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Heer Song Lyrics PSK

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Heer Song Lyrics PSK

Explore the soulful Punjabi song “Heer” by PSK, with lyrics penned by Gur Sohal and music composed by Unlucky.

“Heer Song Lyrics PSK” Song Info
Song Heer ( Pujabi )
Singer PSK
Lyricist Gur Sohal
Music Unlucky
Producer Pinky Dhaliwal
Label Mad 4 Music

“Heer Song Lyrics PSK”

Heer Song Lyrics

Hassdi Main Vekhi
Jaan Kad Di Main Dekhi
Tikhe Akh Da ishara Sohniye Ni
Tere Galan Vale Toye Bade Fabbde Ne
Sanu Bade Jachde Ne
Ni Tu Jagh Toh Bachala Sohniyee
Ni Gora Rang Tera
Mehkan Phull Gulaabi Aee
Allah Vareya
Oh Allah Vareya
Kya Heer Main Payi Aee
Tu Ki Jaane Ni
Oh Tu Ki Jaane Ni
Main Jaan Gavayi Aee
Allah Vareya

Zindagi Di Suni Ik Baat Hogyi
Tenu Vekhya Te Pehli Mulaqat Hogyi
Shama Lange Tere Nal
Bula Utte Tera Naam
Pta Lagge Hi Na Kado Kaali Raat Hogyi
Ni Tere Kanna Wale Jhumke Kamaal Kare Ni
Chale Tu Te Hawa Vich Tere Vaal Udde Ni

Tera Kara Main Fikar Hoke Poora Befikar
Tu Hi Sohni Na ki Sanu bakamaal Lagge Ni
Sohni Na ki Sanu bakamaal Lagge Ni

Ni Gora Rang Tera
Karda Ae Tang Jehra
Han Han Ki Sifat Kara
Tu Husan Hi Jagg Da Paeya
Chaeya Kehar Tera
Tu Jitho Ayi Ae
Allah Vareya
Oh Allah Vareya
Kya Heer Main Payi Aee
Tu Ki Jaane Ni
Oh Tu Ki Jaane Ni
Main Jaan Gavayi Aee
Allah Vareya
Oh Allah Vareya
Kya Heer Main Payi Aee
Tu Ki Jaane Ni
Oh Tu Ki Jaane Ni
Main Jaan Gavayi Aee,
Allah Vareya
Oh Allah Vareya
Oh Allah Vareyaaa

“Watch Official Heer Music Video – PSK” 

PSK Singer Additional Information:

Early Life and Background

Childhood and Family PSK, born on November 15, 1992, in Ludhiana, Punjab, India, comes from a modest family with a deep appreciation for music and culture. Growing up in a region known for its vibrant musical heritage, PSK was surrounded by traditional Punjabi music, which had a profound influence on his upbringing. His parents, although not musicians themselves, were avid music enthusiasts and supported his early musical interests.

Education and Early Musical Training PSK attended local schools in Ludhiana, where he excelled academically while nurturing his passion for music. His early exposure to music came through school events and local cultural programs. Recognizing his potential, his parents encouraged him to pursue formal training in music. He began learning classical music under the guidance of a local teacher, which helped him develop a strong foundation in music theory and vocal techniques.

Career Beginnings

Initial Struggles PSK’s path to becoming a renowned singer was fraught with challenges. Despite his talent and dedication, breaking into the highly competitive Punjabi music industry required perseverance and resilience. He faced numerous rejections and financial constraints but remained undeterred. He performed at small local events and community gatherings, gradually building a reputation for his unique voice and musical style.

First Breakthrough PSK’s breakthrough came with his debut single “Challa,” released in 2015. The song quickly gained popularity on social media platforms and among the youth, thanks to its catchy lyrics and infectious beats. This initial success provided PSK with the recognition he needed, leading to more significant opportunities in the music industry.

