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Latest Mohobatein Lyrics Krishna Sharma 2024

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Latest Mohobatein Lyrics Krishna Sharma 2024

“Mohobatein” is a romantic Hindi song recorded by KRS (Krishna Sharma) and presented by the label company White Hill Beats. The music is produced by Offshore, and the heartfelt lyrics are penned by Sahib. The accompanying video, directed by Mani Shergill, features Faiz Ali and Seerat Bajwa.

“Latest Mohobatein Lyrics Krishna Sharma 2024” Song Info
Label White Hill Beats
Singer(s) KRS (Krishna Sharma)
Lyricist(s) Sahib
Music Director(s) Offshore
Genre(s) Romantic
Music Label © White Hill Beats
Starring Faiz Ali, Seerat Bajwa

Latest Mohobatein Lyrics Krishna Sharma 2024

Mohobatein Lyrics

Ishq Mein Kaha Kisi Ko
Mili Hain Mohobatein
Sadiyon Se Dil Walo Ke
Dil Toot Te Hi Aaye Hain

Suna Kisi Shayar Se
Padha Hai Kitaabon Mein
Ye Jag Wale Aashiqon Ko
Loot Te Hi Aaye Hain

Tamanna Thi Tere Saath
Zindagi Bitaayenge
Kaha Aa Ke Saath Chhoda
Teri Meri Taqdeeron Ne

Bas Yehi Soch Kar Yara Hum
Tumko Bhool Jaenge
Tujhe Likha Hi Nahi Khuda Ne
Mere Haatho Ki Lakeeron Mein
Yehi Soch Kar Yara Hum
Tumko Bhool Jaenge
Tujhe Likha Hi Nahi Khuda Ne
Mere Haatho Ki Lakeeron Mein

Jis Ka Na Ho Milna Yaara
Ik Dujhe Ke Naseeb Mein
Haan Kuch Waqt Ke Liye Woh
Usi Se Milaaye Kyu

Aisa Toh Suna Nahi Tha
Khuda Tere Baare Mein
Mohabbat Ki Ott Mein
Do Dilon Ko Jalaye Kyu

Saans Bhi Haan Ik Na Ik Din
Saath Chhod Jaati Hai
Mera Tere Baad Saath Diya
Teri Tasveeron Ne

Bas Yehi Soch Kar Yara Hum
Tumko Bhool Jaenge
Tujhe Likha Hi Nahi Khuda Ne
Mere Haatho Ki Lakeeron Mein

Yehi Soch Kar Yara Hum
Tumko Bhool Jaenge
Tujhe Likha Hi Nahi Khuda Ne
Mere Haatho Ki Lakeeron Mein

Yehi Soch Kar Yara Hum
Tumko Bhool Jaenge
Tujhe Likha Hi Nahi Khuda Ne
Mere Haatho Ki Lakeeron Mein

Khwaabon Ko Jala Ke Mere
Jalti Kisi Aag Mein
Haan Mere Baad Yaara Tum
Ho Jana Kisi Aur Ke

Haan Jitni Mohabbat Tujhse
Mili Yara Sahib Ko
Mumkin Nahi Hai Ke Ab
Mile Kisi Aur Se

Sune Na Kisi Ki Bhi Woh
Ro Ro Chahe Mar Jao
Usne Baand Ke Rakha Hua Hai
Ishq Ko Zanjeero Mein

Bas Yehi Soch Kar Yara Hum
Tumko Bhool Jaenge
Tujhe Likha Hi Nahi Khuda Ne
Mere Haatho Ki Lakeeron Mein

Yehi Soch Kar Yara Hum
Tumko Bhool Jaenge
Tujhe Likha Hi Nahi Khuda Ne
Mere Haatho Ki Lakeeron Mein

“Watch Mohobatein Official Video – Krishna Sharma 2024”

1.Krishna Sharma Additional Information:

Dr. Krishna N Sharma, also known as Krishna Nand Sharma, is a multifaceted artist with a remarkable journey in the world of music, academia, and entrepreneurship. Let’s explore his inspiring biography:

