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Tere Bin Song Lyrics Yasser Desai

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Tere Bin Song Lyrics Yasser Desai

Explore the soothing melodies of “Tere Bin (Lofi)” by Javed-Mohsin, sung by Yasser Desai & Sireesha Bhagawatula. Lyrics by Rashmi Virag. Music Producer – Aditya Dev.

“Tere Bin Song Lyrics Yasser Desai” Song Info
Song Name Tere Bin (Lofi) ( Hindi )
Singer’s Yasser Desai
,  Sireesha Bhagawatula
Music Producer Aditya Dev
Label DRJ Records

“Tere Bin Song Lyrics Yasser Desai”

Tere Bin Song Lyrics

Ye Madhosh Raaton Ke Saaye
Chale Aaye Hain Bole Bin
Zara Paas Humko Bula Lo
Ab Na Reh Paayengey Tere Bin
Lag Raha Hai Humein Ke Tumhari
Kali Zulfein Kahin Khul Gayi

Ye Madhosh Raaton Ke Saaye
Chale Aaye Hain Bole Bin
Zara Paas Humko Bula Lo
Ab Na Reh Paayengey Tere Bin
Ab Na Reh Paayengey Tere Bin

Meri Dono Baahein Teri Narmi Maange
Mujhko To Teri Baaton Se Thoda Darr Sa Laage

Sharam Jaane Bhi Do
Paas Aane Bhi Do
Ek Ho Jaane Do
Aaj Humko

Ye Madhosh Raaton Ke Saaye
Chale Aaye Hain Bole Bin
Zara Paas Humko Bula Lo
Ab Na Reh Paayenge Tere Bin
Lag Raha Hai Humein Ke Tumhari
Kali Zulfein Kahin Khul Gayi

Ye Madhosh Raaton Ke Saaye
Chale Aaye Hain Bole Bin
Zara Paas Humko Bula Lo
Ab Na Reh Paayengey Tere Bin
Ab Na Reh Paayengey Tere Bin

“Watch Tere Bin Music Video – Yasser Desai”

Yasser Desai: A Comprehensive Biography


Yasser Desai is an accomplished Indian playback singer known for his soulful voice and emotional renditions. His contribution to the Bollywood music industry has made him a popular figure among music lovers. This comprehensive biography delves into his early life, career milestones, notable works, personal life, and his influence on the Indian music scene.

Early Life and Background

Birth and Family

Yasser Desai was born on November 15, 1989, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. He hails from a family with a deep appreciation for music, which played a significant role in nurturing his passion for singing. His father’s name is Dilshad Desai, and his mother, Firdous Desai, has been a pillar of support in his musical journey.


Yasser completed his schooling in Mumbai and later pursued a degree in Biochemistry from Mumbai University. Despite his academic background in science, Yasser’s passion for music remained unwavering. He balanced his studies with his musical aspirations, participating in various competitions and local music events.

Musical Journey

Initial Struggles

Yasser Desai’s journey into the music industry was marked by perseverance and hard work. He began his career by recording jingles and singing at local events. His initial years were filled with struggles as he sought opportunities to showcase his talent in a highly competitive industry.


Yasser’s big break came when he was discovered by music composer Himesh Reshammiya. He made his Bollywood debut with the song “Psycho Saiyaan” from the movie “Saheb, Biwi Aur Gangster 3” in 2011. The song received positive reviews, and Yasser’s unique voice was recognized and appreciated by both critics and audiences.

Rise to Fame

Major Hits and Collaborations

Following his debut, Yasser Desai quickly rose to fame with a series of hit songs. Some of his most notable works include:

  1. “Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon” – A romantic track that became immensely popular.
  2. “Naino Ne Baandhi” – A soulful song from the movie “Gold.”
  3. “Hue Bechain” – A melodious track from the film “Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana.”

Yasser has collaborated with several prominent music composers and artists, including:

  • Himesh Reshammiya in multiple projects.
  • Armaan Malik for various duets and collaborative works.
  • Shreya Ghoshal in romantic duets.

Awards and Recognition

Yasser Desai’s talent has been recognized with several awards and nominations. Some of the notable accolades include:

  • Mirchi Music Award for Upcoming Male Vocalist of the Year.
  • Zee Cine Award for Best Playback Singer.
  • IIFA Award nomination for Best Male Playback Singer.