Rise to Prominence

Signature Style PSK is known for his distinctive musical style, which blends traditional Punjabi folk elements with contemporary beats and influences from hip-hop and pop music. His deep, resonant voice and charismatic stage presence have become his trademarks, setting him apart from other artists in the genre. PSK’s ability to tell compelling stories through his music has garnered him a loyal fanbase.

Key Songs and Albums Following the success of “Challa,” PSK released several other hit songs, including “Punjabiyan Di Shaan,” “Yaaran Da Group,” and “Saddi Jind.” Each track showcased his versatility and knack for creating memorable, impactful music. His debut album, PSK Revolution, released in 2017, solidified his position in the Punjabi music scene. The album featured a mix of high-energy tracks and soulful melodies, appealing to a wide audience.

Collaborations PSK has collaborated with various artists and producers, further enhancing his musical repertoire. Notable collaborations include working with renowned Punjabi singer Diljit Dosanjh on the track “Desi Crew,” which became an instant hit. These collaborations have not only expanded his musical horizons but also introduced him to new audiences.

Personal Life

Family and Relationships Despite his rising fame, PSK remains grounded and close to his roots. He attributes much of his success to the unwavering support of his family, particularly his parents, who encouraged his musical aspirations from a young age. PSK is known to keep his personal life private, focusing primarily on his career and artistic growth.

Hobbies and Interests Outside of music, PSK has a keen interest in sports, particularly cricket, a popular sport in India. He often attends local cricket matches and supports initiatives aimed at promoting the sport. Additionally, he enjoys traveling and exploring different cultures, which he believes enriches his music and provides fresh inspiration.

Legacy and Impact

Influence on Punjabi Music PSK’s contribution to Punjabi music is significant. He has introduced a fresh, modern sound while staying true to the rich cultural heritage of Punjab. His music has inspired a new generation of artists to experiment with different genres and styles, pushing the boundaries of traditional Punjabi music.

Social Impact and Philanthropy PSK is actively involved in philanthropic activities, using his platform to raise awareness about various social issues. He supports initiatives focused on education, healthcare, and the empowerment of underprivileged communities in Punjab. His commitment to giving back to society has endeared him to fans and added another dimension to his public persona.

Awards and Recognition

Accolades PSK’s talent and hard work have been recognized with numerous awards and accolades. He has won several prestigious awards, including the Best New Artist award at the PTC Punjabi Music Awards and the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Album. His songs consistently top music charts, reflecting his widespread popularity and the impact of his work.



  • PSK Revolution (2017): The debut album that established PSK as a prominent figure in the Punjabi music industry. It features a mix of energetic tracks and soulful ballads.
  • Desi Beat (2019): An album that showcases PSK’s versatility and growth as an artist, featuring collaborations with other well-known artists.

Hit Singles

  • “Challa” (2015): The debut single that catapulted PSK to fame.
  • “Punjabiyan Di Shaan” (2016): A high-energy track that became an anthem for many fans.
  • “Yaaran Da Group” (2018): A collaboration with Diljit Dosanjh that received critical acclaim.

Future Prospects

Upcoming Projects PSK continues to work on new music, constantly pushing the envelope and exploring new musical territories. He has hinted at collaborations with international artists, aiming to bring Punjabi music to a global audience. His fans eagerly await his upcoming projects, anticipating more groundbreaking music from the talented artist.

Expansion into Other Media In addition to his music career, PSK has expressed interest in exploring other forms of media, including acting and production. He believes that storytelling is at the heart of his artistry and sees these ventures as extensions of his creative expression.


PSK’s journey from a passionate young boy in Punjab to a celebrated singer is a testament to his talent, determination, and resilience. His unique blend of traditional and contemporary music has not only made him a household name in the Punjabi music industry but also earned him a place in the hearts of fans worldwide. With his continued dedication to his craft and commitment to social causes, PSK’s legacy is poised to inspire future generations of artists and music lovers alike.

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