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Latest Baaja Lyrics Amar Singh Chamkila 2024

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Latest Baaja Lyrics Amar Singh Chamkila 2024

The lyrics of Baaja by Amar Singh The brand-new Punjabi song Chamkila is performed by Mohit Chauhan, Romy, Suryansh, and Inderpreet Singh. Diljit Dosanjh and Parineeti Chopra are included in this most recent song. Irshad Kamil wrote the words for the song Baaja (Baja), while A.R. Rahman provided the music and Imtiaz Ali directed the video.

“Latest Baaja Lyrics Amar Singh Chamkila 2024” Song Info
Song Baaja
Movie Amar Singh Chamkila
Singer Mohit Chauhan
,  Romy
,  Inderpreet Singh
Lyrics Irshad Kamil
Music A.R. Rahman
Starring Diljit Dosanjh, Parineeti Chopra
Label Saregama

“Latest Baaja Lyrics Amar Singh Chamkila 2024”

Baaja Lyrics English

Rain Ishq Da Pehla Akkhar
Samajh Na Sab Nu Aave
Koyi Challa Sajde Karda
Koyi Toombi Te Gaave

Chahe Koyi Sajde Karda
Ya Toombi Te Gaave

Vakhra Vakhra Sab Da Rasta
Ek Manzil Te Jaave
Ek Manzil Te Jaave

Baj Baaja Baaja
Baj Baaja Baaja
Khela Shuru Hai
Aa Dekhein Aaja

Sakht Waqt Tha
Woh Bhay Bhayanak Tha
Dehshaton Ka Daur Chali
Tha Thu Tha Thu

Nit Goli Nit Rakt Ki Holi
Aatank Mein Boli
The Jaan Maal Ghar Dwaar
Bas Swaar Khatre Mein
Khooni Khatre Mein

Chamkila Chamka Aise Mein
Cham Cham Chamkila

Hey Baj Baaja Baaja
Baj Baaja Baaja
Khela Shuru Hai
Aa Dekhein Aaja

Lachar Lachar Gaanon Mein
Tharak Tarak Taanon Mein
Sexy Geet Gaata Tha
Gand Ghol Jaata Woh

Jis Wajah Se Chamka
Woh Uss Wajah Se Tapka
Chamkila Sexila Tharkila
Woh Ganda Banda

Haan Sharmi Besharmi
Chadre Mein Garmi
Chamkila Baaghi
Bole Adharmi

Hum Bhi Gaane Gaate
Sharm Na Pee Jaate
Jism Ki Moh Maya Mein
Na Doob Jaate Hain

Chhedta Chhabeela
Bistaron Ki Leela
Kuchh Zyada Hi Kapdon Se
Baahar Tha Chamkila

Baj Baaja Baaja
Baj Baaja Baaja

Oh Ji Haan
Saare Sunte Uske Gaane
Saare Sunte Uske Gaane
Koyi Maane Ya Na Maane

Ji Haan Kuch Lagte Hain Sharmane
Kuchh Lagte Hain Jhallaane
Koyi Maane Ya Na Maane Sab Jaane
Koyi Maane Ya Na Maane

Re Chamkila Bole
Teri Hiq Te Malai Aayi Aayi
Baahon Mein Bhabhi Jeth Sharaabi
Kudi Pataka Steering Nu Hath Paundi

Mainu Sikhar Dopehre Nahaundi Nu
Oh Tak Tak Oh Tak Tak
Gunda Kunda Phadke Ladke Karda
Booha Mera Thak Thak Thak Thak

Oh Baapu Sadda Gum Ho Gaya
Teri Maa Di Talashi Laini
Jija Lakk Min Lak Min Lak Min
Bheej Gayi Baahar Khadi

Pee Laal Pari Main
Chakk Chakk Oye Chakk Chakk
Cassette Vassete Tave Shave
Uske Hi Bikein Hai Sabse Zyada
Ab Tak Oye Ab Tak

