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Wajaah Song Lyrics Sultana Nooran

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Wajaah Song Lyrics Sultana Nooran

“Wajaah” is a soulful Punjabi song sung by the talented artist Sultana Nooran.

“Wajaah Song Lyrics Sultana Nooran” Song Info
Song Wajaah
Singer Sultana Nooran
Music Arjit Srivastava
Lyrics Husnain Zafar
Director Nikhil Akhriya
Featuring Sameer khan, Tanya Dhaila & Himanshi Singh
Label Gmate Music

“Wajaah Song Lyrics Sultana Nooran”

Wajaah Song Lyrics In English

Main tanu sunda rhnda loka dy taniya cho…

To fir v nimanulabda apny baganiya cho…

Main rabdykolychliya …
Duniyady was ni a

Hun door honachona ana siyaniya to…

Manu saah v ondyrukruk k.
Mari zingdihogi do tokry

Manu yad naanwy to

Das dy koi jaga

To a k zindgivich is ishq di baniwaja
Waja v o bana k rakhdandi jo zindgi nu saza

Main bana k rakh la saryathro qadi akhieyady
Sab hisabmujoodnyathytarieyabarukhieya dy..

Ki main koi gair a jhratanutaras v ondani
Tary ta rabtazihowy ki to asachondani

Manu apnyghr da rah bhulya
Main Galigalithatharulya.
Ani kiti ta galtini mil gai a jinisaza.



Main hawawa nu gal la k tari khusbulabdawa

Tarypichyroro k ajhasa ban Gya jag da wa.

Taryvichmariroohwasdi a Chad k tanunijana .

Man lanwa ga harik gal v tara kam ha manwana.
Main tanukandnikrsakda.
Ranhnwavichnikandkrsakda .

Manu kh la to kafir
Per naakhibawafa …


“Watch Official Wajaah Video Song – Sultana Nooran”

Sultana Nooran Singer Additional Information:

Sultana Nooran: A Soulful Journey in Music

Sultana Nooran, a prominent Punjabi Sufi singer, has captivated audiences with her soul-stirring melodies. Let’s delve into her life, career, and musical contributions.

Early Life and Musical Roots

  • Birth and Background: Sultana Nooran was born on June 14, 1992, in Phillaur, Jalandhar, Punjab, India. She hails from a family deeply rooted in music and spirituality.
  • Guidance from Father: Her father, Ustad Gulshan Mir, played a pivotal role in shaping her musical journey. From an early age, Sultana received training in classical music under his expert guidance.
  • The Nooran Sisters: Sultana Nooran is part of the renowned Nooran Sisters duo, alongside her sister Jyoti Nooran. Together, they create magic through their powerful vocals and emotional renditions.

Musical Career

  • Sufi Influences: The Nooran Sisters specialize in Sufi music, drawing inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of Punjab. Their performances resonate with devotion, love, and spirituality.
  • Classical Training: Trained in the Sham Chaurasia gharana, Sultana’s voice effortlessly blends classical nuances with contemporary sounds. Her renditions evoke deep emotions and connect with listeners.
  • Bollywood Contributions: Sultana Nooran’s talent extends beyond traditional Sufi music. She has lent her mesmerizing voice to Bollywood films, including notable tracks in movies like Highway and Sultan.

Lesser-Known Facts

  • Family Legacy: Sultana Nooran is the great-granddaughter of the Late Bibi Nooran, a revered folk singer from Punjab. Her lineage adds to the authenticity and richness of her musical expression.
  • Early Beginnings: Remarkably, Sultana started singing at the tender age of 7. Her dedication and passion for music have been unwavering ever since.
  • Marital Status: Sultana Nooran is married, although details about her husband remain private.

Musical Legacy

Sultana Nooran’s voice transcends boundaries, touching hearts across generations. Whether performing on stage or recording for films, she continues to inspire and uplift souls through her art.

For those who haven’t experienced the magic of Sultana Nooran’s voice, I recommend listening to her soulful rendition in the song “Tuk Tuk” from the movie Sultan. Let her melodies transport you to a realm of emotions and spirituality.

Sultana Nooran, known for her soulful voice, has contributed to several popular songs. Here are some of her notable tracks:

  1. “Jee Ve Sohaniye”: Featured in the movie Jab Harry Met Sejal, this melodious song showcases Sultana Nooran’s emotive singing style.
  2. “Tuk Tuk”: From the film Sultan, “Tuk Tuk” is a powerful track where Sultana’s vocals leave a lasting impact.
  3. “Rab Da Karam”: This heartfelt song from the movie Kamli resonates with listeners, thanks to Sultana’s soul-stirring rendition.
  4. “Yaar Di Gali”: Sultana Nooran’s expressive voice shines in this Punjabi track, capturing the essence of love and longing.
  5. “Tung Tung Baje”: A lively and energetic song from the film Singh Is Bliing, where Sultana’s vocals add a unique flavor.

These songs reflect her versatility and ability to evoke emotions through her music. Feel free to explore these tracks and immerse yourself in Sultana Nooran’s captivating melodies!


Here are five frequently asked questions related to the song “Wajaah” by Sultana Nooran:

1.Who is the singer of the song “Wajaah”?

The song “Wajaah” is sung by Sultana Nooran

2.What is the music composer for the song?

The captivating music for “Wajaah” is composed by Arjit Srivastava

3.What are the lyrics of the song?

Here are some lines from the lyrics:
"Main tanu sunda rhnda loka dy taniya cho… To fir v nimanulabda apny baganiya cho…"
“Manu saah v ondyrukruk k. Mari zingdihogi do tokry”
The song beautifully captures emotions related to love and introspection

4.Who directed the music video for “Wajaah”?

The music video for “Wajaah” is directed by Nikhil Akhriya

5.Where can I listen to the full song “Wajaah”?

You can listen to “Wajaah” on platforms like YouTube or stream it on WynkMusic

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