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Vadda Jigra Lyrics Kabir Sandhu 2024

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Vadda Jigra Lyrics Kabir Sandhu 2024

Vadda Jigra Lyrics by Kabir Sandhu and Dilpreet Dhillon from TuneSlay Entertainment label. “Vadda Jigra” Punjabi song was composed by Desi Crew, with lyrics written by Gagana.

“Vadda Jigra Lyrics Kabir Sandhu 2024” Song Info
Label TuneSlay Entertainment
Singer(s) Kabir S
,  Dilpreet Dhillon
Lyricist(s) Gagana
Music Director(s) Desi Crew
Genre(s) Pop
Music Label © TuneSlay Entertainment

“Vadda Jigra Lyrics Kabir Sandhu 2024”

Vadda Jigra Lyrics

Je Aayi Utte Aage Piche Murhde Na Fer Ni
Gaddiyan Di Care Par Body’an Di Care Ni
Khaas Khaas Bandeyan Naal Miley Matt Mudh Ton
Feeling’an Te Peg Jane Khane Naal Share Ni

Haule Dilan Naal Hunde Purchase Na
Jo Tange Sand Sade Lakk Naal Ne

Vadda Jigra Te Jeb Khulli Chahidi
Je Shonk Rakhne Aa Jatt Naal De
Vadda Jigra Te Jeb Khulli Chahidi
Je Shonk Rakhne Aa Jatt Naal De

Ho Marzi De Maalak Ishareyan Te Turey Na
Sathon Note Bank’an Wale Locker’an Ch Jurhe Na
Aagi Jo Pasand Car Ghare Khadi Milugi
Agency’an Ton Test Drive’an Lai Ke Mude Na
Same Ainak Storan Ton Tan Milju
Robb Milne Ni Akh Naal De

Oh Vadda Jigra Te Jeb Khulli Chahidi
Je Shonk Rakhne Aa Jatt Naal De
Vadda Jigra Te Jeb Khulli Chahidi
Je Shonk Rakhne Aa Jatt Naal De

Thalle American Jeepan Kade Marwadi Ghodiyan
Bikanero Monthly Khurakan Aaon Kaodiyan
Yaaran Piche Gagana Ne Najithe Barhe Masle
Ranna Naal Baith Baith Tharkan Ni Bhoriyan

Yaari Sade Naal Laa Ke Ohi Katt De
Jo Bande Jma Sadi Mat Naal De

Vadda Jigra Te Jeb Khulli Chahidi
Je Shonk Rakhne Aa Jatt Naal De
Vadda Jigra Te Jeb Khulli Chahidi
Je Shonk Rakhne Aa Jatt Naal De

Sade Dikhde Status Ne Rifelan Chon Balliye
Ghardi Cup’an Ch Pendi Kettle’an Chon Balliye
Yaari Vichon Fayde Duje Alrhan De Phone’an Nu
Chak De Jatt Behke Mehfilan Chon Balliye

Daaba Maareya Sehnde Ni Saale Phone Te
Oh Tere Yaar Kauli Chatt Naal De

Vadda Jigra Te Jeb Khulli Chahidi
Je Shonk Rakhne Aa Jatt Naal De
Vadda Jigra Te Jeb Khulli Chahidi
Je Shonk Rakhne Aa Jatt Naal De

“Watch Vadda Jigra Video Song – Kabir Sandhu Dilpreet Dhillon 2024”


Kabir Sandhu Additional Information:

Kabir Sandhu, also known as Gulab Sidhu, is an Indian singer renowned for his captivating Punjabi songs. Let’s delve into his life and journey:

