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Toota Rishta Lyrics Altamash Faridi

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Toota Rishta Lyrics Altamash Faridi

Explore the soulful Hindi song “Toota Rishta” by Altamash Faridi with lyrics by Kunaal Vermaa. Featuring Ankush Rampal & Aarisha Sharma.

“Toota Rishta Lyrics Altamash Faridi” Song Info
Song Toota Rishta (Hindi)
Singer Altamash Faridi
Lyrics Kunaal Vermaa
Music Production Prithu Tiwari (Apni Dhun Studioz)
Starring Ankush Rampal & Aarisha Sharma
Video Director Anand Mishra
Lable Apni Dhun

“Toota Rishta Lyrics Altamash Faridi” 

Toota Rishta Lyrics In English

Toota rishta tera humara
Kyun mein dekhu rasta tumhara

Toota rishta tera humara
Kyun mein dekhu rasta tumhara

Ye pyar tha bhul ya kwaab tha
Kuch bhi nahi hein mera apka wasta
Mein chala jaa yara o yara
Na ishq ki galli ana dobara

Ja yara o yara
Na khoke phir mujhe
Paana dobara paana dobara

Na koi haya na koi wafa teri aankhon mein hein
Na dil mein tere na hi ab tere hein hum
Khayalon mein hein banake dua
Mujhe likh diya kyu gunaaho mein hein

Nahi jante tera naam kyu meri aanho mein hein
Tera jo bhi tere pass tha
Kuch bhi nahi hein mere naam ka
Phir mera kaam kya

Ja yara o yara
Na ishq ki galli ana dobara
Ja yara o yara
Na khoke phir mujhe pana dobara pana dobara

Toota Rishta Lyrics In Hindi

टूटा रिश्ता तेरा हमारा
क्यूँ मैं देखु रस्ता तुम्हारा

टूटा रिश्ता तेरा हमारा
क्यूँ मैं देखु रस्ता तुम्हारा

ये प्यार था भूल या ख़्वाब था
कुछ भी नहीं है मेरा आपका वास्ता
मैं चला जा यारा ओ यारा
ना इश्क की गली आना दोबारा

जा यारा ओ यारा
ना खोके फिर मुझे
पाना दोबारा पाना दोबारा

ना कोई हया ना कोई वफ़ा तेरी आँखों में है
ना दिल में तेरे ना ही अब तेरे हैं हम
ख्यालों में हैं बनाके दुआ
मुझे लिख दिया क्यूँ गुनाहों में हैं

नहीं जानते तेरा नाम क्यों मेरी आँहो में है
तेरा था जो भी तेरे पास था
कुछ भी नहीं है मेरे नाम का
फिर मेरा काम क्या

जा यारा ओ यारा
ना इश्क की गली आना दोबारा
जा यारा ओ यारा
ना खोके फिर मुझे पाना दोबारा पाना दोबारा

“Watch Toota Rishta Video Song – Altamash Faridi”

Altamash Faridi Singer Additional Information:

Altamash Faridi is a talented playback singer in the Indian music industry known for his soulful voice and versatile singing style. Born on February 16, 1989, in Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh, India, Altamash discovered his passion for music at a young age and pursued formal training to hone his skills. Over the years, he has garnered acclaim for his melodious renditions in various Indian languages, including Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi, contributing to numerous hit songs in Bollywood.

Early Life and Education:

Altamash Faridi was born into a musically inclined family, where he was exposed to diverse genres of music from a tender age. Encouraged by his parents, he began training in classical music at a young age, laying a strong foundation for his future endeavors in the field of music. As he grew older, Altamash’s dedication to music intensified, and he sought advanced training under renowned music gurus to refine his vocal abilities.

Musical Journey:

Altamash Faridi’s breakthrough in the music industry came through his participation in reality television singing competitions. His exceptional talent and captivating performances caught the attention of industry veterans and music enthusiasts alike. With each appearance, Altamash showcased his remarkable vocal range and emotive delivery, earning accolades from judges and viewers.

Following his stint on reality TV, Altamash ventured into playback singing for Indian cinema. His debut in Bollywood marked the beginning of a prolific career characterized by numerous chart-topping hits and collaborations with acclaimed music composers and lyricists. Altamash’s ability to infuse emotion into his renditions, coupled with his distinctive style, quickly made him a sought-after singer in the film industry.

Musical Style and Influences:

Altamash Faridi’s musical style is characterized by his rich, resonant voice and remarkable versatility. He effortlessly transitions between various genres, including romantic ballads, Sufi-inspired tracks, and high-energy dance numbers, demonstrating his adaptability as a vocalist. Influenced by legends of Indian music and contemporary artists alike, Altamash draws inspiration from a diverse range of sources, infusing his performances with a unique blend of tradition and innovation.

Notable Achievements:

Throughout his career, Altamash Faridi has amassed a slew of accolades and achievements. His songs have topped music charts and garnered millions of views on digital platforms, solidifying his status as one of the industry’s most promising talents. Additionally, Altamash’s contributions to film soundtracks have earned him critical acclaim and numerous awards, including recognition from prestigious institutions within the music industry.

Personal Life:

Despite his busy schedule, Altamash Faridi remains grounded and dedicated to his craft. Known for his humility and passion for music, he continues to strive for excellence in every endeavor, constantly pushing the boundaries of his artistry. Outside of his professional pursuits, Altamash enjoys spending time with family and friends, finding solace in simple pleasures amidst the whirlwind of his musical career.

Legacy and Impact:

Altamash Faridi’s contributions to the Indian music industry have left an indelible mark, inspiring aspiring singers and music enthusiasts across the country. His ability to connect with audiences on an emotional level through his music has earned him a devoted fan base and secured his place among the industry’s elite talents. As he continues to evolve as an artist and explore new avenues of creative expression, Altamash Faridi remains a shining example of passion, perseverance, and musical excellence.

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