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Gulabi Gaal Lyrics Saaj Bhatt

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Gulabi Gaal Lyrics Saaj Bhatt

Discover the enchanting Hindi song “Gulabi Gaal” by Saaj Bhatt. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing music composed by Aniket Shukla and the heartfelt lyrics penned by the same talented artist.

“Gulabi Gaal Lyrics Saaj Bhatt” Song Info
Song Gulabi Gaal ( Hindi )
Singer Saaj Bhatt
Music Director Aniket Shukla
Lyricist Aniket Shukla
Composer Aniket Shukla
Label Voilà! Digi

“Gulabi Gaal Lyrics Saaj Bhatt”

Gulabi Gaal Lyrics in English

Shine meri aakhon mein shine
Ladki mujhe mili wine wine
Uske saare sapne mai poore karu
Badle mei degi time time

Ho jee kare uske godh mein letu aur
Khelu mai uske curly se baal
Gori gori si ladki aur gulabi hai gaal
Uska simple hai suit par dupatta bawaal
Gori gori si ladki aur gulabi hai gaal
Uska simple hai suit par dupatta bawaal

Chaandni si raaton mei haath uska haathon mei
Long walk pe leke jaaunga baaton mei baaton mei
Uski har baaton mei apna hi naam mai paaunga

Chhodke mai saare kaam pick karu
Jab bhi vo mujhko karegi call
Ghar pe khilaau ya bahar chale
Aise hum dono mei honge sawaal

Ho uski mai jhuk kar karu thik saree ki fall
Gori gori si ladki aur gulabi hai gaal
Uska simple hai suit par dupatta bawaal
Gori gori si ladki aur gulabi hai gaal
Uska simple hai suit par dupatta bawaal

Jitne bhi the dost saare mere liye chhode saare
Aisi ladki na mujhe kahi bhi milegi
Meethi jaise shakkar paare kaan kheech thappad maare
Aaye mushkilein toh saath na chhodegi

Ho jabse kadam uske zindagi mei pade
Acchaaiyon mein meri aaya uchaal
Gori gori si ladki aur gulabi hai gaal
Uska simple hai suit par dupatta bawaal
Gori gori si ladki aur gulabi hai gaal
Uska simple hai suit par dupatta bawaal

In return of the saare punya
Badi soni mujhe mili kanya
Bhagya mere hue dhanya
Saare bole bole bole oh yeah oh yeah

Gulabi Gaal Lyrics in Hindi

शाइन मेरी आँखों में शाइन
लड़की मुझे मिली वाइन वाइन
उसके सारे सपने मैं पूरे करु
बदले में देगी टाइम टाइम

हो जी करे उसके गोद में लेटू और
खेलू में उसके कर्ली से बाल
गोरी गोरी सी लड़की और गुलाबी है गाल
उसका सिंपल है सूट पर दुपट्टा बवाल
गोरी गोरी सी लड़की और गुलाबी है गाल
उसका सिंपल है सूट पर दुपट्टा बवाल

चाँदनी सी रातों में हाथ उसका हाथों में
लॉन्ग वॉक पे लेके जाऊँगा बातों में बातों में
उसकी हर बातों में अपना ही नाम पाऊंगा

छोड़के मैं सारे काम पिक करू
जब भी वो मुझको करेगी कॉल
घर पे खिलाऊ या बाहर चले
ऐसे हम दोनो में होंगे सवाल

हो उसकी मैं झुक कर ठीक साड़ी की फॉल
गोरी गोरी सी लड़की और गुलाबी है गाल
उसका सिंपल है सूट पर दुपट्टा बवाल
गोरी गोरी सी लड़की और गुलाबी है गाल
उसका सिंपल है सूट पर दुपट्टा बवाल

जितने भी थे दोस्त सारे मेरे लिए छोड़े सारे
ऐसी लड़की ना मुझे कहीं भी मिलेगी
मीठी जैसे शक्कर पारे कान खींचे थप्पड़ मारे
आए मुश्किलें तो साथ ना छोड़ेगी