  • Birth and Early Life:
    • Gulab Sidhu was born on April 15, 1993, in the village of Pharwahi in Barnala, Punjab.
    • His zodiac sign is Aries.
    • He attended Sacred Heart Convent School in Barnala for his schooling up to the 10th standard.
    • Later, he enrolled at GGDSD College in Chandigarh but dropped out after failing an examination.
  • Physical Appearance and Tattoos:
    • Height: Approximately 5’8″.
    • Hair Color: Black.
    • Eye Color: Black.
    • Tattoos: Gulab Sidhu has several tattoos inked on his body:
      • Left bicep: A picture of Sidhu Moose Wala holding a mic.
      • Right bicep: The word ‘Dilbar’.
      • Right leg: Samoan design.
      • Right wrist: A snag (dried tree), birds, and a Spruce tree.
      • Left wrist: Hoplite, ‘Mom,’ and a flower.
  • Family and Caste:
    • He belongs to a Jatt Sikh family.
    • Gulab Sidhu has one sister.
  • Career Highlights:
    • In 2017, he made his debut with the Punjabi song “Parle Ji,” which garnered over 5 million views on YouTube.
    • On December 8, 2018, he released his first album titled “Munda Sidhua Da,” featuring songs like “Dhoka Te Teri Yaad,” “Star,” “Din Charhe Na Charhe,” “Jahangir Di Haveli,” and “Peg Te Hanju.”
    • He collaborated with popular singer Karan Aujla on the song “Enough” in 2018.
    • In 2020, Gulab Sidhu teamed up with the late singer Sidhu Moose Wala for the hit song “Bai Bai” (22 22), which trended at position #1 on YouTube with over 10 million views.
    • He continued to release several Punjabi songs, including “Pehla Gana,” “Sardarni,” “Bet,” “Taur Kadd Da,” “Suraj,” “Sappan De Ghar,” “Jahangir Di Haveli,” and “Panchhi.”
  • Trivia:
    • During his school days, his teacher encouraged him to sing at an annual function, where he performed the song “Peke Hunde Mawan Naal” by Punjabi singer Surjit Bindrakhiya.
    • Despite struggling with studies, his musical talent was recognized early on, leading to praise from the chief guest at the event.


2.Desi Crew Additional Information:

Desi Crew, the dynamic duo in the Punjabi music industry, comprises two talented individuals: Goldy Kahlon and Satpal Malhi. Let’s delve into their fascinating journey:

  1. Goldy Kahlon (Desi Crew):
    • Birth and Early Life:
      • Goldy Kahlon, also known as Desi Crew, was born on December 9 in Amritsar, Punjab, India.
      • He attended Sukhdarshan Institute of Music Production in Khanna, Ludhiana, Punjab.
      • His educational qualifications include a Master of Business Administration.
      • Goldy follows the Sikhism religion and belongs to the Jatt caste.
      • He enjoys reading and playing musical instruments.
      • Goldy is married to Sonia.
    • Career Highlights:
      • In 2013, Goldy made his debut as a music producer with the song “Shona Shona” by Miss Pooja.
      • He ventured into the film industry as a music producer with the movie “Daddy Cool Munde Fool” (2013).
      • Goldy’s singing career took off with the song “Dasi Na Mere Bare” in 2016.
      • Alongside Satpal Malhi, he formed the iconic Desi Crew and produced hit tracks like:
        • “Crazy Demands” (Happy Raikoti)
        • “Thar Te Baraat” (Dilpreet Dhillon)
        • “Bebe Di Pasand” (Jordan Sandhu)
        • “Bhabhi Thodi End Aa” (Resham Singh Anmol)
        • “Sardaari” (Rajir Jawanda)
        • “Gaal Ni Kadni” (Parmish Verma)
        • “Note Muqabla” (Goldy Kahlon himself)
    • Trivia:
      • Goldy’s journey began when he met Satpal Malhi, who was learning music production. Together, they established their studio for practice.
      • The name “Desi Crew” was suggested by lyricist Bunty Bains.
      • Goldy gained fame after featuring in the super hit song “Gulab” by Dilpreet Dhillon in 2015.
  2. Satpal Malhi (Desi Crew):
    • Satpal Malhi, the other half of Desi Crew, is also a prominent Punjabi music director.
    • He hails from Khanna, Punjab and shares a close friendship with Goldy Kahlon.
    • Satpal’s journey began when he immersed himself in music production.
    • Together with Goldy, he forms the powerful Desi Crew, creating magic in the music industry.

Desi Crew—a name synonymous with chart-topping hits and musical excellence!

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