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Trademark Lyrics James 2022

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Trademark Lyrics James 2022

Trademark Lyrics from James is brand new Kannada song sung by Mc Vickey, Aditi Sagar, Chandan Shetty, Sharmila, Yuva Rajkumar, Charanraj and this latest song is featuring Puneeth Rajkumar, Priya Anand. Trademark song lyrics are penned down by Chethan Kumar while music is given by Charanraj and video has been also directed by Chethan Kumar.


“Trademark Lyrics James 2022” Song Info

Song Trademark
Movie James
Singer Mc Vickey, Aditi Sagar, Chandan Shetty, Sharmila, Yuva Rajkumar, Charanraj
Lyrics Chethan Kumar
Music Charanraj
Starring Puneeth Rajkumar, Priya Anand

Trademark Lyrics James 2022

Trademark Lyrics

Ivra Bagge Ninge Introduction Beka
Ivra Bagge Ninge Introduction Beka
Yella Heluthene Keli Keli
Sound Jasthi Maadole


Dhimmaku Yella Bittakku
Nodu Bandaythu Power Full Malikku
Ivra Mathugalu Yavatthigu Khadakku
Beda Kamakku Gimikku Chamkku Kirikku
Khadarrig Ivare King’u

Comparella Madkobeda
Bere Level’lu Kano
Competition Anthu Beda
Bere Level’lu Kano

Gundige Double Idhru
Ninage Trouble Kano
Aavaj Yella Beda Kelo

Style Gunu Smile Gunu Trademark
Speed Gunu Pride Gunu Trademark
Look Gunu Step Gunu Trademark
Josh Gunu Craze Gunu Trademark

Hey Nodo Nodo Nodo Nodo
Dhairyake Teaser
Fast & Furious Ivre Terminator

Kelo Kelo Kelo Kelo Kelo
Trigger Aadre Fire
Beast’u Mode Alli Ababba Terror

Tilko Maguvve Ivara Story Oh Ho
Kannadakke Rayabhaari Oh Ho
Mareyadange Odhko History
Ivre Nodu Holleva Merreva Jayabheri

Spiderman Superman Batman Oho
Antman Aquaman Ironman Oho
Yella Versions Ille Idhe
3D Alli Nodo

Fans’ge Ivare Godu

Game Gunu Fame Gunu Trademark
Brand Gunu Sound Gunu Trademark
Race Gunu Craze Gunu Trademark
Bazarigu Business ‘gu Trademark

Ondhu Kadinalli Ondhu Olle Simha
Yella Pranigaligunu
Badhukodakke Jaga Kottare

Avarige Countery
Yella Marethu Bittare
Advantage Tegedukondu
Gumpugala Kattodhe

Kalannu Yeleyodhe
Nanu Simha Nanu Simha
Antha Yella Mereyodhe


Kopagonda Simha Aavajannu Bittare
Yella Pranigalu Gupchup Aagodhe
Rochigeddu Kroriyagi Betegendhu Ilidare
Yella Pranigalu Yerra Birri Ododhe

Why Mama?

Simha Kiruchudre
Matra Kano Gharjane
King Is Always A King Mama


Nodo Nodo Nodo Nodo Ivru Single Mission
Aliyodakke Agodilla Ivra Vajan
All Time Ivraddhe Celebration
Calculation Beda Always No.1

Raja Raja Rajavamsha Oho
Hemme Paduwa Mutthinamsha Oho
Beegodilla Chhuru Manushya
Addada Sikkudre Yellanu Dhwamsa

Rambo Hook Hai Ghost Rider Oho
Thor Hulk Black Panther Oho
Yella Versions Ille Idhe
Side Alli Ninthu Nodo

Boos’ey Class Massu

Geluvigu Hurupigu Trademark
Gatthigu Gammatthigu Trademark
Maathigu Preethigu Trademark
Rules ‘gu Fans ‘gu Trademark

Dhimmaku Yella Bittakku
Nodu Bandaythu Power Full Malikku
Ivra Mathugalu Yavatthigu Khadakku
Beda Kamakku Gimikku Chamkku Kirikku
Khadarrig Ivare King’u


Written by: Chethan Kumar

Watch Trademark Lyrical Video Song – James 2022

James Movie Additional Information:

James: A Riveting Tale of Action, Intrigue, and Love


Overview and Plot Summary James, a 2022 Indian Kannada-language action drama film directed by Chethan Kumar, takes audiences on an adrenaline-fueled ride through the criminal underworld. Set against the vibrant backdrop of coastal Karnataka, this movie weaves together love, betrayal, and mystery. Let’s dive into the captivating world of James:

The Protagonist: Ram

  • Ram, portrayed by the charismatic Puneeth Rajkumar, is a powerful man working in a security agency named J-Wings.
  • His life takes an unexpected turn when he is assigned to provide security to an international drug mafia gangster.

The Enigmatic Janaki

  • Enter Janaki, played by the talented Priya Anand. She is resilient, mysterious, and holds secrets that could change everything.
  • As Ram and Janaki’s paths intersect, their love story unfolds amidst danger and intrigue.

The Crime Syndicates

  • The crime syndicate operating in Bangalore is divided into three factions:
    1. Golden Horse Syndicate: Owned by Joseph Anthony, who operates from Miami.
    2. Scorpion Syndicate: Owned by Rathanlal, operating from West Bengal.
    3. Gayakwad Syndicate: Owned by Jayadev Gayakwad and his son Vijay Gayakwad, operating in Bangalore.

Vijay’s Dilemma

  • Vijay Gayakwad finds himself in a life-threatening situation after unknown assailants sent by Joseph murder his father, Jayadev.
  • Joseph believes that Vijay killed his brothers and sent his son into a coma.

Santhosh Kumar: The Bodyguard

  • To protect his family, Vijay appoints Santhosh Kumar, the manager of J-Wings security agency, as his bodyguard.
  • Santhosh, also known as James, possesses exceptional skills and tactics.

The Unraveling Mystery

  • As James delves deeper into the case, he uncovers shocking truths.
  • The film keeps viewers guessing until the very end, with unexpected twists and turns.

Critical Acclaim and Box Office Success

  • James received rave reviews from critics, who praised its gripping narrative and Puneeth Rajkumar’s performance.
  • It broke records for opening day collections, grossing around ₹28 crore to ₹32 crore on the first day.
  • Within four days, it grossed ₹100 crore, becoming the second highest-grossing Kannada film at the time.


James is a fitting tribute to Puneeth Rajkumar, showcasing his talent and charisma. As the film unfolds, love, loyalty, and danger collide, leaving audiences spellbound.


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