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Sharab Sasti Song Lyrics Akaal

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Sharab Sasti Song Lyrics Akaal

Discover the captivating Punjabi song “Sharab Sasti” by Akaal, featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Gauri Virdi. Enjoy the soulful music by Jassi X and the heartfelt lyrics by Kabal Saroopwali.

“Sharab Sasti Song Lyrics Akaal” Song Info
Song Sharab Sasti (Punjabi)
Singer Akaal
Music Jassi X
Lyrics kabal Saroopwali
Female Lead Gauri Virdi
Music Label T Series Apna Punjab

“Sharab Sasti Song Lyrics Akaal” 

Sharab Sasti Song Lyrics In English

O 3400 lai aa 35 cho allrey
Chandigarh di allrra sta dite aa
Antiquity de blue pack nu
Hath gore rang ne pwa dite aa
7 7 patna de taru jatt ni
Mehnge pani dob gai akhan di masti
Mehnge Mehnge dil tadwa k gabru
Chandigarho labde sharab sasti
Mehnge Mehnge dil tadwa k gabru
Cahndigarho labde sharab sasti

Kama kara utte jatt lag gaye hunde
J na ena husna ne thagya hunda
Adhi adhi raat tak gerhe laun da
J na bhaira chaska jeha lagya hunda
Levar pachonde nai kharaak wadiya
Dino din halat aa hogi khasti
Mehnge mehnge dil tadwa k gabru
Chandigarho labde sharab sasti
Mehnge Mehnge dil tadwa k gabru
Chandigarho labde sharab sasti

Ik din akhan ch c akhan pai gaiyan
Chai suta baar te bulai nakhro
Id lai k pushya tan cgc padhe
Upro phadha ton c aai nakhro
Atm pin sane cash card de
Apa odi tali te tikati hasti
Mehnge Mehnge dil tadwa k gabru
Chandigarho labde sharab sasti
Mehnge Mehnge dil tadwa k gabru
Chandigarho labde sharab sasti

Vaislaan de khoon hun paani ho gaye
Jdo de begane putt laani ho gaye
Hun kithe full Rakhda koi gaidaan ch
Labde rubberband ne flatan ch
Margi kabal sroopwali nu
Yaari tutti allar ton be wakhti
Mehnge Mehnge dil tadwa k gabru
Chandigrho labde sharab sasti
Mehnge Mehnge dil tadwa k gabru
Chandigarho labde sharab sasti

“Watch Sharab Sasti Video Song With Lyrics – Akaal”

1.Akaal Singer Additional Information:

Let’s delve into the personal life of Akaal, the talented Punjabi singer.

  • Full Name: Akaal Pasreja
  • Date of Birth: October 2, 1990
  • Age: 31 years (as of 2021)
  • Hometown: Nurmahal, Jalandhar, Punjab
  • Education:
    • Akaal attended Doaba Arya Senior Secondary School in Nurmahal, Punjab.
    • He pursued a BSc (Non-medical) from Apeejay College of Fine Arts, Jalandhar.
    • Additionally, he completed his graduation in Music.
  • Relationship Status: Unmarried
  • Family:
    • Akaal’s parents’ names are not publicly known.
    • He has a brother who is a Chartered Accountant.
  • Favorites:
    • Music: Akaal enjoys listening to romantic and sad songs by artists like Sonu NigamUdit NarayanArijit SinghManmohan WarisBabbu MaanHarbhajan Maan, and Gurdas Maan.
    • Travel Destination: His favorite travel destination is New Zealand.
    • Food: Akaal relishes Chhole Bhature and Chicken Wings.

Lesser Known Facts About Akaal:

  • Akaal is an Indian singer, music performer, and songwriter.
  • He initially faced challenges in his career, but his breakthrough came with the release of the Punjabi song “Khaab” in 2016.
  • Apart from music videos, he has lent his voice to Punjabi film soundtracks.
  • His journey from humble beginnings to musical stardom is truly inspiring!

