the Vijay Awards, Edison Awards, and Filmfare Awards, for her deep voice and versatility in music. She has demonstrated her talent to a wider audience by appearing in live concerts and reality shows in addition to her film career.

Ultimately, Vaishali Sriprathap is a gifted vocalist and songwriter who has had a big influence on the South Indian cinema industry. Her career has been successful due to her versatility and passion to music, and her captivating voice never fails to enthrall audiences.

3.Suresh Peters Additional Information:

Born on April 26, 1968, Suresh Peters is a multi-talented artist in the Indian music scene. His wide range of abilities cover several fields:

1. Music Producer: Peters is a skilled music producer.
2. Professional Drummer: He displays his skill on the drum kit.
3.Award-Winning Music Director: Peters has composed music for five Indian language feature films.
4. Playback Singer: His dulcet tones adorn film soundtracks in several Indian languages.

Highlights of my career:

Early Beginnings: Peters began his musical career at a young age, giving theatrical performances while attending college and school. Even in school, he received recognition for his skill.
Partnership with A.R. Rahman: Peters worked with Rahman prior to his renown as a prolific music director. Rahman acknowledged Peters’s variety of skills, particularly her ability to sing.

Playback Singer: The popular song “Chikku Bukku Railae” from the movie “Gentleman” made Peters famous as a playback singer. His ability to sing in several languages for Indian feature films was made possible by this success.
Composer: Peters made the switch from playback vocalist to composer. His self-released Tamil record, “Minnal,” went on to become an incredible success, selling more than a million copies.
His first role as a music director was for the Tamil feature film “Coolie,” which cemented his place in the business.

4.Suresh Peters Additional Information:

Born in India on January 1, 1975, Pravin Mani is a well-known vocalist and composer who has worked in a number of Indian film genres, including English, Tamil, Malayalam, and Telugu. Now let us explore his intriguing journey:

1. Early Career and Technical Background:

• Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India is the place of Pravin Mani’s birth.
•After earning his engineering degree, he began working as an audio engineer, handling every technical facet of music creation.
•His diverse career began with his ability to navigate the technical complexities of sound engineering.

2. Collaboration with A.R. Rahman:

•Pravin Mani has been working with the well-known music director A. R. Rahman for a considerable amount of time.
•Pravin has worked with him on a number of well-known movies, including Enthiran, where he sang and composed.
•He was instrumental in writing the background music for multiple Rahman productions, such as Alaipayuthey and Mudhalvan.

3.Notable Discography:

Pravin Mani has a diverse range of work in several languages and genres:

•Tamil: He has written music for movies such as “Payanam,” “Mirattal,” and “Chikku Bukku.”
•Telugu: He has made noteworthy background music contributions to movies such as “Gaganam.”
•Malayalam: “Rajugari Kodipulao” is one of his works.
•English: Pravin has contributed to movies in the English language, including “Backwaters,” “Son of Aladdin,” and “Alibaba.”
•While several of his compositions are language-specific, others are not.

4.Life Outside of Music:

•Pravin Mani traveled from Chennai to Australia and finally to Canada, where he is now based.
•His influence on the Indian music landscape is still felt today due to his versatility as a performer, record producer, and music director.

5.Balaji Murugadoss Additional Information:

Indian talent Balaji Murugadoss, often as Bala Krish, is a versatile individual who has achieved great success in the entertainment sector. Let us investigate his intriguing journey:

1.Early Life and Modeling Career:

• Balaji was born in Theni, Tamil Nadu, India, on December 2, 1995. His family is from Chennai’s middle class.
• His desire to become an actor was sparked by an early interest for performing.
• Balaji’s modeling career began in November 2015 when he was cast in a print shoot for a local apparel company.
• He eventually graced the ramps for several fashion labels, displaying his flair and personality.

2.Pageant Titles and Recognition:

• Balaji won the title of Mr. Perfect Body after competing in the 2017 Peter England Mr. India competition.
• He participated in the Rubaru Mr. India contest in 2018 and won the title of Mr. Rubaru International India 2018.
• He continued his journey by representing India on the Mister International 2019 stage.

3.Career in Film: In 2018, Balaji made his acting debut in the Tamil film “Tyson.” He even learned to box in order to be ready for his part.
He then starred in films like as “Siruthai Siva” (2020) and “Karoline Kamakshi” (2019).
In 2020, Balaji demonstrated his versatility by appearing in the music video for the song “Main Bhi Tu Bhi – VISH.”

4.Bigg Boss 4 in Tamil:When Balaji joined the Bigg Boss Tamil 4 house as a competitor in 2020, his charisma and demeanor captivated the audience.
His commitment to keeping a well-toned physique is evident in his 6-hour daily workout schedule.

5.Other Accomplishments: At the tender age of 22, Balaji gave a talk at Chennai’s Sri Sairam Engineering College to become a TEDx speaker.
The Times of India named him one of the Most Desirable Men in Chennai for 2018.
Balaji appeared on the covers of the Hello Hyderabad magazine and Praveen V.’s book “Meendum Oru Murai.”


1.Who is the composer of the song "Aao Killelle" in the Indian film industry?

Anirudh Ravichander is the composer of the popular song "Aao Killelle."

2.What language are the lyrics of the song written in?

The lyrics of "Aao Killelle" are written in Tamil.

3.Who are the singers of the song "Aao Killelle"?

Anirudh Ravichander, Vaishali Sriprathap, and Suresh Peters are the singers of the song.


Who wrote the lyrics for "Aao Killelle"?

5.Which movie features the song "Aao Killelle" and who are the main stars?

The song "Aao Killelle" is from the movie starring Balaji Murugadoss and Kaavya Arivumani.

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