  • Early Life and Education:
    • Born on December 24, 1986, in Mau, Uttar Pradesh, India, Krishna N Sharma hails from a middle-class family.
    • He pursued professional studies in India and expanded his skills through courses in various countries, including a PhD.
    • His zodiac sign is Capricorn.
  • Family and Siblings:
    • Krishna is the son of Dr. L Sharma and Chintamani Sharma, a novelist.
    • His siblings include:
      • Dr. Mrityunjay Sharma: An author and doctor, married to Dr. Deepanjali Sharma (also an author and doctor).
      • Ayush Sharma: A singer, author, and medical student.
      • Ayan Sharma: An author, musician, and medical student.
      • Dr. Jyoti Sharma: A singer, author, and doctor.
  • Career Highlights:
    • Entrepreneurship:
      • Krishna dedicates himself to three major projects:
        • Virtued Academy International
        • Glare Music International (his music label)
        • News with Nation (a news portal)
    • Music:
      • As a lyricist, he got his first break with the song “Swag” (2019) released by Zee Music Company.
      • In the same year, he released “Main Hi Shiv Hoon” as a singer, lyricist, and music director.
      • Krishna owns his own music label, Glare Music International.
    • Academics:
      • He achieved the highest position in any university structure as a Vice-Chancellor.
      • Krishna joined Victoria University, Uganda, becoming the youngest vice-chancellor globally in 2017.
  • World Records and Prolific Authorship:
    • Krishna N Sharma holds eight world records in writing and academics.
    • He has authored over 150 books, with more than 40 best-sellers among them.
    • His students come from over 140 countries.

Krishna Sharma, the talented lyricist and singer-songwriter, has created several memorable tracks. Here are some of his hit songs:

  1. “Ketna Ke Karbhi Barbad Ge Chhouri”: A soulful composition that resonates with listeners.
  2. “ATM Account Bhele Khali”: An energetic track that keeps you hooked.
  3. “Tholireyi”: A melodious tune that showcases Krishna Sharma’s versatility.
  4. “Gori Nache”: A vibrant song that celebrates life.
  5. “Sajdaa Main Tera Karoon” (feat. Ashish Sharma): A heartfelt composition that tugs at the heartstrings.
  6. “Roj Dina Mili Mili” (Nagpuri): A fusion of traditional and contemporary sounds.
  7. “Ma Bhimeswari Beri Wali” (Hindi): A devotional track that uplifts the spirit.
  8. “Hay Re Mor Chandni”: A romantic melody that enchants the senses.
  9. “Ham Chhiye Tegalwa Aghori”: A powerful song with a unique blend of genres.
  10. “Vedic Mantras” (with Govindaraj Bhat, Sindhuja Rajaram, G Gayathri Devi): A spiritual journey through ancient chants.
2.Faiz Ali Additional Information:

Faiz Ali Faiz, born in 1962 in Sharaqpur, Pakistan, is a well-known Pakistani qawwali singer. He hails from a family with seven generations of qawwals. Faiz studied classical music under Ustad Ghulam Shabir Khan and Ustad Jafat Khan, and qawwali music under Muhammad Ali Faridi and Abdur Rahim Faridi Qawwal.

His musical journey has been remarkable, and he has achieved recognition both nationally and internationally. Here are some highlights:

  • Awards and Nominations:
    • Faiz Ali Faiz was nominated for a BBC Radio 3 World Music Award in 2005 and 2006.
    • His soul-stirring performances have left a lasting impact on audiences.
  • Discography:
    • The New Qawwali Voice (2003)
    • Ton Amour Me Fait Danser (Your Love Makes Me Dance) (2005)
    • Qawwali-Flamenco (with Duquende, Miguel Poveda, and Chicuelo, 2006)
    • Chalo Achha Hua (2007)
    • Nigahen (2007)
    • Chand (2007)
    • Tera Deewana (2007)
    • Mulaqat (2007)
    • Jaadu: Magic (with Titi Robin, 2009)

