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Naina Yeh Chaahe Song Lyrics Raj Barman

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Naina Yeh Chaahe Song Lyrics Raj Barman

Discover the soulful Hindi song “Naina Yeh Chaahe” by Raj Barman. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing music composed by Jeet Gannguli and the heartfelt lyrics penned by Manoj Ram Prasad Yadav.

“Naina Yeh Chaahe Song Lyrics Raj Barman” Song Info
Song Naina Yeh Chaahe ( Hindi )
Singers Raj Barman
Music Directors Jeet Gannguli
Lyricists Manoj Ram Prasad Yadav
Director Rhythm Sanadhya
Produced Zee Music Company
Label Zee Music Company

“Naina Yeh Chaahe Song Lyrics Raj Barman”

Naina Yeh Chaahe Song Lyrics in Hindi

नैना ये चाहे तुझे बस देखना
नैना ये चाहे तुझे बस देखना
चेहरे से तेरे एक पल भी ना
कोई भी दूरी चाहे ये ना

नैना ये चाहे तुझे बस देखना
नैना ये चाहे तुझे बस देखना

इश्क में तेरे ऐसे रंगे हैं
पानी में जैसे रंग गुले हैं
केहने को तो ये मेरे हैं
और मेरे ना बस तेरे हैं

नैना ये चाहे तुझे बस देखना
नैना ये चाहे तुझे बस देखना
चेहरे से तेरे एक पल भी ना
कोई भी दूरी चाहे ये ना

नैना ये चाहे तुझे बस देखना
नैना ये चाहे तुझे बस देखना

Naina Yeh Chaahe Song Lyrics In English

Naina yeh chaahe tujhe bas dekhna
Naina yeh chaahe tujhe bas dekhna
Chehre se tere ek pal bhi naa
Koi bhi doori chahe yeh naa

Naina yeh chaahe tujhe bas dekhna
Naina yeh chaahe tujhe bas dekhna

Ishq me tere aise range hein
Pani mein jaise rang gule hein
Kehne ko to yeh mere hein
Aur mere naa bas tere hein

Naina yeh chaahe tujhe bas dekhna
Naina yeh chaahe tujhe bas dekhna
Chehre se tere ek pal bhi naa
Koi bhi doori chahe ye naa

Naina yeh chaahe tujhe bas dekhna
Naina yeh chaahe tujhe bas dekhna

“Watch Naina Yeh Chaahe Music Video – Raj Barman”

Raj Barman Singer Additional Information:

1. Introduction

Raj Barman, born on October 30, 1994, in Kolkata, India, is a versatile playback singer, YouTube sensation, and digital content creator. With his melodious voice and exceptional ability to connect with audiences, Raj has carved a niche for himself in the Indian music industry. His journey from singing covers on YouTube to becoming a recognized playback singer in Bollywood is a testament to his talent and dedication.

2. Early Life

Raj Barman was born into a middle-class Bengali family in Kolkata. His father, a music enthusiast, introduced him to the world of music at a young age. Encouraged by his parents, Raj began his musical training early, learning classical music and honing his skills in various instruments, including the guitar and piano.

Growing up, Raj was influenced by a diverse range of musical genres, from classical Indian music to contemporary Bollywood songs. This eclectic exposure helped shape his versatile singing style. His participation in school and local singing competitions further nurtured his passion for music.

3. Journey to Fame

Raj Barman’s journey to fame began with his decision to leverage social media to showcase his talent. In 2014, he started his YouTube channel, where he posted covers of popular Bollywood songs. His soulful renditions and unique style quickly caught the attention of music lovers, leading to a steady rise in his popularity.

One of Raj’s breakthrough moments came with his cover of the song “Tum Hi Ho” from the movie “Aashiqui 2.” The cover went viral, amassing millions of views and establishing Raj as a rising star on YouTube. His ability to infuse new life into popular songs and his emotive singing style resonated with a wide audience.

4. Rise to Prominence

Raj Barman’s rise to prominence was marked by his consistent output of high-quality covers and mashups. He collaborated with other popular YouTubers and musicians, expanding his reach and gaining more subscribers. His covers of songs like “Dil Diyan Gallan,” “Bekhayali,” and “Tum Mile” became immensely popular, further solidifying his position as a leading cover artist on YouTube.

In addition to his YouTube success, Raj began to receive offers from the Bollywood music industry. His first major break in playback singing came with the song “Pehla Nasha Once Again” for the movie “Kuchh Bheege Alfaaz” (2018). This opportunity allowed Raj to showcase his talent on a larger platform and marked the beginning of his transition from a YouTube artist to a mainstream playback singer.