Akaal, the talented Punjabi singer, has delivered several hit songs that resonate with music lovers. Here are some of his popular tracks:

  1. “Dreams”: Akaal’s soulful voice shines in this melodious track featuring Sara Gurpal. The music video captures dreamy visuals, making it a favorite among listeners.
  2. “Swaad”: Akaal’s latest release, “Swaad,” is a catchy Punjabi song with music by Jassi X and lyrics by Kabal Saroopwali. It’s a delightful addition to his discography.
  3. “Habits”: Released in 2021, “Habits” showcases Akaal’s versatility. The song features Neha Malik and is produced by Music Tym Productions.

These are just a few of Akaal’s hit songs. His soul-stirring voice and meaningful lyrics continue to captivate audiences. If you’d like to explore more of his music, you can find his songs on platforms like Wynk, Gaana, and JioSaavn. Enjoy the tunes!

Let’s explore some of Akaal’s recent and upcoming projects:

  1. “Pakka Rang” (2023):
    • Akaal recently released the song “Pakka Rang” in 2023. The music video is captivating, and the track showcases his unique style and soulful voice.
  2. “December”:
    • Akaal also released the song “December” recently. The music is composed by Jassi X, and the lyrics are penned by Jashan Jagdev.
  3. “Shadow” (July 2022):
    • In July 2022, Akaal collaborated with Gurlej Akhtar for the song “Shadow.” The music was composed by Akash Jandu, and the lyrics were written by Mr. Laddi.
  4. “Trailer” (July 2022):
    • Another exciting project was “Trailer,” where Akaal teamed up with Gurlej Akhtar. The female lead in this song is Mahi Sharma. Jay Meet composed the music, and Jazz wrote the lyrics.

Stay tuned for more music from Akaal, as he continues to captivate audiences with his soul-stirring voice and meaningful compositions!

2.Gauri VirdiAdditional Information:

Let’s explore the biography of Gauri Virdi, the talented Instagram model and social media personality from Punjab, India.

Gauri Virdi: Rising to Fame

Early Life and Passion for Modeling:

  • Gauri Virdi was born on July 11, 2000, in Punjab, India.
  • From a young age, she developed a passion for modeling and fashion.
  • Her journey into the world of social media began when she created her Instagram account, gauri_virdi.

Instagram Stardom:

  • Gauri rose to fame through her Instagram account, where she shares captivating snapshots of fashion, lifestyle, and family moments.
  • Her feed features stylish outfits, modeling shots, and glimpses of her daily life.
  • With more than 1.1 million followers, she has become a prominent influencer on the platform.

Notable Achievements:

  • Gauri has collaborated with various brands and boutiques, including the boutique Libaas~ਲਿਬਾਸ.
  • She even recorded a modeling video in front of the iconic Taj Mahal.
  • Her brother has also made appearances in her content.

Fun Facts:

  • Gauri Virdi’s Life Path Number is 3 according to numerology.
  • She continues to inspire her followers with her fashion sense, confidence, and relatable content.

Gauri Virdi’s journey from a young girl with a passion for modeling to an Instagram sensation is truly remarkable.

For more insights, you can also check out her official YouTube channel, where she shares more about her life and experiences. Additionally, you can watch her in the music video for “North Ton South” by Gurmaan Sahota featuring Gauri Virdi and Deep Royce.


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to Akaal’s Punjabi song “Sharab Sasti”:

1.What is the title of the song?

The song is titled “Sharab Sasti.”

2.Who is the singer of the song?

The song is sung by Akaal.

3.Who composed the music for “Sharab Sasti”?

The music for the song is composed by Jassi X.

4.Who wrote the lyrics of the song?

The lyrics of “Sharab Sasti” are penned by Kabal Saroopwali.

5.Is there an official video for the song?

Yes, there is an official video for “Sharab Sasti,” directed by Tru Makers

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