Hey Ganda Sa Banda Hai
Social Darinda Hai
Hey Ganda Sa Banda Hai
Social Darinda Hai

Woh Toh Mirza Malang
Tha Gareebon Ke Woh Sang
Mazloom Ka Masiah
Oonche Logon Se Woh Tang

Jhoothon Se Uski Kattiyan
Jhoothe Jag Se Thi Uski

Tha Woh Mitti Ki Upaj
Niche Logon Ki Ramaz
Poori Jata Tha Samajh
Seedha Sadha Wo Sehaj

Jhoothon Se Uski Kattiyan
Jhoothe Jag Se Thi Uski

Lukk Chup Ke Sunenge
Sunn Sunn Ke Hansege
Hans Hans Ke Marenge Aaha

Din Dhalta Rahega
Tann Jalta Rahega
Dil Karta Rahega Aaha

Sune Saare Chamkila
Desion Ki Rang Leela
Puchhne Pe Maane Koyi Na

Sune Saare Chamkila
Desion Ki Rang Leela
Puchhne Pe Maane Koyi Na

Baj Baaja Baaja
Baj Baaja Baaja
Khela Shuru Hai
Aa Dekhein Aaja

Baj Baaja Baaja
Baj Baaja Baaja
Khela Shuru Hai
Aa Dekhein Aaja

Written by: Irshad Kamil

“Latest Baaja Lyrics Amar Singh Chamkila 2024”

1.Amar Singh Chamkila Movie Additional Information:

“Amar Singh Chamkila” is a 2024 Indian Hindi-language biographical drama film based on the life of musician Amar Singh Chamkila. Directed and co-produced by Imtiaz Ali, the film stars Diljit Dosanjh in the titular role, with Parineeti Chopra portraying his wife. The story follows the journey of Chamkila, one of the most influential Punjabi singers, and his singer wife, Amarjot. The film’s music is composed by A. R. Rahman, with lyrics written by Irshad Kamil. Principal photography began in December 2022 and concluded in March 2023. The film premiered in Mumbai on April 8, 2024, and was released on Netflix on April 12, 2024.

In the movie, a humble singer’s brash lyrics ignite fame and fury across Punjab as he grapples with soaring success and brutal criticism before his untimely death. The cast includes:

  • Diljit Dosanjh as Amar Singh Chamkila
  • Parineeti Chopra as Amarjot Kaur
  • Apinderdeep Singh as Swarn Sivia
  • Nisha Bano as Sonia
  • Rahul Mittra as DSP Bhatti
  • And other talented actors who bring this poignant story to life.

Imtiaz Ali, known for films like Jab We MetLove Aaj Kal, and Rockstar, returns as a director after four years with this unique project. The film sheds light on the crazed popularity of Chamkila’s daring songs that society could neither ignore nor swallow. It’s a musical fable that captures the essence of an artist’s life a butterfly, short-lived but beautiful.

2.Amar Singh Chamkila Additional Information:

Amar Singh Chamkila, born as Dhanni Ram on July 21, 1960, was an Indian singer and musician known for his influential contributions to Punjabi music. His vivid language, high-pitched vocals, and novel compositions, accompanied by masterful Tumbi playing, made him a household name.

Here are some key details about his life and career:

  1. Early Life:
    • Amar Singh Chamkila was born into a Dalit Sikh family in the village of Dugri near Ludhiana, Punjab, India.
    • Despite aspiring to become an electrician, his dreams remained unfulfilled, and he found work at a Ludhiana cloth mill.
  2. Career in Music:
    • With a natural aptitude for music, Chamkila learned to play the harmonium and dholki.
    • In 1979, he approached Surinder Shinda, who recognized his talent when he heard the 18-year-old Chamkila sing.
    • Chamkila played alongside other Punjabi folk artists such as K. DeepMohammad Sadiq, and Shinda.
    • He wrote several songs for Shinda before deciding to pursue a solo career.
    • Adopting the stage name Amar Singh Chamkila (where “Chamkila” means “one that glitters” in Punjabi), he partnered with female vocalist Surinder Sonia.
    • Together, they recorded eight duets, including the hit album “Takue Te Takua” in 1980. The cunningly worded lyrics, which he wrote himself, resonated across Punjab.
  3. Musical Legacy:
    • Chamkila’s music was heavily influenced by the Punjabi village life he grew up in.
    • His best-known hits include “Pehle Lalkare Naal” and devotional songs like “Baba Tera Nankana”“Tar Gayi Ravidas Di Pathri”, and “Talwar Main Kalgidhar Di”.
    • Although he never recorded it himself, he wrote the widely popular song “Jatt Di Dushmani”, which has been recorded by many Punjabi artists.
    • His fame skyrocketed with his first-ever recorded song, “Takue Te Takua”.
  4. Tragic End:
    • On March 8, 1988, Amar Singh Chamkila and his second wife, Amarjot, were killed, along with two members of their band, in an assassination that remains unresolved.

Amar Singh Chamkila is remembered as one of the most influential Punjabi artists and live stage performers that Punjab has produced. His music continues to resonate with audiences, capturing the essence of his roots and the fervor of his artistry.

Amar Singh Chamkila was renowned for his soul-stirring music that resonated with audiences across Punjab. Here are some of his iconic songs:

  1. “Pehle Lalkare Naal Main Dar Gai”: A powerful track that left an indelible mark on listeners.
  2. “Gora Gora Rang”: A vibrant and catchy song that became a favorite.
  3. “Dhokha Nahin Kamaida”: A soulful composition that touched hearts.
  4. “Kan Kar Gal Sun Makhna”: A spirited and energetic number.
  5. “Takue Te Takua Kharhke”: A cleverly worded song that showcased Chamkila’s lyrical prowess.
  6. “Bhij Gai Bahar Khadi”: A melodious duet that captivated audiences.
  7. “Kurti Sat Rang Di”: A foot-tapping track with a traditional touch.
  8. “Chak Doon Ghade Ton”: A playful and rhythmic composition.
  9. “Putuia Patan Noo”: A soul-searching song that reflected Chamkila’s depth.

These songs, along with many others, continue to evoke nostalgia and celebrate the legacy of Amar Singh Chamkila in the world of Punjabi music.

If you’d like to explore more of his music, you can listen to the Top 50 Songs of Amar Singh Chamkila on YouTube or check out the Amar Singh Chamkila playlist on WynkMusic.

3.Mohit Chauhan Additional Information:

Mohit Chauhan, born on March 11, 1966, is an Indian playback singer known for his soulful voice and contributions to Hindi films. Let’s delve into his fascinating journey:

  1. Early Life:
    • Mohit Chauhan was born in the town of NahanSirmaur district, Himachal Pradesh.
    • He hails from a Rajput family and has an elder brother and a younger sister.
    • His education took him to various schools in Himachal Pradesh, including Our Lady of Snows High School in Kullu and St. Luke’s Senior Secondary School in Solan.
    • Chauhan holds a Master of Science in Geology from a government college in Dharamshala affiliated with Himachal Pradesh University.
    • Interestingly, he didn’t receive any formal music training but practiced singing with his brother. His grandfather, a classical singer who played the harmonium, greatly influenced him. The legendary Kishore Kumar also left a lasting impact.
    • Before entering the music industry, Chauhan aspired to become an actor.
  2. Silk Route and Indipop:
    • Chauhan, along with Kem Trivedi, Atul Mittal, and Kenny Puri, formed the band Silk Route.
    • Their debut album, “Boondein” (1998), featured hit songs like “Dooba Dooba” and “Pehchan”.
    • After Silk Route disbanded in 2008, Chauhan released another album titled “Fitoor” in 2009.
  3. Bollywood Playback Career:
    • Chauhan’s film singing career began in 2002 with the song “Pehli Nazar Mein Dari Thi” from the film Road.
    • His soulful renditions in movies like “Rang De Basanti” (“Khoon Chala”) and “Jab We Met” (“Tum Se Hi”) earned him immense acclaim.
    • Notably, he won the Filmfare Award for Best Male Playback Singer in 2010 for the song “Masakali”.
    • In 2011, he featured in The Dewarists and performed on MTV Unplugged.
    • Chauhan made his Gujarati language debut with the song “Jaag Re Banda” in 2017.
    • He also lent his voice to the first Himachali movie, “Puchhe Amma”, and the film “Saanjh” with the song “Deva Mere”.
  4. Notable Films and Awards:
    • Chauhan’s singing prowess graced films like “Rockstar”“Tamasha”, and “Once Upon a Time in Mumbaai”.
    • His journey from the hills of Himachal Pradesh to Bollywood remains a remarkable chapter in Indian music history.