हो जबसे कदम उसकी जिंदगी में पड़े
अच्छाईयों में मेरी आया उछाल
गोरी गोरी सी लड़की और गुलाबी है गाल
उसका सिंपल है सूट पर दुपट्टा बवाल
गोरी गोरी सी लड़की और गुलाबी है गाल
उसका सिंपल है सूट पर दुपट्टा बवाल

इन रिटर्न ऑफ़ ध सारे पुण्य
बड़ी सोणी मुझे मिली कन्या
भाग्य मेरे हुए धन्य
सारे बोले बोले बोले ओह येह ओह येह

“Watch Official Gulabi Gaal Music Video – Saaj Bhatt”

Saaj Bhatt: The Melodic Journey of a Rising Star


Saaj Bhatt, an emerging sensation in the Indian music scene, is celebrated for his captivating voice, innovative compositions, and emotional depth in his music. Born on January 5, 1995, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, Saaj’s musical journey is a testament to his passion, perseverance, and dedication. This comprehensive biography explores the life and career of Saaj Bhatt, delving into his early years, rise to fame, notable achievements, personal life, and his enduring impact on the music industry.

Early Life and Background

Family and Upbringing

Saaj Bhatt was born into a musically inclined family. His parents, Rajesh Bhatt and Meena Bhatt, were both music enthusiasts who nurtured his love for music from an early age. Growing up in Mumbai, a city known for its vibrant cultural and musical scene, Saaj was surrounded by diverse musical influences, ranging from classical Indian music to contemporary Bollywood tunes.

Education and Initial Exposure to Music

Saaj’s early education took place at St. Xavier’s High School in Mumbai. Even as a child, he showed a keen interest in music, often participating in school events and local talent shows. His performances were well-received, and he quickly became known in his community for his singing prowess.

Recognizing his potential, Saaj’s parents arranged for him to receive formal training in classical music. Under the mentorship of Ustad Aslam Khan, a renowned classical vocalist, Saaj honed his skills in vocal techniques, ragas, and traditional Indian music. This training provided him with a solid foundation and deepened his understanding of music theory and performance.

After completing his schooling, Saaj pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Mumbai. During his college years, he continued to perform at various cultural events and festivals, gaining valuable stage experience and expanding his musical horizons.

Musical Beginnings

Early Performances and Recognition

In 2013, Saaj Bhatt began performing at local events, weddings, and college festivals. His energetic and heartfelt performances quickly gained popularity, and he started building a loyal fan base. Saaj’s charismatic stage presence and powerful voice became the hallmark of his shows, attracting attention from music producers and industry professionals.

Breakthrough Single

Saaj’s breakthrough came with the release of his debut single, “Ranjha,” in 2017. The song, a poignant ballad about love and loss, resonated with listeners and quickly went viral on social media platforms. Its catchy melody and relatable lyrics made it an instant hit, catapulting Saaj into the limelight and marking the beginning of his professional music career.

Rise to Fame

Hit Singles and Albums

Following the success of “Ranjha,” Saaj Bhatt released a series of hit singles that cemented his status as a rising star in the Indian music industry. Songs like “Tere Bina,” “Dil Dhadke,” and “Hawa” showcased his versatility and ability to connect with audiences through his music.

In 2019, Saaj released his debut album, “Saaj – The Beginning,” which featured a mix of romantic ballads, upbeat dance tracks, and introspective songs. The album received critical acclaim and commercial success, establishing Saaj as a significant force in the music industry. Tracks like “Pyar Hai Tumse” and “Tum Hi Ho” became chart-toppers and were widely appreciated for their lyrical depth and musical innovation.

Collaborations and Major Works

Saaj Bhatt’s collaborations with other prominent artists and musicians further expanded his musical repertoire and reach. He worked with renowned music directors like Mithoon, Amaal Mallik, and Pritam, creating memorable hits that dominated the music charts.