5. Career Highlights and Major Hits

Raj Barman’s career highlights include a series of successful songs and collaborations. His rendition of “Tera Ban Jaunga” from the movie “Kabir Singh” received widespread acclaim and became a significant milestone in his career. Other notable hits include “Phir Mulaaqat” from the movie “Why Cheat India” and “Main Tera Boyfriend” from “Raabta.”

Raj’s ability to deliver soulful and emotive performances has made him a favorite among music directors and composers. His versatility allows him to excel in various genres, from romantic ballads to peppy dance numbers. His consistency and dedication to his craft have earned him a loyal fanbase and numerous accolades.

6. Collaborations and Contributions

Raj Barman’s collaborations extend beyond the Bollywood music industry. He has worked with prominent music directors like Jeet Gannguli, Tanishk Bagchi, and Mithoon. His ability to adapt to different musical styles and his willingness to experiment have led to successful partnerships and memorable songs.

In addition to his work in Bollywood, Raj continues to be an active presence on YouTube, collaborating with other popular YouTubers and musicians. His duets with singers like Jonita Gandhi, Shirley Setia, and Sanam Puri have been well-received, showcasing his ability to harmonize and blend his voice with others.

Raj’s contributions to independent music and digital content have made him a significant figure in the Indian music scene. He has participated in numerous live performances and concerts, both in India and internationally, further expanding his reach and influence.

7. Musical Style and Artistry

Raj Barman’s musical style is characterized by its versatility, emotive depth, and technical precision. His classical training provides a strong foundation, allowing him to navigate complex compositions with ease. His voice is known for its clarity, pitch accuracy, and the ability to convey a wide range of emotions.

Influenced by legendary singers like Kishore Kumar, Arijit Singh, and Sonu Nigam, Raj has developed a unique vocal style that blends traditional and contemporary elements. His ability to switch seamlessly between different genres and his knack for adding a personal touch to his performances set him apart from his contemporaries.

8. Personal Life

Despite his public persona, Raj Barman maintains a relatively private personal life. He shares a close bond with his family, who have been a constant source of support and encouragement throughout his career. Raj often credits his parents for their unwavering belief in his talent and their role in his musical journey.

Balancing his personal life with a demanding career has its challenges, but Raj’s dedication to music and his disciplined approach help him manage both effectively. Outside of music, he enjoys spending time with friends and family, exploring new genres, and engaging in activities that allow him to unwind and relax.

9. Challenges and Controversies

Raj Barman’s journey to success has not been without its challenges. The initial struggle to gain recognition, the pressures of maintaining consistency, and the ever-evolving dynamics of the music industry have been significant hurdles. Additionally, dealing with the scrutiny that comes with being a public figure has its own set of challenges.

Despite these obstacles, Raj has managed to navigate his career with resilience and determination. His focus on his craft and his ability to adapt to changing trends have helped him overcome various challenges and continue to grow as an artist.

10. Legacy and Influence

Raj Barman’s impact on Indian music and digital platforms is substantial. His journey from a YouTube cover artist to a recognized playback singer in Bollywood serves as an inspiration to aspiring musicians. His success story highlights the potential of digital platforms in discovering and nurturing new talent.

Raj’s influence extends to future generations of artists who look up to him for his dedication to music and his innovative approach to creating content. His contributions to both traditional and contemporary music ensure that his legacy will be remembered for years to come.

11. Philanthropy and Social Contributions

Raj Barman is also known for his philanthropic efforts. He has been involved in various charitable activities and uses his platform to support causes close to his heart. His contributions to social causes reflect his commitment to giving back to the community and making a positive impact beyond his musical career.

12. Awards and Recognitions

Raj Barman has received several awards and accolades throughout his career. His contributions to music have been recognized by prestigious institutions, and he has been nominated for and won several awards for his playback singing and digital content.

Critics and audiences alike have praised Raj for his unique voice and emotive singing style. His ability to convey deep emotions through his music has garnered him a loyal fanbase, and his performances are often lauded for their technical excellence and heartfelt delivery.

13. Conclusion

Raj Barman’s journey is a testament to his talent, hard work, and resilience. From his early days in Kolkata to becoming a national icon, his story is one of perseverance and dedication. His contributions to Indian music, his influence on aspiring artists, and his philanthropic efforts highlight his multifaceted legacy.

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