Mohit Chauhan continues to captivate audiences with his melodious voice, leaving an indelible mark on the world of music.

Mohit Chauhan, with his soulful voice, has delivered several memorable songs. Here are some of his most popular tracks:

  1. “Pee Loon” from the movie “Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai” remains a classic modern song.
  2. “Jo Bhi Main” from the film “Rockstar” showcases his emotive singing.
  3. “Phir Se Ud Chala” (also from “Rockstar”) captures the spirit of wanderlust.
  4. “Tune Jo Na Kaha” from “New York” is a heartfelt composition.
  5. “Saadda Haq” (again from “Rockstar”) resonates with rebellious energy.
  6. “Haawa Haawa” is an infectious and foot-tapping number.
  7. “Saiyaara” from “Ek Tha Tiger” is a romantic gem.
  8. “Kuchh Khaas” from “Fashion” is soul-stirring.
  9. “Ishq Mitaye” from the movie “Amar Singh Chamkila” (yes, the same Chamkila we discussed earlier) is a recent addition to his repertoire.
  10. “Prano Bhoriye Trisha Horiye” is another beautiful track from the film “Prano Bhoriye Trisha Horiye”.

These songs showcase Mohit Chauhan’s versatility and ability to evoke emotions through his voice. Whether it’s romance, longing, or rebellion, he delivers with finesse.

4.Romy Additional Information:

Romy, also known as Karan Yadav, is an Indian playback singer, songwriter, and music composer who primarily works in Hindi and Punjabi films. Let’s explore his fascinating journey:

  1. Early Life and Education:
    • Romy was born on July 11, 1992, in Patiala, Punjab, India.
    • He attended St. Xavier’s International School in Patiala for his schooling.
    • Later, he pursued his studies at the University of Mumbai.
  2. Family:
    • His mother’s name is Mamta Yadav, and he has a sister named Surbhi Yadav.
    • In 2021, Romy got engaged to Pitambi Chaudhary, and in February 2023, they tied the knot.
  3. Career Highlights:
    • Bollywood Debut: Romy made his Bollywood debut as a singer with the film “Phillauri” (2017) for the song “Dum Dum”.
    • Popular Bollywood Songs:
      • “Bhangra Ta Sajda” from “Veere Di Wedding” (2018)
      • “Yeh Naya Hindustan Hai” from “Uri: The Surgical Strike” (2019)
      • “Zumba” from “Good Newwz” (2019)
      • “Pyaar Tenu Karda Gabru” from “Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan” (2020)
    • Punjabi Film Debut: In 2021, he lent his voice to the Punjabi film “Qismat 2” for the song “Janam”.
    • Singles: Romy has released several singles, including “Ari Ari”“Tenu Vekhan Da”, and “Zariya Tu”.
    • Other Work:
      • He composed and sang jingles for TV commercials, including Max Fashion.
      • Romy manages his self-titled YouTube channel, where he shares his music videos.
      • As a music producer, he worked on the Hindi song “Tu Mera Banja” in 2022.
      • He collaborated with Akriti Kakar on the song “Aya Ladiye” for the music show ‘Big Band Theory 2’ in 2023.
      • Romy has performed live at various stage shows and events.
  4. Awards and Recognitions:
    • FOI Online Award for Best Original Song for “Saahiba” from the film “Phillauri” (2017)
    • Mirchi Music Award for Album of the Year
    • Nominations for Best Song of the Year Critics and Best Vocalist of the Year (Male) for “Challa” from “Uri: The Surgical Strike”
    • Mirchi Music Award nomination for Recreated Song of the Year for “Nachan Nu Jee Karda” from “Angrezi Medium”

