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Numb Lyrics Mc Stan Hindi HipHop 2024

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Numb Lyrics Mc Stan Hindi HipHop 2024

“Presenting ‘Numb’ by MC Stan, a fresh addition to the Hindi Hip-Hop. Not only does MC Stan deliver the lyrics, but he also showcases his musical prowess by composing the music for this latest track. The accompanying music video, released by MC Stan himself, adds another layer to this captivating composition.”


“Numb Lyrics Mc Stan Hindi HipHop 2024” Song Info

Song Numb
Singer Mc Stan
Lyrics Mc Stan
Music Mc Stan
Label Mc Stan

“Numb Lyrics Mc Stan Hindi HipHop 2024”

Numb Lyrics English

Kabhi Nahi Jayenga Main
Pyar Mein Kabhi Nahi Jayenga Main
Tere Ko Rulayenga Main
Kabhi Nahi Tere Ko Rulayenga Main

Call Kari Saima Ne
Call Kari Mere Ko Kyun Saima Ne, Kyun
2 Min Mein Khayenge Main
Yeh Shemde Ko 2 Min Mein Khayenge Main

Tere Liye Gayenga Main
Sirf Tere Liye Gayenga Main
Tu Baitha China Mein
Main Baitha Idhar Dikhayenga Main

Fukri Mein Bajta Nahi Naak Fugaake
Chwok Me Main Valak Palak Hath Uthake
Show Pe Bajte Mere Hath Uthake
Gaane Kyun Likhun Meri Masuka Pe

Zindagi Mein Kyun Ghus Rahe Maa Ch*da Ke
Gaane Jab Bajte Mere Har Jagah Pe
Kya Mila Tumko Mera Dil Dukha Ke
Achha Ek Din Dikha De

Main Hota Jab Numb
Numb Numb Numb Numb Numb
Main Hota Jab Numb
Numb Numb Numb Numb Numb

Main Hota Jab Numb
Main Hota Jab Numb
Main Hota Jab Numb
Numb Numb Numb Numb

Shop Karun Gucci Se, Gucci Se)
Tu Lokhandwala Boutique Se, Boutique Se)
Tu Fake L@ude Duplicate
Tu Mera’ch Hai Duplicate, Fake L@ude

Main Milunga Jab Modi Se
Yeh Baba Sab Dhongi The
Mere Sath Wale Jo Bhi The
Tere Ko Maalum Sab Ch*di Ke

New School Mein Chutti Nahi Kisko
Jaan Bujh Ke Pataya Tha Usko
Vadam Tu Khilata B*tch Ko
Main Khilata B*tch Ko
L@nd Mere Sath Mein Nahi Kaun

Bajta Main Alag Se Don
Maalum Na Tere Ko Meri Zindagi
Karti Kyun Ex Meri Phone

Main Hota Jab Numb
Numb Numb Numb Numb Numb
Main Hota Jab Numb
Numb Numb Numb Numb Numb

Main Hota Jab Numb
Main Hota Jab Numb
Main Hota Jab Numb
Numb Numb Numb Numb Numb

Mere Kambar Mein Gun
Gun Gun Gun Gun Gun
Tu Ho Gayela Mand
Mand Mand Mand Mand

Main Hota Jab Numb
Numb Numb Numb Numb Numb
Tere Ko Samjha Nahi L@nd
L@nd L@nd L@nd L@nd L@nd

Main Main
Sirf Tere Liye
Kabhi Nahi Jayenga Main..

Written by: Mc Stan

Watch Official Numb – Music Video Mc Stan Hindi HipHop 2024 


Mc Stan Additional Information:

MC Stan: A Rising Star in the Indian Hip-Hop Scene

!MC Stan

Early Life and Musical Beginnings

MC Stan, born as Altaf Shaikh (also known as Altaf Tadavi), on August 30, 1999, in Pune, Maharashtra, India, is an Indian rapper, lyricist, music producer, and composer. His journey from performing Qawwali at the age of 12 to becoming a prominent figure in the Indian hip-hop culture scene is nothing short of remarkable.

  • Musical Roots: MC Stan’s musical roots trace back to his childhood. At the age of 12, he began performing Qawwali, a form of devotional music that helped him understand the intricacies of Indian melodies.
  • Introduction to Rapping: His brother introduced him to rapping when he was in the 6th standard. Inspired by American music artists like 50 Cent, Eminem, Young Thug, and Lil Wayne, MC Stan developed a passion for creating his own beats and lyrics.
  • B-boying and Beatboxing: Before diving into rapping, he learned B-boying (breakdancing) and beatboxing, adding to his multifaceted talents.

Rise to Fame and Notable Tracks

MC Stan gained widespread recognition after the release of his song “Khuja Mat” in 2019. The track resonated with listeners, showcasing his unique style and lyrical prowess. His raw energy and authentic storytelling set him apart in the Indian hip-hop landscape.

Some of his other notable tracks include:

  1. “Wata”: A rap battle with fellow artist Emiway Bantai, which crossed nine million views on YouTube.
  2. “Bhai Bhai”: A powerful track that addresses social issues and resonates with the youth.

Bigg Boss Journey and Controversies

In 2022, MC Stan participated in season 16 of Colors TV’s reality show “Bigg Boss.” His presence on the show garnered attention, and he eventually emerged as the winner. However, his journey was not without controversy.

  • Relationship Drama: MC Stan was in a relationship with rapper Auzma Shaikh, but they broke up in 2022. The aftermath of their breakup led to a series of events, including publicizing each other’s residential addresses on social media and alleged physical altercations.

Personal Life and Family

  • Family Background: MC Stan belongs to a Muslim family in Pune, Maharashtra. His father serves as a policeman in the Maharashtra police department, and he has an elder brother.
  • Tattoos: MC Stan proudly displays various tattoos on his body, each representing a part of his journey and identity.


MC Stan’s journey from the streets of Pune to the winner’s podium on “Bigg Boss” reflects his determination, creativity, and authenticity. As he continues to make waves in the Indian hip-hop scene, his raw talent and unfiltered lyrics resonate with fans across the nation.

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