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Railin Oligal Song Lyrics Blue Star (Tamil) 2024

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Railin Oligal Song Lyrics Blue Star (Tamil) 2024

Railin Oligal Song Lyrics penned by Uma Devi, music composed by Govind Vasantha, and sung by Pradeep Kumar & Shakthisree Gopalan from Tamil movie ‘Blue Star‘.

“Railin Oligal Song Lyrics Blue Star (Tamil) 2024” Song Info
Railin Oligal Song Credits Blue Star Released Date – 25th January 2024
Director S.Jayakumar
Producers R Ganesh Murthy
,  G Soundarya
Singers Pradeep Kumar, Shakthisree Gopalan
Music Govind Vasantha
Lyrics Uma Devi
Star Cas t Ashok Selvan, Keerthi Pandian
Music Label Think Music India

Railin Oligal Song Lyrics Blue Star (Tamil) 2024

Railin Oligal Song Lyrics in English

Rayilin Oligal
Unaiye Theduthae
Adhirum Paraiyaai
Idhayam Aaduthae

Undhan Kai Veesidum
Poi Jaadai Ennai
Yethen Thottaththil Veesuthae

Un Oor Thaandidum
Rayil Paalam Mel
En Bhoomi Mudinthu Viduthae

En Thaayodum Kooraaththaa
Vaarththaikkul Naan Neeththuren

Kanaakkaanum Porvaikkul
Kaalaththa Adai Kaakkuren

Manmelodum Mazhaithanni
Pol Naalum Nilamaaruren

Paayaagindra Nenjukku
Paal Paarva Nee Vaakkura

Kodi Vaasangal
Enai Theendi Ponaalum
Uyirai Theendaatho
Un Vaasam

Bhoomi Theernthaalum
Theeraatha Rayil Paathai
Kadhal Ondre Anbe… Ae Ae Ae

Anbe Anbe… Anbe Anbe
Anbe Anbe… Anbe Anbe

Railin Oligal Song Lyrics in Tamil

ரயிலின் ஒலிகள்
உனையே தேடுதே
அதிரும் பறையாய்
இதயம் ஆடுதே

உந்தன் கை வீசிடும்
பொய் ஜாடை என்னை
ஏதென் தோட்டத்தில் வீசுதே

உன் ஊர் தாண்டிடும்
ரயில் பாலம் மேல்
என் பூமி முடிந்து விடுதே

என் தாயோடும் கூறாதா
வார்த்தைக்குள் நான் நீந்துறேன்

கனாக்காணும் போர்வைக்குள்
காலத்த அடை காக்குறேன்

மண்மேலோடும் மழைத்தண்ணி
போல் நாளும் நிலமாறுறேன்

பாயாகின்ற நெஞ்சுக்கு
பால்பார்வ நீ வாக்குற

கோடி வாசங்கள்
என்னை தீண்டி போனாலும்
உயிரை தீண்டாதோ
உன் வாசம்

பூமி தீர்ந்தாலும்
தீராத இரயில் பாதை
காதல் ஒன்றே அன்பே, ஏ ஏ ஏ

அன்பே அன்பே… அன்பே அன்பே
அன்பே அன்பே… அன்பே அன்பே

Watch Railin Oligal Video Song – Blue Star (Tamil) 2024

Pradeep Kumar Additional Information:

Let’s explore the fascinating life and achievements of Pradeep Kumar, the talented Indian playback singer and music director. His journey in the world of music has been marked by passion, versatility, and collaborations with renowned composers. Here’s a detailed look at his background, career, and notable works.

Early Life and Musical Roots

  • Birth and Upbringing: Pradeep Rangaswamy Kumar was born on May 12, 1986, in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India. His father was a police inspector, and his mother, Lalitha Vijayakumar, was a music teacher who taught Carnatic music through private lessons and at a government school in the area. Growing up, Pradeep Kumar was constantly exposed to Carnatic music, often joining his mother in singing at home.

Musical Journey

  • Carnatic Beginnings: Pradeep Kumar’s musical journey began as a Carnatic musician. He studied music under J. Venkataraman from the Aalathur School of Music, who became his first guru. His exposure to Carnatic music during his formative years laid a strong foundation for his later endeavors.
  • Engineering and Audio Engineering: Initially, Pradeep Kumar pursued engineering studies but soon opted out of college. As a backup career plan, he pursued a diploma course in audio engineering, which deepened his understanding of sound composition.
  • Collaboration with Carnatica: In 2003, Pradeep Kumar visited Chennai to participate in a competition conducted by the music studio Carnatica. Impressed by his singing, K. Shashikiran of Carnatica invited him to stay in Chennai. From 2003 to 2005, Pradeep collaborated with Carnatica, and his parents later joined him in Chennai. During this period, he continued performing in katcheris (concerts) across Chennai and abroad.
  • Western Classical Influence: Pradeep Kumar apprenticed with Augustin Paul, delving into western classical music. He also worked as an audio engineer for four years, gaining practical experience in sound production.
  • Documentary Project: In 2014, he worked on a documentary called “Arunagiri Perumale”, a live concert recording of a three-piece Indian band along with a 16-piece chamber symphony orchestra. The project was completed through crowd-funding and showcased his passion for music beyond playback singing.
  • Marriage and Telugu Debut: During this period, Pradeep Kumar married fellow singer Kalyani Nair. He also composed his first film album for the Telugu project “Maine Pyar Kiya” (2014).
  • Collaboration with Santhosh Narayanan: Through his work as a musician, Pradeep Kumar became acquainted with composer Santhosh Narayanan. Their collaboration began when Pradeep Kumar was 18, and they continued to jam together while studying audio engineering. This partnership led to several successful tracks.

Notable Works and Collaborations

  • Playback Singing: Pradeep Kumar’s soulful voice has graced numerous Tamil film songs. His collaboration with composers like Santhosh Narayanan and Sean Roldan has resulted in memorable tracks.
  • Documentary “Arunagiri Perumale”: His pet project, this documentary showcased a fusion of Indian band music and a symphony orchestra.
  • Personal Life: Pradeep Kumar’s marriage to Kalyani Nair further strengthened his musical journey.


Pradeep Kumar’s dedication to music, his Carnatic roots, and his collaborations with talented composers have made him a respected figure in the industry. His journey continues, promising more soul-stirring melodies and innovative compositions.

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