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Levan Aaoge Song Lyrics Manisha Sharma

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Levan Aaoge Song Lyrics Manisha Sharma

Discover the enchanting song “Levan Aaoge” featuring Who Lalit & Nidhi Sharma. Immerse yourself in the captivating vocals of Manisha Sharma & Mr. Eagle, accompanied by the mesmerizing music of Veer Rawat. Experience the heartfelt lyrics and composition by Mr. Eagle.

“Levan Aaoge Song Lyrics Manisha Sharma” Song Info
Song Levan Aaoge
Featuring Who Lalit
,  Nidhi Sharma
Singer Manisha Sharma
,  Mr. Eagle
Music Veer Rawat
Lyrics/Composition Mr. Eagle
Director Director Luck E
Producer Devender Singh Kablana
Label Who Lalit

“Levan Aaoge Song Lyrics Manisha Sharma”

Levan Aaoge Song Lyrics

Kaunse Rang ki gadi
laoge Jab leven aaoge
Aur byah ke baad batao
honeymoon per kit le jaoge

Phool tee Dhak ke lavenge
Gaddi Jab leven avenge
Are London Paris Ne Tu chod
parey tane Gaon Ghuma venge
Ree meh Ka Mere Yaar Kati Sare zher
Ree thave kher bajave fair khada Sara
Gaam lakhawega Itni Pital Barsavege

Tera Naam Ghana Badnam Suna
Maine tv aur Akhbara Mein
Yaar Bade Tere Kand Karen
Tere link Bade sarkara see
Jab aajangi main byaah ke Ne
Tere saare aib chhuda Dungi
Aur tudwa Dungi
link Tere Badmashi ke Sardara se

Tere yaar Ki Tuti Baajegi
Mere Naam tee ystem halega
Ar Gao Tere ke beech
Chauk pe bharke DJ Bajega
Mka darte Koni Mama
Se bs Fauji Ne salute Karen
Tere Gaam ka jo Pradhan banaa
Meri Ghodi aage nachega

Jab pooche Karobar Tera FIR kya batlaaoge
aur bhaiya Ne Mere Bhiya Ke Khatir Kime manaoge

Jee Pyar te Maane theek na
fir tane thake Lavege
Are Tere Gao Ke Jo Badmash
Barat Mein Dhol bajavenge

Tu Chhod De chore
kaam Ye Tere 2 Number ke sare ree
Manne udati udati Khabar Suni
Ek Khabar Suni Tere baare mein

Mane Halka Manas
l ayiye Na Main Manas pura super suu
Tu soch na pave scene Mera
Main Teri Soch se upar suu

Kaun se Rang ki
gadi laaoge Jab leven aaoge
Aur bhiya ke bad batao
honeymoon per kit le jaaoge

Kaun se Rang ki
gadi laoge Jab leven aaoge
Aur bhiya ke bad batao
honeymoon per kit le jaaoge

“Watch Official Levan Aaoge Music Video – Manisha Sharma”

Manisha Sharma Singer Additional Information:

Manisha Sharma is a prominent singer in the Haryanvi music industry, known for her energetic performances and distinctive voice. Below is a more detailed biography and information about her:

Early Life and Background

  • Birth and Early Years: Manisha Sharma was born and raised in Haryana, India. Her upbringing in this culturally rich region has deeply influenced her music.
  • Education: Information about her educational background is not widely publicized, but her early exposure to Haryanvi culture and music likely played a significant role in shaping her career.

Music Career

  • Debut and Rise to Fame: Manisha Sharma made her debut in the Haryanvi music industry with songs that quickly gained popularity due to their catchy beats and relatable lyrics. Her music often resonates with the daily lives and traditions of the Haryanvi people.
  • Popular Songs: Some of her notable songs include:
    • “Banno”: This song is one of her biggest hits, known for its vibrant music video and traditional Haryanvi themes.
    • “Gulabi Pagg”: Another popular track that showcases her ability to blend contemporary and traditional sounds.
    • “Daru Party”: A party anthem that has received millions of views on YouTube.
  • Collaborations: Manisha has collaborated with various other artists and music producers, which has helped her reach a broader audience. Her collaborations often feature popular Haryanvi musicians and contribute to the vibrant music scene.

Style and Influence

  • Musical Style: Manisha Sharma’s music is characterized by a mix of traditional Haryanvi elements and modern beats. This fusion appeals to both young audiences and those who appreciate traditional music.
  • Cultural Impact: Her songs often highlight and celebrate Haryanvi culture, traditions, and lifestyles. This cultural representation has made her a beloved figure in her home state and among Haryanvi-speaking communities worldwide.

Performances and Social Media Presence

  • Live Performances: Known for her dynamic stage presence, Manisha regularly performs at events and cultural festivals. Her live performances are highly energetic and engaging.
  • Social Media: Manisha is active on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, where she shares updates about her music, performances, and personal life. She has a significant following, which helps her stay connected with her fans.

Awards and Recognition

  • Awards: While specific awards are not mentioned, her widespread popularity and the high viewership of her music videos indicate significant recognition in the industry.
  • Media Coverage: Manisha Sharma has been featured in various media outlets for her contributions to Haryanvi music and her role in promoting regional culture.

Personal Life

  • Privacy: Manisha Sharma tends to keep her personal life private, focusing her public presence on her music and professional achievements.

Future Prospects

  • Upcoming Projects: With her rising fame, Manisha is expected to continue releasing new music and collaborating with other artists. Her future projects are highly anticipated by her growing fan base.

Manisha Sharma’s dedication to her craft and her ability to authentically represent Haryanvi culture through her music have made her a prominent and influential figure in the regional music scene.

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