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Doriye Song Lyrics Varun Jain

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Doriye Song Lyrics Varun Jain

Discover the enchanting Hindi song “Doriye” by Varun Jain and Nikhita Gandhi, featuring ADP’s mesmerizing music. Let the lyrics penned by Juno captivate you, while Lucky Dancer and Shweta Sharda grace the cast.

“Doriye Song Lyrics Varun Jain” Song Info
Song Doriye
Singer Varun Jain
,  Nikhita G
Musician ADP
Lyricist Juno
Cast Lucky Dancer, Shweta Sharda
Label(©) VYRL Originals

“Doriye Song Lyrics Varun Jain” 

Doriye Song Lyrics In English

Doriye doriye,
Dil ki doriye doriye,
Dil ki dor ye yun na todiye.

Doriye doriye,
Dil ki doriye doriye,
Dil ki dor ye yun na todiye.

Tu hi dawa,
Tu dua lage yaaram kabhi,
Teri hawaa,
Mein ghule marham sabhi.

Jodiye jodiye,
Naina jodiye jodiye,
Naina jod ke munh na modiye.

Doriye doriye,
Dil ki doriye doriye,
Dil ki dor ye yun na todiye.

Aaun na zara teri baaton mein,
Jazbaaton mein,
Jhoothe waadon me kabhi nahin.

Doobne ko dekho meri aankho me,
Yahaan lakhon mein mujhe kami nahin,
Dil ko teri is pal zarurat kam lage,
TU is dafa be-asar bedam lage.

Chhodiye chhodiye,
Seenazori ye zori ye,
Beqasoor ko yun na chhodiye.

Doriye doriye dil ki doriye doriye,
Dil ki dor ye yun na todiye.

Doriye Song Lyrics In Hindi

दोरिये दोरिये,
दिल की डोरिये डोरिये,
दिल की डोर ये यूं ना तोडिये.

दोरिये दोरिये,
दिल की डोरिये डोरिये,
दिल की डोर ये यूं ना तोडिये.

तू ही दावा,
तू दुआ लगे यारम कभी,
तेरी हवा,
मैं घुले मरहम सभी।

जोडिये जोडिये,
नैना जोडिये जोडिये,
नैना जोड़ के मुंह ना मोड़िए.

दोरिये दोरिये,
दिल की डोरिये डोरिये,
दिल की डोर ये यूं ना तोडिये.

औं ना जरा तेरी बातों में,
जज़्बातों में,
झूठे वादों में कभी नहीं.

डूबने को देखो मेरी आँखों में,
यहां लाखों में मुझे कमी नहीं,
दिल को तेरी इस पल ज़रूरी कम लगे,
तू दफ़ा बे-असर बेदम लगे।

छोड़िये छोड़िये,
सीनाज़ोरी ये ज़ोरी ये,
बेकसूर को यूं ना छोड़िए.

डोरिये डोरिये दिल की डोरिये डोरिये,
दिल की डोर ये यूं ना तोडिये.

Written by: Juno

“Watch Official Doriye Video Song – Varun Jain” 

1.Varun Jain Singer Additional Information:

Varun Jain: An artist who has made his mark in the entertainment industry, Varun Jain’s journey is worth exploring. Let’s delve into his background, career, and notable achievements.

Early Life and Background

Varun Jain was born on 15th April 1991 in Punjab, India. Raised in Mumbai, he embarked on his acting career in 2010 with the TV serial “Kaali – Ek Agnipariksha.” His talent and versatility have led him to play various roles in popular TV shows, including “Diya Aur Baati Hum,” “Mere Angne Mein,” “Pahredar Piya Ki,” and “Rista Likhenge Hum Naya.” Varun often portrays negative characters, leaving a lasting impact on viewers.

Acting Career

  • “Diya Aur Baati Hum”: Varun gained recognition for his portrayal of Mohit Rathi in this long-running TV serial. His performance resonated with the audience, showcasing his acting prowess.
  • Other TV Serials: Apart from “Diya Aur Baati Hum,” Varun has appeared in shows like “Kali Ek Agni Pariksha,” “Mere Angne Mein,” and “Pahredar Piya Ki.” His dedication to his craft has earned him a loyal fan base.

Personal Life

  • Relationships: Varun Jain was previously in a relationship with actress Nia Sharma. However, his current relationship status remains undisclosed.

