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Ranjna Lyrics Karan Randhawa 2024

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Ranjna Lyrics Karan Randhawa 2024

Ranjna Lyrics by Karan Randhawa is brand new Punjabi song from Album Loverboy and music of this latest song is given by Meavin. Ranjna (Ranjhana) song lyrics are penned down by Micheal while music video has been released by Geet Mp3.

“Ranjna Lyrics Karan Randhawa 2024” Song Info
Song Ranjna
Album Loverboy
Singer Karan Randhawa
Lyrics Micheal
Music Meavin
Label GeetMP3

“Ranjna Lyrics Karan Randhawa 2024”

Ranjna Lyrics English

Talliyan Talliyan Talliyan Ve
Talliyan Talliyan Talliyan
Oontha Ne Gall Kehan Diyan
Boohe Baariyan Sajjna Ve
Hunn Talliyan Re

Haaye Kaisi Bewafai
Saanu Sek Vi Na Lagge
Kolon Langhda Peya Te
Saanu Vekh Vi Na Langhe

Hunde Na Sringar
Channa Sheeshe Todte
Killiyan Te Reshmi
Dupatte Reh Gaye Tange

Jhootha Wala Labhde Sahara Ranjna
Taan Vi Mainu Lagda Pyara Ranjhana
Taan Vi Kinna Lagdae Pyara Ranjna

Loki Dubbe Paaniyan Ch
Assi Dubbe Ishqe Ch
Tola Dubbe Ishqe Ch
Tola Dubbe Ishqe Ch

Reh Gaya Bane Saraare
Assi Tere Rishte Ch
Tola Rishte Ch
Tola Rishte Ch Tola

Kaisa Ae Pyara Wala Mukkeya
Deeveyan Cho Rehnda
Sadde Tel Mukkeya

Zehar Lagge Saanu
Saara Shehar Sohneya
Sadde Taan Banere Takk
Sunne Reh Gaye

Horan Hatho Burkiyan
Khaan Waleya
Saade Cho Gaya Ch Att
Dunne Reh Gaye

Chupchap Aidan
Kise Pichhe Lagg Nikle
Jivein Chandi Di
Mundi De Vicho Nagg Nikle

Ranjhana Ranjhana

Ishqe Di Gathri Vi
Chukki Na Jaave
Saade Sirra Modeyan Te
Panda Pai Gaiyan

Chitthiyan Ch Likhe
Alfaaz Tere Ne
Gallan Hi Si Gallan Hi Si
Gallan Reh Gaiyan

Raabta Lihaaz Ohda Hora Naal Ae
Micheal Allah Vi Khaure Zora Naal Ae
Mile Fursat Appe Chete Kar Lu
Maahiya Masroof Hajje Hora Naal Ae
Maahiya Masroof Hajje Hora Naal Ae

Ranjhana Ranjhana

Talliyan Talliyan Talliyan Ve
Talliyan Talliyan Talliyan

Written by: Micheal

“Official Song -Ranjna Lyrics Karan Randhawa 2024”

1.Karan Randhawa Additional Information:

Karan Randhawa, born as Karan Singh Randhawa, is a budding Punjabi singer who has made a mark in the music industry. Let’s explore more about his life and career:

  • Early Life and Education:
    • Karan Randhawa was born in Sultanpur Lodhi, Kapurthala, Punjab, India.
    • During his school and college days, he actively participated in Bhangra competitions at various functions and festivals.
  • Debut Song:
    • In 2017, Karan Randhawa gained prominence with his debut song “5-7 Yaar”.
    • The song showcased his talent and caught the attention of music enthusiasts.
  • Notable Tracks:
    • “Wait”: In 2018, he sang the Punjabi song “Wait”, which was written by Jass Manak.
    • His songs like “Dolce Gabbana”“Jhanjra”“Phulkari”, and “Kaali Raat” have further solidified his position in the Punjabi music scene.
  • Album:
    • In 2021, Karan Randhawa released his first album titled “Rambo”.

Karan Randhawa’s journey from participating in Bhangra competitions to becoming a recognized singer reflects his dedication and passion for music.

2.Michael Friedman Additional Information:

Michael Friedman, an Obie Award-winning composer and lyricist, left an indelible mark on the world of theater. Here are some highlights from his remarkable career:

  1. “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson”:
    • Michael Friedman co-created the critically acclaimed musical “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson”.
    • The show premiered at the Public Theater in New York and subsequently transferred to Broadway.
    • His work on this production showcased his talent for blending music and storytelling.
  2. Other Notable Works:
    • “The Fortress of Solitude”: Based on Jonathan Lethem’s novel, this musical featured Friedman’s compositions.
    • “Unknown Soldier”: Premiered at the Williamstown Theatre Festival.
    • “Love’s Labour’s Lost”: His score accompanied this production at the Delacorte Theater in Central Park.
  3. Collaboration with The Civilians:
    • Michael was a founding Associate Artist of The Civilians, an investigative theater company.
    • His work with them included projects like “Gone Missing”“In the Footprint”, and “This Beautiful City”.
  4. State of the Union Songbook:
    • In the lead-up to the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, Michael traveled the country conducting interviews.
    • He turned these interviews into a series of songs known as the “State of the Union Songbook”.
  5. Legacy and Recognition:
    • Michael Friedman received a MacDowell Fellowship, a Princeton Hodder Fellowship, and other honors.
    • His papers are now available at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts.

Michael Friedman’s passion for creating music for theater and film continues to inspire audiences even after his passing.

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