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Latest Popular Vethika Ninnila Song Lyrics 2024

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Latest Popular Vethika Ninnila Song Lyrics 2024

Kittu Vissapragada wrote the lyrics for the song “Vethika Ninnila,” which was composed by Saravana Vasudevan and sung by Satya Yamini from the Telugu movie “Sasivadane.”

“Latest Popular Vethika Ninnila Song Lyrics 2024” Song Info
Director Sai Mohan Ubbana
Producer Ahiteja Bellamkonda
Singer Satya Yamini
Music Saravana Vasudevan
Lyrics Kittu Vissapragada
Star Cast Rakshit Atluri, Komalee Prasad
Song Label & Source Tips Telugu

“Latest Ppopular Vethika Ninnila Song Lyrics 2024”

Vethika Ninnila Song Lyrics English

Naalo Levaa?
Naatho Raavaa?
Ye Vaipundho Nee Jaada

Gayam Lonaa
Pranam Unnaa
Neetho Ledhaa Naa Prema

Neekosam Nenunna
Neekai Vechunnaa
Dooram Badhistunnaa

Vethika Ninnilaa
Kanupaapallo Kalalaa
Vethika Ninnilaa
Vethika Vethikaa

Vethika Ninnilaa
Kanupaapallo Kalalaa
Vethika Ninnilaa
Vethika Vethikaa

Evaremi Annaa
Nee Maate Vinipisthondhe
Etu Chustu Unnaa
Mana Gnaapakame Undhe

Nuvu Leni Rojantu Lede
Maatantu Raade
Em Chestunnaa

Vethika Ninnilaa
Kanupaapallo Kalalaa
Vethika Ninnilaa
Vethika Vethikaa

Vethika Ninnila Song Lyrics Telugu

నాలో లేవా? నాతో రావా?
ఏ వైపుందో నీ జాడ
గాయంలోనా, ప్రాణంలోనా
నీతో లేదా నా ప్రేమ

నీకోసం నేనున్నా
నీకై వేచున్నా
దూరం భాధిస్తున్నా

వెతికా నిన్నిలా కనుపాపల్లో కలలా
వెతికా నిన్నిలా వెతికా వెతికా

వెతికా నిన్నిలా కనుపాపల్లో కలలా
వెతికా నిన్నిలా వెతికా వెతికా

ఎవరేమి అన్నా నీ మాటే వినిపిస్తోందే
ఎటు చూస్తూ ఉన్నా మన జ్ఞాపకమే ఉందే

నువు లేని రోజంటూ లేదే
మాటంటూ రాదే
ఏం చేస్తున్నా

వెతికా నిన్నిలా కనుపాపల్లో కలలా
వెతికా నిన్నిలా వెతికా వెతికా

“Watch Latest Popular Vethika Ninnila Lyrical Video Song – Sasivadane 2024” 

1.Sasivadane Additional Information:

“Sasivadane” (2024) is a Telugu film directed by Sai Mohan Ubbana. Let’s dive into the details:

  • Plot Summary:
    • The story revolves around Sasi and Raghava, taking us on their journey through love.
    • The film is set against the picturesque and rustic backdrop of Konaseema in Andhra Pradesh.
    • It’s a timeless tale that explores themes of innocence, love, and pain.
  • Cast:
    • Komalee Prasad: Portrays the character of Sasi.
    • Sriman: Part of the ensemble cast.
    • Rakshit Atluri: Another key actor.
    • Praveen Yandamuri: Plays a pivotal role.
    • Rangasthalam Mahesh: Also part of the cast.
    • Jabardasth Bobby and Deepak Prince contribute to the film’s ensemble.
  • Release Date:
    • “Sasivadane” was released in India on April 5, 2024.

The film promises a blend of love, drama, and tragedy, all set in the captivating landscape of Konaseema.

Let’s explore the music and songs from the Telugu film “Sasivadane” (2024):

  1. Title Song:
    • The title song of “Sasivadane” is a soulful track that captures the essence of the film.
    • Sung by Haricharan and Chinmayi Sripada, the song beautifully conveys emotions and love.
    • The lyrics are penned by an unnamed lyricist.
    • You can listen to the lyrical version of the title song on YouTube.
  2. Other Songs:
    • Unfortunately, specific details about other songs in the film are not readily available in the search results.
    • For a complete musical experience, I recommend checking out the official soundtrack once it’s released.

“Sasivadane” promises a melodic journey, and the title song sets the tone for the film’s emotional depth.