Music Career

While Varun Jain is primarily known for his acting, there seems to be some confusion regarding his music career. It’s essential to clarify that there are two artists named Varun Jain associated with the entertainment industry:

  1. Varun Jain (Actor): The TV actor we’ve discussed above, known for his roles in various serials.
  2. Varun Jain (Singer): Unfortunately, detailed information about the singer Varun Jain is scarce. However, I can provide insights into another talented artist named Jain (born in France), who has made waves in the music world.

Jain (Singer)

  • Background: Jain was born on 7th February 1992 in Toulouse, France. Her mother has a mixed heritage, being half French and half Malagasy. Jain’s family moved extensively due to her father’s work in a French oil company.
  • Musical Journey: Jain learned to play the guitar at the age of 16 and developed a unique musical style. Despite being left-handed, she mastered playing the guitar right-handed. Her music blends elements of pop, reggae, and electronic sounds.
  • Notable Hits: Jain gained international acclaim with her hit singles “Come” and “Makeba.” Her debut album, “Zanaka,” received critical acclaim and showcased her distinctive voice and songwriting skills.
  • Global Recognition: Jain’s music transcends borders, resonating with audiences worldwide. Her energetic performances and captivating visuals have made her a rising star in the music industry.


While Varun Jain (the actor) continues to make waves on Indian television, Jain (the singer) has carved her niche on the global music scene. Both artists contribute to the vibrant world of entertainment, each in their unique way.

2.Nikhita Gandhi Singer Additional Information:

Nikhita Gandhi: An accomplished Indian playback singer, Nikhita Gandhi has made her mark in the music industry across various languages. Let’s delve into her fascinating journey.

Early Life and Background

  • Birth: Nikhita Gandhi was born on 1st October 1991 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India.
  • Multilingual Talent: She has worked in Indian films across five different languages: Tamil, Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, and Kannada.
  • Notable Tracks:
    • Nikhita sang as the face of Deepika Padukone in the title track “Raabta” for the movie “Raabta.”
    • Her duet song “Ullu Ka Pattha” with Arijit Singh from the film “Jagga Jasoos” became a hit.
    • She has lent her voice to several Hindi films, including “Sachin: A Billion Dreams,” “Jab Harry Met Sejal,” “Kedarnath,” “Luka Chuppi,” “Sooryavanshi,” and “Tiger 3.”
    • Nikhita has also sung in Bengali and Tamil movies, such as “Leo,” “Varisu,” “Cockpit,” and “Kishmish.”
    • Her songs “Aao Kabhi Haveli Pe” and “Poster Lagwa Do” gained popularity.
    • The song “Jugnu” with Badshah became a viral hit.

Musical Journey

  • Early Training: Nikhita learned Odissi dance and Hindustani music for almost 12 years while growing up.
  • Association with A. R. Rahman: She was a former student of A. R. Rahman’s K. M. College of Music and Technology. Her first association with Rahman was during an Indo-German exchange, where she performed with a choir alongside the German orchestra.
  • Breakthrough: Nikhita gained recognition by singing the song “Ladio” from director Shankar’s film “I” (2015). The song, composed by A. R. Rahman, earned critical acclaim.
  • Other Projects: In 2015, she worked on Rahman’s “O Kadhal Kanmani” and Anirudh’s “Thanga Magan.” Apart from film songs, she has performed with her band in Kerala and Kolkata.

Awards and Nominations

  • Nikhita was adjudged the Best Female Playback Singer at the Zee Cine Awards 2018 for the title track of “Raabta.”
  • She received nominations for the Best Playback Singer (Female) category at the 63rd Filmfare Awards for her song “Ghar” from “Jab Harry Met Sejal” and at the 3rd Filmfare Awards East for her Bengali song “Tomra Ekhono Ki” from “Meghnad Badh Rahasya.”

Nikhita Gandhi’s versatile talent continues to resonate with music lovers across languages and genres.

Here are five frequently asked questions related to the song “Doriye” by Varun Jain and Nikhita Gandhi:

1.Who are the singers of the song “Doriye”?

The song “Doriye” is sung by Varun Jain and Nikhita Gandhi.

2.Who composed the music for “Doriye”?

The music for “Doriye” is composed by ADP.

3.Who wrote the lyrics for the song?

The lyrics of “Doriye” are penned by JUNU.

4.Is there a music video for “Doriye”?

Yes, you can watch the music video of “Doriye” on the VYRLOriginals YouTube channel.

5.What is the theme of the song?

“Doriye” beautifully captures the essence of love and longing, emphasizing the unbreakable bond between hearts.

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