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Power Song Lyrics Sahil Dhull

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Power Song Lyrics Sahil Dhull

Explore the powerful Haryanvi song “Power” by Sahil Dhull & Filmy. Featuring Sahil Dhull & Filmy, with music by Avee and lyrics by Filmy.

“Power Song Lyrics Sahil Dhull” Song Info
Song Power (Haryanvi)
Singer Sahil Dhull
,  Filmy
Starring Sahil Dhull
,  Filmy
Music Avee
Lyrics Filmy
Producer Dinesh Kumar (Dinesh Golan)
Director Anishh 2.0
Lable Real Music

“Power Song Lyrics Sahil Dhull” 

Power Song Lyrics In English

Ho jadd maregi patake gadi aali headlights aankh
futni to noraml baat ha
Jaa tu kaate aaali jhadiya ta devagi gulaab aaas tutni to normal baat ha
Yaar kaata ha faradi inn pahada mein tu dekh
Aaare picnic Summer vocation mein ni

Yaar power mein
Yaar power mein rahva ha relation mein ni yaar power mein
Yaar power mein rahva ha relation mein ni yaar power mein
Yaar power mein

Gandhi maara ha dhaad goj ta
mana kaadh goj ta
Aaj khulka udaa de mana
Dashboard ta bandook bolla ha
Mera khoon khola ha
Araa kitta to chala de mana
Billo shine bhot mara tera koka naak ka
Tera husan mayavi sa ya dhoka aankh ka
Chora lerya gadi kaali vo chali lakh aali
Aur kaam karya rakha uppa 12 laakh ka
Ra ye Desia ki Rail Gadi Holi sa Ravaana
Rail Rukegi ya kisa bhi Station pa Nii

Yaar power mein rahva ha relation mein ni yaar power mein
Yaar power mein rahva ha relation mein ni yaar power mein

Makha Yaar pa to behisab dhara lagari ha
Aur ek do bhi koni das baara lagri ha
Gadi aslya ya load tyree kaat rhee ha road
Kand hon ki sambhavna dobara lagri ha
Ho Road pada mahra kafila chunavi relleya mein
Rajniti basa khoon ma ra yaar belliya mein
Dhole latta mein rahva ha yaar satta Mein rahva ha
Chore charcha ka vishya dekh teri sehlia mein
Makha kutte billi paal baby
Bhem kyati pallla
Mahare barga to pure nation mein ni

Yaar Power Mein Rahva Ha Realtion Mein Nii
Yaar Power Mein Rahva Ha Realtion Mein Nii
Yaar Power Mein Rahva Ha Realtion Mein Nii

“Watch Official Power Music Video – Sahil Dhull”

Sahil Dhull Singer Additional Information:

Sahil Dhull is a talented Haryanvi singer, lyricist, and composer. Let’s dive into some details about him:

  1. Background and Journey:
    • Sahil Dhull hails from Chandigarh, India.
    • He has made a significant impact in the Haryanvi music scene with his unique style and soulful voice.
    • Sahil’s journey began with a passion for singing, and he has worked hard to establish himself as a prominent artist.
  2. Notable Songs:
    • Sahil Dhull has released several hit songs that resonate with audiences. Here are a couple of his notable tracks:
      • “Gaadi Tere Yaar Ki”: A collaboration with Sumit Parta, this song is a catchy Haryanvi track that has garnered millions of views on YouTube.
      • “Jaatan Mein Fasgi”: Featuring Pragati, this song showcases Sahil’s versatility and musical prowess.
  3. Podcast Interview:
    • Sahil Dhull was featured in an interview on The Haryanvi Podcast where he discussed Haryanvi songs, music production, and his artistic journey.
    • You can find more about Sahil Dhull on his YouTube channel and follow him on Instagram.
  4. Emerging Sensation:
    • Sahil Dhull, along with his group Filmy Power, has become an emerging sensation in Haryanvi music.
    • Their fusion of traditional elements with contemporary sounds has captivated listeners and is available on various digital platforms.

Keep an eye out for Sahil Dhull’s upcoming projects, as he continues to make waves in the music industry!

Sahil Dhull’s musical influences are deeply rooted in the rich cultural heritage of Haryanvi music. He draws inspiration from traditional folk melodies and infuses them with contemporary beats to create a unique sound that resonates with the youth. His work often showcases a blend of modern and rustic elements, reflecting the evolving landscape of regional music.

In his interview on The Haryanvi Podcast, Sahil Dhull shared insights into his musical journey, discussing how he started singing and his approach to entering the Haryanvi music industry. He also talked about the importance of staying true to one’s roots while experimenting with new styles and sounds.

Moreover, Sahil Dhull collaborates with various artists and producers to broaden his musical horizons. For instance, his recent work with Filmy Power demonstrates a fusion of traditional Haryanvi elements with hip-hop beats, highlighting his versatility as an artist.

It’s clear that Sahil Dhull is not only influenced by the traditional music of Haryana but also by the global music scene, which allows him to create a distinctive style that appeals to a wide audience. Keep an eye on his social media platforms and interviews to learn more about his artistic process and upcoming projects!

Sahil Dhull, being a prominent figure in the Haryanvi music scene, likely has a deep appreciation for the traditional folk songs of the region. While specific details about his personal favorite folk songs aren’t publicly documented, we can infer that his own music, which often blends traditional Haryanvi elements with modern sounds, reflects his respect and love for the genre.

Some classic Haryanvi folk songs that have influenced many artists in the region and could be among his favorites might include:

  • “Jija Tu Kala”: A traditional Haryanvi song that is popular at weddings and celebrations.
  • “Mera Dhol Kuve Main Latke Se”: Another folk hit that is often played during festive occasions.
  • “Kissa Roop Basant”: A narrative song that tells the story of Roop Basant, a popular folklore in Haryana.

Artists like Sahil Dhull often draw inspiration from such traditional songs and reimagine them in their own style to create new music that resonates with the contemporary audience while still honoring the cultural heritage. To get a sense of his musical influences, you might want to listen to his songs like “Jaatan Mein Fasgi” and “Gaadi Tere Yaar Ki”, which showcase a modern take on the Haryanvi folk sound.

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