One of Saaj’s most notable collaborations was with singer and actress Neha Kakkar on the song “Dil Se.” The song’s music video, featuring both artists, became a massive hit and garnered millions of views on YouTube. The chemistry between Saaj and Neha, combined with the song’s catchy tune, made it a fan favorite.

Music Videos and Visual Storytelling

Saaj Bhatt’s music videos played a crucial role in his rise to fame. Known for their high production values and engaging storylines, his videos added a visual dimension to his music, making his songs even more impactful. The music video for “Ranjha,” directed by prominent filmmaker Arvindr Khaira, was particularly iconic, portraying a touching story of love and heartbreak.

Achievements and Accolades

Awards and Recognition

Saaj Bhatt’s contributions to the Indian music industry have been recognized with several awards and accolades. Some of his notable achievements include:

  1. Mirchi Music Award for Best New Artist (2018) – For his debut single “Ranjha.”
  2. Filmfare Award for Best Music Video (2019) – For the song “Dil Se.”
  3. IIFA Award for Listener’s Choice Song of the Year (2020) – For the song “Tere Bina.”

These awards reflect Saaj’s growing influence and popularity in the music industry, as well as his ability to connect with audiences through his heartfelt music.

Concerts and Live Performances

Saaj Bhatt’s live performances have been a significant part of his career. He has performed at numerous concerts and music festivals across India and abroad, captivating audiences with his energetic and soulful performances. Some of his notable performances include:

  1. Sunburn Festival (2019) – A major event that showcased the best of Indian and international music talent.
  2. Bollywood Music Project (2020) – One of India’s largest music festivals, where Saaj performed alongside top Bollywood and independent artists.
  3. UK Tour (2021) – A successful tour that included performances in major cities such as London, Birmingham, and Manchester, attracting a large audience of Indian music fans.

Personal Life and Interests

Family and Relationships

Despite his rising fame, Saaj Bhatt remains grounded and close to his family. He often credits his parents and siblings for their unwavering support and encouragement throughout his musical journey. Saaj’s personal life, including his relationships, is relatively private, and he prefers to keep it away from the public eye.

Hobbies and Passions

Beyond music, Saaj has a variety of interests and hobbies. He is an avid traveler and often explores new places, drawing inspiration from different cultures and experiences. He is also passionate about fitness and maintains a rigorous workout routine to stay in shape.

Saaj is actively involved in social causes and uses his platform to raise awareness about important issues. He has participated in several charity events and initiatives, supporting causes related to education, health, and environmental conservation.

Legacy and Impact

Influence on Indian Music

Saaj Bhatt’s impact on the Indian music industry is undeniable. He has brought a fresh and contemporary sound to traditional Indian music, appealing to both young and older audiences. His ability to blend different musical styles and genres has set him apart as a unique and innovative artist.

Mentorship and Support for Emerging Artists

Saaj is committed to nurturing new talent in the music industry. He has mentored several emerging artists and musicians, providing them with guidance and opportunities to showcase their talent. Through his record label, Bhatt Music, he has launched and promoted the careers of promising young artists.

Future Projects and Aspirations

As Saaj continues to evolve as an artist, he has several exciting projects in the pipeline. He is working on a new album that promises to explore new musical territories and push the boundaries of Indian music. Additionally, he plans to collaborate with international artists and producers, bringing a global perspective to his music.

Saaj also aims to expand his presence in the film industry, both as a playback singer and a music composer. His goal is to create music that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers, reaching audiences worldwide.


Saaj Bhatt’s journey from a young boy with a passion for music to a celebrated singer and performer is a testament to his talent, hard work, and dedication. His soulful voice, captivating melodies, and heartfelt lyrics have touched the hearts of millions, making him one of the most beloved artists in the Indian music industry.

As Saaj continues to create and inspire, his legacy will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the world of music. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring musicians and a reminder that with passion and perseverance, dreams can indeed come true.

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