Faiz Ali Faiz, a world-renowned master of qawwali music, embodies the rich tradition of this distinctly Pakistani Sufi praise song form. Here are key aspects of his musical style:

  • Qawwali Tradition:
    • Qawwali is deeply rooted in Sufism, emphasizing devotion, love, and spiritual ecstasy.
    • During Faiz Ali Faiz’s qawwali performances, both listeners and artists can be transported to a state of profound spiritual connection.
  • Training and Heritage:
    • Born into a family with seven generations of qawwals, Faiz Ali Faiz inherited a rich musical heritage.
    • He received training in both Hindustani classical music and Sufi devotional music.
    • His lineage and rigorous training contribute to the authenticity of his qawwali renditions.
  • Soul-Stirring Vocals:
    • Faiz’s powerful vocals resonate with emotion, touching the hearts of audiences.
    • His performances evoke a sense of longing, love, and divine connection.
  • Fusion and Innovation:
    • Faiz Ali Faiz has collaborated with artists from diverse backgrounds, infusing qawwali with fresh elements.
    • His international releases blend traditional qawwali with contemporary influences, creating a fusion that captivates listeners.
2.Faiz Ali Additional Information:

Sahir Ludhianvi, born as Abdul Hayee on March 8, 1921, in Ludhiana, Punjab, British India, was a prolific Indian poet, lyricist, and writer. His work left an indelible mark on Indian cinema, particularly in Hindi language films. Let’s delve into his fascinating biography:

  • Early Life and Education:
    • Sahir was born into a Punjabi Muslim family.
    • His mother, Sardar Begum, left her husband, forfeiting any claim to financial assets from the marriage.
    • Sahir’s father remarried, leading to a bitter custody battle for his son.
    • He was educated at Khalsa High School in Ludhiana and later enrolled at Government College, Ludhiana.
  • Career Highlights:
    • Sahir settled in Lahore in 1943, where he completed his first published work in Urdu, “Talkhiyaan” (Bitterness).
    • His poetic and lyrical contributions influenced Indian cinema significantly.
    • He won a Filmfare Award for Best Lyricist for the songs in Taj Mahal (1963) and Kabhie Kabhie (1976).
    • Sahir was awarded the Padma Shri in 1971.
  • Legacy and Honors:
    • On his 92nd birth anniversary in 2013, India Post issued a commemorative stamp in his honor.
    • His place of birth in Ludhiana is marked with a small plaque on the building’s entrance.
  • Sahir Ludhianvi, the celebrated poet and lyricist, has penned numerous iconic songs for Hindi films. His lyrical genius and evocative words have left an indelible mark on Indian cinema. Here are some of his famous film songs:
    1. “Yeh Duniya Agar Mil Bhi Jaaye To Kya Hai” from the film Pyaasa (1957):
      • This soul-stirring song, sung by Mohammad Rafi, reflects existential angst and the search for meaning in a materialistic world.
    2. “Kabhi Kabhie Mere Dil Mein” from the film Kabhie Kabhie (1976):
      • A timeless romantic ballad, beautifully rendered by Mukesh and Lata Mangeshkar, capturing the essence of love and longing.
    3. “Main Pal Do Pal Ka Shayar Hoon” from the film Kabhie Kabhie (1976):
      • Another gem from the same film, sung by Mukesh, portraying the life of a transient poet.
    4. “Woh Subah Kabhi Toh Aayegi” from the film Phir Subah Hogi (1958):
      • A poignant song that reflects hope and resilience, sung by Mukesh.
    5. “Ae Meri Zohra Jabeen” from the film Waqt (1965):
      • A melodious track sung by Manna Dey, expressing admiration and love for a beloved.
    6. “Chalo Ek Baar Phir Se” from the film Gumrah (1963):
      • A haunting melody sung by Mahendra Kapoor, capturing the pain of lost love.
    7. “Tere Bina Zindagi Se Koi Shikwa To Nahin” from the film Aandhi (1975):
      • A duet by Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar, portraying the complexities of relationships.


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