Romy’s musical journey continues to captivate audiences, and his soulful voice leaves an indelible mark in the world of music.

Romy, the talented singer and songwriter, has delivered several memorable songs. Here are some of his most popular tracks:

  1. “Pee Loon”: This soulful song from the movie “Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai” remains a classic.
  2. “Jo Bhi Main”: Featured in the film “Rockstar”, this track showcases Romy’s emotive singing.
  3. “Phir Se Ud Chala”: Another gem from “Rockstar”, capturing the spirit of wanderlust.
  4. “Tune Jo Na Kaha”: From “New York”, this heartfelt composition resonates deeply.
  5. “Saadda Haq”: Yet another powerful song from “Rockstar”, filled with rebellious energy.
  6. “Haawa Haawa”: An infectious and foot-tapping number that lingers in your mind.
  7. “Saiyaara”: A romantic gem from “Ek Tha Tiger”.
  8. “Kuchh Khaas”: Soul-stirring and beautifully rendered, from “Fashion”.
  9. “Ishq Mitaye”: Recently, Romy contributed to the film “Amar Singh Chamkila” with this poignant track.

These melodies showcase Romy’s versatility and ability to evoke emotions through his voice. Whether it’s romance, longing, or rebellion, he delivers with finesse.

Romy, also known as Karan Yadav, made a remarkable transition from releasing singles to becoming a successful playback singer in Bollywood. Let’s explore how he achieved this transition:

  1. Bollywood Debut:
    • Romy’s journey in playback singing began with his Bollywood debut in 2017.
    • He lent his soulful voice to the song “Dum Dum” from the film “Phillauri”.
    • This marked his entry into the world of film music, and he quickly gained recognition.
  2. Popular Bollywood Songs:
    • Romy’s melodious renditions in various Bollywood films garnered immense acclaim.
    • Some of his notable tracks include:
      • “Bhangra Ta Sajda” from “Veere Di Wedding” (2018)
      • “Yeh Naya Hindustan Hai” from “Uri: The Surgical Strike” (2019)
      • “Zumba” from “Good Newwz” (2019)
      • “Pyaar Tenu Karda Gabru” from “Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan” (2020)
  3. Punjabi Film Debut:
    • In 2021, Romy expanded his horizons by making his Punjabi film debut.
    • He lent his voice to the song “Janam” in the film “Qismat 2”.
  4. Singles and Other Work:
    • Alongside playback singing, Romy continued to release singles:
      • “Ari Ari” (2019)
      • “Tenu Vekhan Da” (2021)
      • “Zariya Tu” (2023)
    • He also composed and sang jingles for TV commercials, including one for Max Fashion.
    • Romy actively manages his self-titled YouTube channel, where he shares his music videos.
  5. Live Performances and Collaborations:
    • Romy has performed live at various stage shows and events, captivating audiences with his soulful voice.
    • In 2023, he collaborated with Akriti Kakar on the song “Aya Ladiye” for the music show ‘Big Band Theory 2’.
  6. Awards and Recognition:
    • His talent has been acknowledged through nominations and awards, including the FOI Online Award and Mirchi Music Awards.

Romy’s journey from singles to playback singing exemplifies his versatility and dedication to music. His emotive vocals continue to resonate with listeners, making him a prominent figure in the music industry.

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