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Oh Manamey Song Lyrics Manamey

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Oh Manamey Song Lyrics Manamey

Discover the mesmerizing Telugu song “Oh Manamey” from the movie Manamey, sung by Karthik & Geetha Madhuri. Immerse yourself in the captivating lyrics by Krishna Kanth and the enchanting music by HESHAM

“Oh Manamey Song Lyrics Manamey” Song Info
Movie Manamey
Song Oh Manamey ( Telugu )
Sung Karthik
,  Geetha Madhuri
Lyrics Krishna Kanth
Story Screenplay Direction Sri Ram Adittya T
Label Sony Music South

“Oh Manamey Song Lyrics Manamey”

Oh Manamey Song Lyrics In Telugu

ఓ మనమే
ఓహ్ మనమే మనమే
పడదో క్షణమే
రోజూ రోజూ పేచీ పడ్డా మనమే

హే మనమే మనమే
కలిశాం మనమే
కొంచెం కొంచెం
రాజీ పడ్డ వైనమే

పంతాలలో ఓ పాపాయిలా
మంచోడిపై నీ కోపాలేలా
ఏమైనా సరే నీలో అల్లరే
ముద్దొచ్చే ముప్పూటలా

ఎంతో అద్భుతం కాదా
మారిందేంటో మా కథ

కసిరే చూపు కాసేపాపు
ఊహల్లోన చిన్ని ఉప్పెన

తెలిసేలోపు నా దరిదాపు
మంత్రం ఉందా మాట మాటునా

మబ్బులో పైరులా
మన్నులో తారలా
దిక్కులే ఒక్కటై చేరగా

ఇలా కొత్తగా ఇదో వింతగా
మొదలైందిగా మన కథా

ఎంతో అద్భుతం కాదా
మారిందేంటో మా కథ

Oh Youre My Rise
In The Sunshine
Youre The Moon
In The Moonlight

Youre My Rise
Youre My Shining Heart
In The Dream

అంతా నాదే అన్నీ నేనే
మీదడిపోయే మిర్చీ మిస్సమ్మా

అంతల్లోనే ఉన్నట్టుండి
గోలేంటమ్మ గుండె చాటున

చేతిలో గీతలా
కాగితం కవితలా
రాతలే నేడిలా కలిసేగా

ఇలా కొత్తగా ఇదో వింతగా
సమ్మేళనం అవ్వగా

Oh Manamey Song Lyrics In English

Oh Manamey
Oh Manamey Manamey
Padadha Kshaname
Roju Roju
Pechi Padda Manamey

Manamey Manamey
Kalisam Manaey
Konchem Konchem
Raji Padda Vinave

Bandhaalalo Oh Paapa Ila
Manchodipai Nee Kopaalele
Emina Sare Neelo Allare
Muddhoche Muppootala

Endho Athbhutham Kadha
Marindhento Maa Kadha

Kasire Choopu
Kaasepaapu Puttindhoyamma
Oohallona Chinni Uppena

Teliselopu Naa Dharidhaapu
Manthram Undhaa
Maata Maatuna

Mabbulo Pairula
Mannulo Thaarala
Dikkulo Okkatai Cheraga

Ila Kothaga
Idho Vinthaga
Modhalaindhiga Mana Kadha

Endho Athbhutham Kadha
Marindhento Maa Kadha

Oh Youre My Rise
In The Sunshine
Youre The Moon
In The Moonlight

Youre My Rise
Youre My Shining Heart
In The Dream

Antha Naadhe
Annee Nene Anta Ventamma
Meedhadipoye Mirchi Miss -Amma

Anthallone Unnattunde
Golentamma Gunde Chaattuna

Chethilo Geethala
Kaagitham Kavithala
Raathale Nedila Kalisegaa

Ila Kothaga
Idho Vinthaga
Sammelanam Avvaga

“Watch Oh Manamey Music Video – Manamey”

1.Manamey Movie Additional Information:

There are two films titled “Manamey”. Let me provide information about both:

  1. Manamey (2024 film):
    • Language: Telugu
    • Genre: Thriller
    • Director: Sriram Adittya
    • Cast: Sharwanand, Krithi Shetty, Seerat Kapoor, Vennela Kishore, Rahul Ramakrishna, Rahul Ravindran, Shiva Kandukuri, and others.
    • Plot: “Manamey” is a gripping action thriller that provides an intimate look into the life of Satya, a committed and hardworking police officer in Hyderabad. As she takes on a case that personally speaks to her, Satya finds secrets and unspoken ties that test her willpower. Despite the case’s intricacy, she pursues justice with unwavering persistence, skillfully juggling her obligations and personal challenges.
    • Release Date: Initially scheduled for 31 May 2024, but later postponed to 7 June 2024.

