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Vaat Che Song Lyrics Jhamkudi

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Vaat Che Song Lyrics Jhamkudi

Discover the enchanting Gujarathi song “Vaat Che” from the movie Jhamkudi. Sung by Siddharth Amit Bhavsar, with music by Shadaab Hashmi and lyrics by Priya Saraiya. Directed by Umang Vyas. Produced by Parthiv Gohil and Manasi Parekh.

“Vaat Che Song Lyrics Jhamkudi” Song Info
Movie Jhamkudi
Song Name Vaat Che ( Gujarathi )
Singer Siddharth Amit Bhavsar
Music Composed Shadaab Hashmi
Lyricist Priya Saraiya
Director Umang Vyas
Producer Parthiv Gohil And Manasi Parekh
Label Tips Gujarati

“Vaat Che Song Lyrics Jhamkudi”

Vaat Che Song Lyrics

Vaat Che, Phoolon Ma Vaat Che
Kon Aa Mehke Mahri Saath Che

Haal Hoon, Dil Na Have Shu Kahoon
Prem Thi, Thai Gayi Mulaqat Che

Vaadalon Ne, Mann Thayu Che
Be Mausam, Varasva Nu

Jaane Koi, Aaje Malyu Che
Dil Ne Mahra, Sapna Nu

Vaat Che, Phoolon Ma Vaat Che
Kon Aa Mehke Mahri Saath Che
Haal Hoon, Dil Na Have Shu Kahoon
Prem Thi, Thai Gayi Mulaqat Che
Vaat Che, Phoolon Ma Vaat Che

Koro Koro Dil No Aa Kaagad Jo
Lakhi Ema Jaane Ghazal Te Koi

Ude Maara Sapna Aagad Jo
Mali Aa Safar Ne Majal Re Koi

Bheeni Bheeni Maati Jevi
Lai Ne Aave Sugandh Tu

Thai Rahyu Che, Prem Jevu
Dheeme Dheeme, Hanse Jo Tu!

Vaat Che, Phoolon Ma Vaat Che
Kon Aa Mehke Mahri Saath Che

Haal Hoon, Dil Na Have Shu Kahoon
Prem Thi, Thai Gayi Mulaqat Che Vaat Che

Vaat Che, Phoolon Ma Vaat Che
Kon Aa Mehke Mahri Saath Che
Haal Hoon, Dil Na Have Shu Kahoon
Prem Thi, Thai Gayi Mulaqat Che
Vaat Che

“Watch Official Vaat Che Music Video – Jhamkudi”

1.Jhamkudi Movie Additional Information:

Jhamkudi is a 2024 Gujarati horror comedy drama directed by Umang Vyas and written by Heath Bhatt. The film stars Manasi ParekhViraj GhelaniSanjay GoradiaOjas RawalChetan Daiya, and others. It is produced by Parthiv Gohil and Mansi Parekh, with co-production by Dhaval Thakkar. The film will be distributed by Rupam Entertainment.


When the whole of Gujarat is celebrating Navratri, the village of Raniwada dwells in darkness due to an ancient curse. Celebrating garba is forbidden because of the evil witch named Jhamkudi. However, the rules are broken, and the haunting begins again. Bablo, a real estate agent with tricks up his sleeve, is called back from the city, and Kumud, an NRI heir of the royal family, returns to face the wrath of the witch. Will they be able to solve the mystery and save Raniwada from the curse of Jhamkudi?


  • Manasi Parekh
  • Viraj Ghelani
  • Sanjay Goradia
  • Ojas Rawal
  • Chetan Daiya
  • And more talented actors!

The film was shot at various locations in Gujarat. The trailer was released on 10 May 2024 , and a teaser was previously released on 26 April 2024 . If you’re a fan of horror-comedy, keep an eye out for this spooky fun movie!

2.Siddharth Amit Bhavsar Singer Additional Information:

Let’s delve into the fascinating journey of Siddharth Amit Bhavsar, the talented Indian singer, composer, lyricist, and producer known for his work in the Gujarati music industry.

Early Life and Family:

  • Siddharth Amit Bhavsar was born on 19 July in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India. His zodiac sign is Cancer.
  • He completed his schooling at the New Tulip International School in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
  • Siddharth’s father, Amit Bhavsar, is a renowned music director and composer, while his mother, Dinaz Kalwachwala, is an Indian filmmaker, writer, and media practitioner.
  • He has two sisters, Ria Bhavsar and Manali Bhavsar. Ria is married to Varun Hemraj Khandelwal, an Indian actor and model.

!Siddharth Amit Bhavsar with his family

Career Highlights:

  1. Acting Debut:
    • Siddharth made his acting debut in 2012 with the Gujarati film “Kevi Rite Jaish”, where he played the role of Kevin.
    • Later, he shifted his focus to singing, songwriting, and composing.
  2. Notable Songs:
    • Siddharth lent his soulful voice to several Bollywood and Gujarati films:
      • In 2016, he sang for the Bollywood films “The Legend of Michael Mishra” (“Filam Shuru Hui Hai”) and “Love Shagun” (“Hairaani” and “Coffee”).
      • In 2017, he mesmerized audiences with the Gujarati song “Dhun Laagi” from the film “Love Ni Bhavai”.
      • His contributions continued with three songs in the Gujarati film “Sharato Lagu” in 2018: “Pankhi Re,” “Mann Melo,” and “Pratham Shree Ganesh.”

Personal Life:

  • On 2 December 2022, Siddharth Amit Bhavsar tied the knot with Esha Kansara, an Indian actress and model. The couple had been dating for several months before getting married.
  • Esha shared their love story, revealing that it began with mutual crushes on each other. Their friendship blossomed into a beautiful relationship, and they decided to take things slowly before eventually getting engaged and married.

!Siddharth Amit Bhavsar and Esha Kansara

Siddharth’s melodious tunes continue to resonate with music enthusiasts, and his versatile talent shines in both the Gujarati and Hindi music scenes.

Siddharth Amit Bhavsar, the talented Indian singer, composer, lyricist, and producer, has collaborated with various artists across different genres. Let’s explore some of his notable collaborations:

  1. “Zaroor” with Aparshakti Khurana and Savi Kahlon:
    • Siddharth Amit Bhavsar teamed up with actor-singer Aparshakti Khurana and composer Savi Kahlon for the Punjabi romantic song “Zaroor.”
    • Driven by acoustic guitar melodies and Punjabi folk elements, this love ballad beautifully captures healing, self-reflection, and the courage to start anew.
  2. Gujarati Songs:
    • Siddharth has rendered his soulful voice to several Gujarati songs:
      • “Dhun Laagi” from the film “Love Ni Bhavai” (2017).
      • “Pankhi Re,” “Mann Melo,” and “Pratham Shree Ganesh” from the film “Sharato Lagu” (2018).
      • The title track of the Gujarati web series “Dhunki” (2019).
      • Songs from the film “Luv Ni Love Storys” (2020).
  3. Music Videos:
    • Siddharth appeared in music videos like “Ek Tarfa” (2020) and “Jannat Ve” (2021), both starring Darshan Raval.
  4. Streaming Platforms:
    • You can find Siddharth Amit Bhavsar’s songs on platforms like Prime Music and Spotify.

His versatile talent continues to shine, whether in regional music or collaborating with Bollywood and independent artists.

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