Musical Style and Influences

Unique Voice and Style

Yasser Desai is known for his soulful and versatile voice, which allows him to convey deep emotions through his songs. His style is a blend of contemporary and classical influences, making his music appeal to a wide audience. Yasser’s ability to adapt to various musical genres, including romantic ballads, soulful melodies, and upbeat tracks, showcases his versatility.

Influences and Inspirations

Yasser draws inspiration from various artists and genres. He grew up listening to legends like Mohammad Rafi, Kishore Kumar, and Lata Mangeshkar, whose music deeply influenced his singing style. Contemporary artists like Arijit Singh and Sonu Nigam have also impacted his musical journey.

Major Works and Collaborations

Notable Songs

  1. “Main Rahoon Ya Na Rahoon” – A romantic track that highlights Yasser’s emotive singing.
  2. “Naino Ne Baandhi” – A popular song from the movie “Gold.”
  3. “Hue Bechain” – A melodious track from the film “Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana.”
  4. “Itni Si Baat Hain” – A duet with Shreya Ghoshal that showcases his vocal range.
  5. “Pallo Latke” – A peppy track from the movie “Shaadi Mein Zaroor Aana.”


Yasser Desai has worked with several renowned artists and composers, including:

  • Himesh Reshammiya – His mentor and the one who gave him his first break in Bollywood.
  • Armaan Malik – Collaborated on various duets and songs.
  • Shreya Ghoshal – Partnered in several romantic duets.

Personal Life and Interests

Family and Relationships

Yasser Desai maintains a close relationship with his family, who have been supportive of his musical career. He often credits his parents for their encouragement and guidance throughout his journey. Yasser is known to keep his personal life private, focusing more on his professional endeavors.

Hobbies and Passions

Apart from music, Yasser enjoys traveling and exploring new cultures. He is an avid reader and often reads books on music and self-improvement. Yasser also has a keen interest in cooking and loves to experiment with different cuisines.

Future Projects and Aspirations

Upcoming Releases

Yasser Desai is currently working on several new projects, including playback singing for upcoming Bollywood films and independent music releases. He plans to collaborate with more artists and explore different musical genres.

Long-term Goals

Yasser aims to establish himself as one of the leading playback singers in the Indian music industry. He aspires to continue experimenting with his music and hopes to inspire young and upcoming artists with his journey and achievements.

Impact on the Music Industry

Contribution to Indian Music

Yasser Desai has made significant contributions to the Indian music industry with his unique voice and versatile singing style. His songs have resonated with audiences of all ages, making him a household name in a short period.

Influence on Future Artists

Yasser’s journey from a struggling artist to a successful playback singer serves as an inspiration to many aspiring musicians. His dedication, hard work, and perseverance highlight the importance of following one’s passion and staying true to one’s art.

Philanthropy and Social Causes

Involvement in Charitable Activities

Yasser Desai is actively involved in various charitable activities and initiatives. He supports causes related to education, healthcare, and child welfare. Yasser often participates in charity events and concerts, using his platform to raise funds and awareness for social issues.

Support for Social and Political Causes

Yasser uses his influence to address social and political issues through his music. He has released songs that highlight themes of social justice, equality, and personal responsibility. Yasser’s commitment to using his art for positive change reflects his deep sense of social responsibility.

Legacy and Future Prospects

Influence on Future Generations

Yasser Desai’s influence on future generations is profound. His journey from a struggling artist to a successful playback singer serves as a testament to the power of passion and perseverance. Yasser’s innovative approach to music and his ability to connect with audiences worldwide ensure that his legacy will continue to inspire future musicians.

Upcoming Projects and Aspirations

Yasser Desai continues to be a dynamic force in the music industry, with several exciting projects lined up. He is constantly experimenting with new sounds and styles, ensuring that his work remains fresh and relevant. His commitment to his craft and his ability to evolve with the times ensure a bright future for him in the industry.


Yasser Desai’s journey from a young boy with a dream to a successful playback singer is a testament to his talent, dedication, and passion for music. With his unique voice and innovative approach to music, he has made a significant impact on the Indian music industry. As he continues to push the boundaries of his craft, his legacy is sure to inspire and influence future generations of musicians.

Appendix: List of Awards and Honors

  1. Mirchi Music Award
    • Upcoming Male Vocalist of the Year.
  2. Zee Cine Award
    • Best Playback Singer.
  3. IIFA Award
    • Nomination for Best Male Playback Singer.
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