2.Geetha Madhuri Singer Additional Information:

Let’s delve into the fascinating journey of Geetha Madhuri, the talented Indian playback singer and voice artist.

Early Life and Musical Beginnings

  • Birth: Geetha Madhuri was born on 24 August 1989 in Palakollu, West Godavari, Andhra Pradesh, India.
  • Family: She is the only daughter of her parents, Prabhakar Sastry (a State Bank of India official) and Lakshmi.
  • Education: Geetha’s family moved from Palakollu to Hyderabad when she was very young. She attended Loyola Model High School in Vanasthalipuram and Little Flower Junior College. She graduated with a B.Com degree from Aurora College.
  • Musical Training: Geetha received training in classical and light music from Kocharlakota Padmavati and Ramachari.
  • Debut: She made her debut as a playback singer with Kulasekhar’s film “Premalekha Rasa”.

Career Highlights

  • Geetha Madhuri has sung over 2300 songs in several languages, including Telugu, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam.
  • She gained fame with the song “Ninne Ninne” from the movie “Nachavule”, for which she won the Nandi Award as the best female playback singer.
  • Geetha has received numerous accolades, including Filmfare Awards and Santosham Film Awards.

Personal Life

  • Geetha Madhuri married actor Nandu in 2014. The couple has a daughter named Dakshayani Prakruthi (born on 8 August 2019) and a son named Dhurva Dheer Thaarak (born on 10 February 2024).

Awards and Nominations

  • Some of Geetha Madhuri’s notable awards and nominations include:
    • CineMAA Awards: Best Female Playback Singer for “Chamka Chamka” from “Chirutha” (2008).
    • Nandi Awards: Best Female Playback Singer for “Ninne Ninne” from “Nachavule” (2008).
    • Filmfare Awards South: Best Female Playback Singer (Telugu) for “Ninne Ninne” (Nominated, 2008).
    • IIFA Utsavam: Best Female Playback Singer (Telugu) for “Jeeva Nadhi” from “Baahubali: The Beginning” (Nominated, 2016).

Geetha Madhuri’s melodious tunes continue to enchant audiences across languages. Her versatile talent and soulful voice make her a true gem in the music industry!

Geetha Madhuri, the talented Indian playback singer and voice artist, has collaborated with several top composers and artists. Let’s explore some of her notable collaborations:

  1. With Anup Rubens:
    • Geetha Madhuri has worked closely with music composer Anup Rubens. Their collaborations have resulted in soulful melodies that resonate with audiences.
    • Together, they have created memorable songs that blend Geetha’s melodious voice with Anup’s compositions.
  2. With M.M. Keeravani (M.M. Kreem):
    • Geetha Madhuri’s collaboration with the legendary music director M.M. Keeravani (also known as M.M. Kreem) has produced timeless tracks.
    • Their combined talent has enriched Telugu cinema with beautiful melodies.
  3. With Bheems Ceciroleo:
    • Geetha Madhuri’s work with music composer Bheems Ceciroleo has added diversity to her repertoire.
    • Their collaborations span various genres, showcasing Geetha’s versatility as a singer.

Geetha Madhuri, the talented Indian playback singer and voice artist, has some exciting projects in the pipeline. Here are a couple of notable ones:

  1. Participation in “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa”:
    • Geetha Madhuri is set to take part in the upcoming season of the popular singing reality show “Sa Re Ga Ma Pa”.
    • The new season, hosted by Sreemukhi, is likely to launch towards the end of this month.
  2. Continued Musical Collaborations:
    • Geetha Madhuri continues to collaborate with renowned musicians and composers.
    • Her versatile talent and soulful voice make her a sought-after artist in the music industry.
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