1.Rakshit Atluri Additional Information:

Rakshit Atluri, commonly known as Rakshith, is an Indian actor who works in the Telugu film industry. Let’s delve into his fascinating biography:

  • Early Life and Debut:
    • Rakshit was born and brought up in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India.
    • He made his debut in the Telugu film industry with the 2017 film “London Babulu”, directed by Chinni Krishna.
    • For his impressive debut performance, he received the Best Debut Actor award at the 16th Santosham Film Awards.
  • Notable Works:
    • In 2020, Rakshit starred in the action thriller film “Palasa 1978” as Mohan Rao. His portrayal of Mohan Rao in three different age groups showcased his versatility.
      • He played Mohan Rao as an 18-year-old, then at 2440, and finally as a 60-year-old.
      • Rakshit’s commitment extended to learning the Palasa region dialect of Telugu in just 45 days for the role.
  • Filmography:
    • “London Babulu” (2017): His debut film where he played the character Gandhi.
    • “Palasa 1978” (2020): His critically acclaimed role as Mohan Rao earned him a Filmfare Award nomination for Best Actor – Telugu.
    • “Narakasura” (2023): His upcoming project where he portrays Shiva.
    • “Sasivadane” (2024): Rakshit is part of the star cast, and his role is yet to be revealed.

Rakshit Atluri’s journey from debut to critically acclaimed performances showcases his dedication and talent in the Telugu film industry.

Rakshit Atluri, the talented Telugu actor, is actively involved in multiple projects. Let’s explore his upcoming ventures:

  1. “Narakasura” (2023):
    • Genre: Action | Drama | Fantasy
    • Release Date: November 3, 2023
    • Synopsis: “Narakasura” is an action fantasy drama directed by Sebastian Noah Acosta Junior. Rakshit Atluri plays a significant role alongside Aparna Janardanan and Sangeerthana Vipin. The film promises a unique blend of content, emotions, and action.
  2. “Police Station Private Limited”:
    • Genre: Cop Drama
    • Status: Filming (Scheduled to commence in the first week of April 2023)
    • Synopsis: Rakshit Atluri stars as the hero in this upcoming cop drama directed by Golla Patti Nageshwara Rao. The film’s storyline is expected to be distinctive, and it aims to captivate the audience with its engaging narrative.
  3. “Sasivadane” (2024):
    • Genre: Rural Love Story
    • Release Date: April 19, 2024
    • Synopsis: Directed by Saimohan Ubbana, “Sasivadane” unfolds against the beautiful landscape of Godavari. Rakshit Atluri and Komalee Prasad lead the star cast. The film’s team expresses confidence in its success due to collective efforts. Get ready for a heartwarming rural love story.

Rakshit Atluri’s diverse roles and commitment to his craft continue to impress audiences. Keep an eye out for these exciting projects!

2.Komalee Prasad Additional Information:

Komalee Prasad, born on August 24, 1995, is an Indian film actress who predominantly works in Telugu cinema. Let’s delve into her fascinating biography:

  • Early Life and Education:
    • Komalee was born in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, and later brought up in Bellary, Karnataka.
    • She pursued Dentistry at Pravara Institute of Medical Sciences in Loni, Ahmednagar.
    • Despite her medical background, she discovered her passion for the Telugu film industry.
  • Film Career:
    • Debut: Komalee made her film debut with the Telugu movie “Nenu Seetha Devi” in 2016.
    • Notable Roles:
      • “Napoleon” (2017): She portrayed the character Sravanthi.
      • “Anukunnadi Okati Ayinadi Okati” (2020): Komalee played a significant role in this Telugu film.
      • “Rowdy Boys” (2022): She portrayed Shruthi.
      • “Sebastian P.C. 524” (2022): Her role as Neelima garnered attention.
      • “HIT: The Second Case”: Komalee’s portrayal of Varsha in this investigative thriller was commendable.
      • “Sasivadane” (2024): She is part of the star cast, and her role is yet to be revealed.
  • Television:
    • “Loser” (2020): Komalee appeared in the web series as Asha on ZEE5.
    • “Modern Love Hyderabad” (2022): She featured in the anthology series in the segment titled “Finding your Penguin” on Amazon Prime Video.

Komalee Prasad’s journey from dentistry to the silver screen showcases her versatility and commitment to her craft.

Komalee Prasad, the talented actress, plays a significant role in the Telugu film “Sasivadane” (2024). Here’s what we know about her character:

  • Character Name: Not explicitly mentioned in the available information.
  • Role Description:
    • Komalee’s role in “Sasivadane” is central to the film’s narrative.
    • The entire story revolves around her character, making it a dream come true project for the actress.
    • The film is described as a 90s musical with hard-hitting romance that promises to touch everyone’s hearts.

As the female lead, Komalee Prasad’s performance is eagerly anticipated, and her portrayal is expected to add depth and emotion to the film.


Here are five frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to the Telugu film “Sasivadane” (2024):

1.Who are the actors in ‘Sasivadane’?

The film features talented actors, including:
Komalee Prasad
Rakshit Atluri
Praveen Yandamuri
Rangasthalam Mahesh
Jabardasth Bobby
Deepak Prince

2.Who is the director of ‘Sasivadane’?

The film is directed by Sai Mohan Ubbana.

3.What is the genre of ‘Sasivadane’?

“Sasivadane” falls under the romance genre.

4.In which languages is ‘Sasivadane’ releasing?

The film is primarily releasing in Telugu.

5.When is the OTT release date for ‘Sasivadane’?

The OTT release date for “Sasivadane” has not been officially announced yet. However, the theatrical release is scheduled for April 5, 2024 in India.

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